What foods can you incorporate into your diet to naturally speed up hair growth and make it stronger and longer?Low levels of zinc can lead to dandruff, slow growth, and even hair loss.In addition to providing iron and zinc, eggs are a good source of biotin, a B-vitamin that supports hair growth.All of these foods – oysters, clams, beans, and eggs – provide protein which is the building block of hair.Vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers support healthy hair in two main ways.Other good sources of Vitamin C include citrus, strawberries, kiwi, and dark leafy greens.Brussels sprouts and other dark leafy greens, like kale, broccoli, and spinach provide iron and Vitamin C. Certain greens – including arugula, kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts also contain high levels of sulfur, a mineral that promotes hair growth.On the bright side, because your skin and nails utilize these same nutrients, you’ll likely see improvements with them within weeks.


Benefits of Arugula And Its Side Effects

Arugula belonging to the genus Eruca and the family Brassicaceae is a leafy green plant that is closely related to radishes, kale and cauliflower.Growing to a height of 20-100 cms, Arugula can be easily recognized by its small, white flowers.It is grown on a large scale for commercial purposes but wild varieties of the plant can be found in different parts of the world.Arugula has immense nutritional value and optimum consumption of this leafy vegetable will provide you with a healthy body and a clear mind.Arugula is low in calories and rich in nutrients; so you can opt for this vegetable without worrying about putting on too much weight.Arugula has lesser quantities of oxalates compared to other leafy vegetables and this enables easy absorption of minerals by your body.Anti-oxidants present in arugula regulate the enzyme reactions within our cells and also help to destroy the free radicals within our body which are harmful and can cause diseases.In addition to this, antioxidants present in Arugula protect your body from various illnesses like the common cold and even safeguards your system against cancer, premature aging and heart diseases.Researchers are trying to find out the beneficial effects Arugula of sulforaphane in fighting melanoma, esophageal, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.It has been detected by researchers that sulforaphane can inhibit the enzyme histone deacetylase, which is involved in the progression of cancer.Vitamin K catalyzes osteotrophic activity in cells which means that it promotes the formation of bones.Arugula contains a host of vitamins and minerals that is sure to boost your immunity system and guard against a variety of diseases.In addition to various immunity enhancing properties, arugula contains copper which helps to create more white blood cells.Arugula contains folates, a classification that contains folic acid, which decrease occurrences of mental defects in newborn babies.Arugula contains an anti-oxidant called alpha-lipoic acid that has proved to lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevents oxidative stress-induced changes in patients with diabetes.So arugula, with its low oxalate content, helps to absorb the essential minerals like copper and iron which are so beneficial for your health.Regular dietary intake of nitrate facilitates exercise tolerance during endurance workouts.Although consuming arugula in optimum quantities may have quite a few beneficial effects, over consumption of anything can take a toll on your health. .

Angel Hair Pasta w/ Chile Lemon & Arugula

and I don’t usually share the bad because the internet is my happy place.My goal here is to inspire people and I don’t think I’d inspire anyone if I complained about how I spaced and forgot to make a credit card payment or how I can’t seem for the LIFE of me to clean up the inside of my car.Ever since I had a Cooper I don’t think I have the ability to give 100% to anything in my life and it bugs me most of the time.I’m not talking about setting a pineapple on top of my head and walking to the other side of the room with it.I’m talking….like one day I eat coffee cake for breakfast lunch & dinner and then the next few days I eat salads & juice like a crazy woman.The only problem we found with this recipe is that it’s so light, you might find yourself eating 3 portions in one sitting.(recipe slightly adapted from Tyler Florence Family Meal: Bringing People Together Never Tasted Better).Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.6 cups lightly packed baby or wild arugula.Toast over medium heat, stirring, until the bread crumbs are golden brown, about 10 minutes.season with salt and pepper, then transfer to a small bowl.Add the garlic and red pepper flakes and cook for 10 to 12 minutes to infuse the oil and gently cook the garlic.Add the pasta and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until al dente.Immediately add the arugula, the infused oil with the garlic, and the bread crumbs.Mound the pasta on a large platter, squeeze lemon juice on top and serve, topping with grated Parmesan as desired. .

Arugula: Benefits and Nutrition

Potassium helps to reduce the negative effects of sodium, and it may be beneficial for people with high blood pressure for this reason.Potassium helps to reduce the negative effects of sodium, and it may be beneficial for people with high blood pressure for this reason.Folate deficiency in pregnant women may lead to spina bifida, a neural tube defect.Folate deficiency in pregnant women may lead to spina bifida, a neural tube defect.Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is important for tissue health and the absorption of iron from food.Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is important for tissue health and the absorption of iron from food.If you require a prescription blood thinner, such as warfarin (Coumadin), discuss your vitamin K intake with your doctor prior to changing your eating habits.If you require a prescription blood thinner, such as warfarin (Coumadin), discuss your vitamin K intake with your doctor prior to changing your eating habits.Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, which supports immune function, cell growth, night vision, and overall eye health. .

Easy Superfood Salad Recipe For Healthy Hair With Avocado and

Avocado and olive oil are an excellent source of healthy fats for shiny hair.Sunflower seeds also help prevent hair loss with nutrients like protein, zinc, selenium, biotin, potassium, copper, iron, vitamins B and E, magnesium and calcium.Eggs are also high in the B vitamin biotin essential for a healthy scalp and hair growth.Plus, eggs provide you with the amino acid L-lysine that allows for maximum absorption of iron and zinc, which also play a role in keeping your hair strong.Boil eggs for six minutes then place into a bowl of iced water to stop the cooking process.Toast the sunflower seeds in a pan on low heat for approximately three minutes or until golden brown.Place the egg and sliced avocado on top of the dressed arugula and add asparagus on the side. .

9 Benefits of Arugula

Arugula’s aromatic, peppery flavor adds a wonderful dimension to a salad, to your health and maybe even your sex life.These vegetables are high in fiber and antioxidants, and also rich in glucosinolates, which studies show may reduce the risk of developing lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer.The fiber content helps clean out the colon promoting healthy bowel movements.The phytochemicals, antioxidants and essential minerals found in arugula help cleanse out toxins in the body.In high-functioning older adults, low levels of folate have been shown to be a risk factor for cognitive decline.The extra benefit is that two cups contain only 80 calories, making it a good choice for those on a diet.Research has shown us that the trace minerals and antioxidants in dark, leafy greens are essential for our sexual health.A study, published March 2013 in the journal of Al-Nahrain University, found that arugula leaf extracts boosted testosterone levels and sperm activity in mice.Love potions were made using arugula and other herbs like lavender in ancient times.Arugula seeds are pressed to make Taramira oil, used in pickling, cooking and salad dressing in northern India.However, by eating lightly cooked arugula, your body will absorb more of certain nutrients and carotenoids than when it is raw.Please Note: Arugula is relatively lower in oxalate content than spinach, purslane, mustard greens, celery, etc.Arugula Pesto: This tasty recipe achieves a cheesy flavor without dairy. .

Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon & Lemon-Parmesan Sauce Recipe

From early summer through fall, wild-caught Pacific salmon makes an appearance in most grocery stores, so now is the ideal time for you to head over to your local food markets and stock up.Most of the salmon sold in today’s grocery stores is farmed, which means they are fed a diet of fishmeal instead of the plants and algae their wild counterparts enjoy.In addition to an inferior diet, being raised in a confined space means they’re susceptible to illness and disease.(There are greater safety measures being enacted everyday, however, that reduce the chance of transmitting food borne illnesses to those who do eat farmed salmon.).When I sat down with a nutritionist to go over any changes that I should make to my diet, I discovered that many people who are battling MS are also Vitamin D deficient and I was no exception.This poses a problem for many people—especially women—because it means that my body doesn’t absorb calcium as well as it should.Lack of calcium absorption leads to osteoporosis, which causes brittle bones that break easily.To find and remove the little buggers, just run your fingers down the length of the salmon fillet.Don’t jerk it back or twist it because you’ll dislodge (and lose) some of the flesh with it.I have a handy vacuum sealer that I use to marinate and seal salmon fillets that I purchase in bulk when my local grocer has sales on it. .

Arugula: Nutrition, Benefits, Risks, & More

Arugula, also known as Eruca vesicaria, is a cruciferous vegetable, a cousin of broccoli, kale, and cabbage. .

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