Here are some tips for harvesting, using, and preserving the fresh basil from your garden.You can pick basil leaves as needed at any time – in fact, harvesting encourages the plant to produce more leaves.Harvesting Small Amounts: Pick a few leaves off each plant, rather than cutting off a whole stem.How to Use Basil. .

How to Trim Basil for Big, Bushy Plants and Larger Yields

Why you need to know how to trim basil.When you clip basil stems back to a fresh set of leaves, you force those leaves to grow, doubling the basil produced on that stem.To remove flowers.When to trim basil.I prune my basil plants every two weeks or so during the summer to stimulate plenty of growth.Instead, when you trim, you should be removing top sections of stems.Then, trim the plants back by about one-third, clipping just above a set of side shoots.The first harvest usually comes about a month after planting when small shoots can be removed.How to trim basil plants to harvest or stimulate growth.To trim basil for harvesting or to promote growth, you can use your fingers, hand pruners, or herb snips.I often use my fingers for pinching flowerbuds or trimming top shoots of basil, but if you’re cutting the plants back hard, you may need sharp pruners as you don’t want to tear the stems.You can remove just a few stems to flavor your dinner or cut the plant back by a third to gather enough basil to make pesto or to preserve.How to pinch out basil flowers.How to remove flowers on Genovese basil plants.After that initial flower pinching, you’ll need to check every week or so for new flowerbuds and remove those as they appear.Trimming basil flowers on Greek basil plants.They have many small leaves with flowerbuds forming at the tips of each shoot.Drying basil leaves – Drying basil is a quick and easy way to preserve basil.That said, I don’t find dried basil retains the intense basil flavor as well as freezing.– Drying basil is a quick and easy way to preserve basil.That said, I don’t find dried basil retains the intense basil flavor as well as freezing.Freezing basil leaves – This is my go-to method of preserving my homegrown basil and I freeze basil every week or two from mid-summer to frost. .

How to Harvest Basil: Easy guide to harvest Basil

For example, did you know that basil enjoys regular harvesting and that there's a right way to pick the leaves to make sure your plant flourishes?Make sure to pick the leaves regularly to encourage growth throughout the summer.How to pick basil leaves?Pinch off any flowers as they start to grow to help encourage your basil plant to grow more leaves.Pick a few leaves off each plant, rather than cutting off a whole stem.How to plant and grow basil. .

How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Basil

Plant seeds or transplants after all danger of frost has passed and soil is warm, and it will yield an abundant harvest within weeks. .

How to Harvest Basil (without killing the plant)

Basil is actually very easy to harvest in a way that promotes growth, keeps the plant healthy, and discourages it from flowering.If basil isn’t cut regularly or correctly, it can start to grow tall and ‘leggy’.You will notice the space between the leaves on the branches increasing, and the plant gets too tall to support itself.If this starts to happen then harvesting some of the leaves and part of the stems is an excellent way to encourage it to grow more densely and put out new shoots.Harvest basil from the top down, cutting off up to half of the total stem length.You should make a cut right above a leaf pair, do not leave a bare section of stem at the top.As a bonus, regular harvesting of the tips of the stems discourages the basil plant from flowering, which will stop the regrowth from occurring and can affect the flavor.You should make a cut right above a leaf pair, do not leave a bare section of stem at the top.This technique removes the growth tip and encourages the plant to become more bushy and dense.If you are harvesting basil to improve the condition of your plant, continue to prune until you have cut all the long leggy stems back.Place the basil plant in a sunny location and keep watered to ensure it will regrow.Notes If you have harvested a large amount of basil and you don't want to use it right away, store it in the fridge or stand the stems in a glass of water. .

The Correct Way to Pick Basil Leaves

When harvesting basil leaves, how you pick them and even the time of day can influence the herb's flavor, as does the care and maintenance you give the plants beforehand.The Farmer's Almanac suggests planting basil seeds six weeks before the last spring frost when inside.After the seedlings have produced the initial six leaves, prune your basil plant to encourage it to begin branching.According to Penn State University's Plant Village, basil is prone to pests, including slugs, thrips and aphids, and diseases such as:.: Caused by a fungus in soil or seeds, its symptoms are stunted growth and wilted, yellowing leaves with brown spots or streaks on severely twisted stems.(basil shoot blight): This disease results in black or brown spots on the plant's leaves and streaks on stems. .

How to Prune Basil for Big, Bushy Basil Plants (With Photos)

Would you like your basil plant to look like this?A lot of your basil growing success is in the pruning.In this article we’ll reveal how to correctly harvest your basil so the plant keeps getting bigger and bigger.It turns out, the way you prune the basil has everything to do with your success in growing it.Most people are tempted to pick off the biggest leaves of the plant, those growing on the bottom branches.The biggest leaves on the bottom branches are the powerhouses of the whole plant.Not only does removing those bottom leaves hurt the plant, it doesn’t help the plant create new leaves and branches.Now that you know the wrong way to prune basil, let’s go over the correct way to pick off basil leaves.Every time you prune the leaves from the top of the basil plant, it allows the plant to create two new branches from the spot that you picked.Cut the branch just above those tiny leaves, making sure not to disturb the leaves themselves.Now you know how to grow big bushy basil plants, why not grow more of them for free?More Tips For Growing Huge Basil Plants – From A Basil Growing Superstar.Supermarket herbs are really just a lot of seedlings stuffed together.Now, what to do with all those basil leaves?Plus, make sure you learn how to dry and preserve your harvested herbs so that nothing goes to waste.And if you’d rather learn how to freeze your huge basil harvest, take a look as Tracey tests four of the most popular basil freezing methods and reveals the only way that really works.Cut the branch just above those tiny leaves, making sure not to disturb the leaves themselves.Meredith is a freelance writer and founder of Backyard Chicken Project, a place for crazy chicken people to gather, learn, and share in their love of chickens. .

How to Take Care of an Indoor Basil Plant

Light, light and more light are the essentials in growing basil (Ocimum basilicum) indoors.Place your plant in the sunniest, warmest window you have, or give the plant extra light with a fluorescent light.Give the basil plant a quarter turn every three days or so to help ensure balanced growth.Basil thrives with regular watering.If the soil feels very dry at the end of the week, move to a twice-weekly schedule, or water three times every two weeks. .


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