I knew this, only because of a previous jaunt through "bergamot" and "orange pekoe" - so what plant comes to mind when I say "orange pekoe"?I also pronounced bergamot incorrectly until maybe three years ago.I also dropped the t. I have no idea where I picked up the erroneous pronunciation.I was thinking the regional department store that is owned by the same company as Carson Pirie Scott...Seriously, I know next to nothing about plants or flowers and would have pronounced it the same way you were (to have the same final syllable as "Belmont").Still, I favour the pronunciation becoming a shibboleth, like valet: let it be bergamot among Anglophiles and bergamo (or bergamoe) in upscale American eateries.Except you don't eat bergamot, so it would be upscale American spas and hotels.It's not so simple on the herb side either, as I'll explain presently.The entry on witchcraft uses on the wikipedia page is delightful: apparently it makes women fertile and men incompetent, which might explain the history of Calabria rather neatly....and now I really have to turn off my internet connection until late tonight."Bergamot" refers to either a wine, a cheese, or a specific engineering feat of trebuchet design.


Bergamot Definition & Meaning

Citrusy bergamot and hydrating amino acids makes a worthy addition to any bathroom or kitchen counter.The spray produces a masculine scent that’s both vibrant and refreshing due to the infusion of bergamot and pink pepper.Notes of soft bergamot and white musk bring instant freshness to this scent.Following a long day under the scorching sun, this forest-fresh blend of bergamot, eucalyptus, evergreen and cedar wood cools and soothes. .

How to say bergamot in Farsi

Farsi Translation ترنج More Farsi words for bergamot noun ترنج bergamot noun اترج bergamot noun نوعی میوه از خانواده نارنج bergamot Find more words! .

How to say Bergamot in Croatian Translation

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