People with acute neck and back pain often suffer from muscle spasms.While muscle spasms can be painful, relief is available with these seven natural muscle relaxers.Blueberry smoothies Share on Pinterest Another sweet and natural way to relax your muscles is by eating blueberries.Although it’s rare, early symptoms in people who are deficient in this mineral include muscle pain.Shop for magnesium supplements. .

8 benefits of chamomile tea

However, studies vary with some research proving clear benefits compared to alternative remedies, and others merely pointing to possible ones.Nowadays, researchers are increasingly exploring its effectiveness in managing illnesses, including cancer and diabetes.Researchers are not sure yet what other chemicals are present in chamomile specifically and account for its benefits.Several studies have linked chamomile tea to reduced severity of menstrual cramps.Again, some studies have found that chamomile tea can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.Research does not show that chamomile is a viable substitute for diabetes medications, but it may be a helpful supplement to existing treatments.A 2004 study found that chamomile tea might have anti-estrogenic effects.It also helped promote bone density, but the study’s authors caution that further research is needed to prove this apparent benefit.Reducing inflammation.Chamomile tea contains chemical compounds that may reduce inflammation .A handful of other studies looking at clinical models also suggest that chamomile tea may help people relax.A review looking at the ability of chamomile tea to reduce anxiety is inconclusive. .


Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is an herbal supplement used in dogs and rarely in cats as a sedative, an anti-inflammatory, and a muscle relaxant.While many supplements are sold over the counter, they still contain ingredients that have biological effects that should be managed by your veterinarian.In the United States, these substances are not as vigorously regulated by the FDA as other medications, which means they can be sold without the manufacturer proving their effectiveness, safety, and without a guarantee of consistent or accurately reported ingredients.Limited studies in animals have been performed, but there is some anecdotal evidence that chamomile works to treat inflammation and gastrointestinal upset.In rare cases, sensitivity to chamomile can cause vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, or allergic reactions.Vitamins, herbal therapies, and supplements have the potential to interact with each other, as well as with prescription and over the counter medications.It is important to tell your veterinarian about any medications (including all vitamins, supplements, or herbal therapies) that your pet is taking.There are many forms and preparations of chamomile supplements, so always follow the specific directions on the label.If you suspect an overdose or an adverse reaction to the medication, call your veterinary office immediately. .

4 Chamomile Tea Benefits for Sleep, Anxiety, and Pain Relief

Chamomile tea has many benefits, including improving heart health, supporting bone health, relieving menstrual pain, and calming anxiety.Chamomile can help with sleep and anxiety because it contains apigenin, a compound that has some of the same effects as benzodiazepines, an anti-anxiety medication.Chamomile has properties that actually help improve the quality of sleep and mood, support bone health, and relieve pain.Chamomile tea may improve sleep quality.That's because chamomile contains apigenin, which is a flavonoid.Chamomile may support bone health.A small 2010 study found that chamomile tea might be used preemptively to treat dysmenorrhea.The study concluded that those who drank tea twice per day for a week before the onset of menstruation experienced relief of pain and anxiety."By improving sleep, relaxing the muscles, reducing blood pressure, and enabling a state of relaxation, it can improve anxiety symptoms like insomnia and irritability.".Related How to deal with anxiety and improve your mental health.Chamomile tea can be a useful home remedy to help treat numerous conditions, ranging from trouble sleeping and mental health disorders to chronic pain. .

The Eight Best Teas for Stress & Anxiety – Sips by

The simple act of taking a moment to prepare a cup of tea and slow down can help to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and leave you feeling a little more balanced.One of the key reasons tea is so beneficial for your health is due to L-theanine, an amino acid that helps to balance mood.Because it’s an herbal tea, the caffeine-free blend won’t spike your anxiety levels, and can be sipped on at any time of day.Plus, it can help relieve tension by relaxing muscle aches and soothing headaches often associated with stress and anxiety.Plus, peppermint has shown to be great for your digestive system, which can be helpful if your stress or anxiety levels tend to bring on tummy troubles.Valerian root has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years for its natural sedative effects, but it can also be consumed as a tea.Often referred to as “nature’s valium”, valerian root tea helps to regulate GABA levels in the brain, meaning it regulates nerve impulses, which helps to qualm stress and anxiety levels, while also reducing blood pressure.Plus, it has shown to be helpful in improving concentration levels by boosting memory and brain power.It’s also awesome for the digestive system and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to counteract all the negative effects that stress can have on your body.Green tea is also one of the best sources of L-Theanine which counteracts anxiety and jitters brought on by too much caffeine, and has shown to be helpful in improving stress levels, reducing fatigue, and promoting better sleep.It has long been used as a natural remedy for anxiety by helping to increase GABA levels, coveted by the Incas, Aztecs, and South American Indians.Passionflower tea is a great source of phytochemicals and alkaloids, which work to help reduce stress chemicals and leave you feeling calmer.Popular in cooking and herbal tea blends, rosehips are loaded with antioxidants and other phytonutrients.Rosehip is also a naturally caffeine-free tea, making it a great option if caffeine tends to increase your anxiety levels.About Sips by: We’re a female-founded and led startup that makes discovering tea fun, personalized, and affordable. .

Chamomile for Dogs: 4 Ways to Use It

“Chamomile will take down swelling and inflammation of the skin around the eye, as well as treat infection in the eye,” says Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian, certified and accredited veterinary acupuncturist, and herbal and food therapist.“Allow to cool, then use the teabag as a compress on the eye,” says Morgan.Chamomile reduces swelling and has anti-microbial properties to help heal skin infections, Morgan says.“I can’t stress enough how important it is to know what is causing the GI issues, as there are many causes in dogs and only treating at home with chamomile may delay making an important diagnosis,” she says.Chamomile is often used in humans for its anti-anxiety effects, and it may work the same way on dogs, according to Morgan.How to Give Your Dog Chamomile.The first time you give your dog chamomile, go slowly, especially if your pet has shown allergic tendencies to other substances in the past, Long says.


10 Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night

People have used this age-old remedy to help them drift into dreamland for decades, and it's still a popular choice today, despite the fact that a New York Times article suggests there isn't enough evidence to prove the ritual has any effect.Whether it's the classic British option Horlicks, or products like Ovaltine and similar store-brand offerings, this nighttime beverage is a great sleep aid for those in favor of warm, milky drinks.Malted milk contains plenty of vitamin B, zinc, iron, phosphorous, and magnesium — a blend of minerals that's perfect for helping you relax before bedtime.Green tea is generating a lot of interest in the modern world today thanks to its ability to promote weight loss.Green tea contains the amino acid known as theanine, which has been proven to help reduce stress and promote more restful sleeping patterns.While the high caffeine levels of regular green tea cancel out those benefits when you're starting your morning, decaffeinated options can be perfect for bedtime.To make the best herbal tea, start by washing about 10 lemon balm leaves and adding them to your teapot with boiling water.Not only will this healthy beverage help you fight off midnight snack cravings, but it also contains plenty of magnesium and potassium to promote muscle relaxation.Finally, a small study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2010 found that drinking about 16 ounces of tart cherry juice during the day could result in a significant decrease in insomnia.While none of the drinks listed above are guaranteed to knock you out in seconds, they do possess some great natural qualities that can help you wind down and switch off after a long day. .

Chamomile: The Sacred Herbal Muscle Relaxer

kind of herb tea are ingested worldwide each day.which refers to the plant's low growing habit and the fact.has been used for centuries in teas as a mild, relaxing sleep.aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an.Chamomile flower has also been hailed as a sacred herb from.The nervous system benefits from Chamomile tea.relax in response to chemical signals delivered through the.manageable pain only causing stiffness and soreness.fails to work, an herbal muscle relaxer such as Chamomile is.tea benefits the muscles along the digestive tract, allowing.relax in other parts of the body, which helps people who.suffer from insomnia fall asleep naturally.The chamomile flower extracts help.tone and strengthen delicate ski tissue.of its ability to calm the nervous system and soothe.considered as a sacred herb because of its many curative and. .

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