The possible health benefits of cilantro or coriander essential oil can be attributed to its potential properties as an analgesic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, carminative, depurative, deodorant, digestive, fungicidal, lipolytic, stimulant, and stomachic substance.Coriander essential oil consists of compounds like borneol, cineole, cymene, dipentene, linalool, phellandrene, pinene, terpineol, and terpinolene, and these are the causes behind its medicinal properties.It may arouse and increases the libido, as well as potentially cure temporary impotency, frigidity of both males and females, erectile dysfunctions, and general loss of interest in sex.It may stimulate certain hormones that activate the sleeping Cupid in you and puts you in a frisky or naughty mood that is ready for some bedroom fun!People who are fed up with trying all possible methods to lose weight need to pay attention to this property of cilantro essential oil.It is a good idea to have a small teaspoon full of coriander oil and eliminate excess gas in your system.Components like terpineol and terpinolene make coriander oil an analgesic, which means any agent that reduces pain.This oil has been found to be effective for curing toothaches, headaches, and other pain of the joints and muscles, as well as those resulting from injuries or collisions.This also helps to inhibit bacterial growth in your mouth and around your sweat glands, thereby fighting odor.It stimulates hormone and enzymes secretions, digestion, excretion, brain functions, and nervous system activity.This potential property can help treat a number of skin diseases, most of which are caused due to fungal infections.Coriander oil improves appetite, regulates endocrinal secretions, cures nausea, and eliminates vomiting as a symptom of many conditions.Word of Caution: There is nothing serious in terms of health risks, but if taken in excess, coriander essential oil can make you lose control over your senses for a while, as if you are spellbound. .

Coriander Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

It is often noted for its use in aiding digestion and in assisting with aches, pains and arthritis.American College of Healthcare Sciences principal Dorene Petersen has undertaken research regarding cognitive and brain health.She presents that Coriander Seed Oil shows promise for management of neurodegenerative diseases.[Dorene Petersen, Presentation: Clinical Use of Aromatherapy for Brain Health: 7 Essential Oils.In addition to its therapeutic benefits, Coriander Seed Essential Oil is a slightly fruity, spicy oil that is well suited for use within natural fragrancing applications.Back in the 1980s, it was hard to find fresh cilantro in my area (or I just didn't know where to look at the time).He FedExed me a care package of fresh and canned goodies directly from Mexico after crossing right back into Texas.Sadly, the package was delayed after traveling through high heat conditions.When I opened the box, the strong, unfamiliar aroma of rotting cilantro overpowered my kitchen.I'm sad that I disliked the aroma so much as really, the generous and thoughtful intentions of my dear friend meant so much to me.Coriander Seed Essential Oil Properties, Benefits and Uses.Source: Salvatore Battaglia, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy (Australia: The Perfect Potion, 2003), 286.Coriander Seed Essential Oil smells sweet, herbaceous, spicy, woody and slightly fruity.Source: Julia Lawless, The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (Updated Edition) (London: Harper Thorsons, 2014), 77-78.[Dorene Petersen, Presentation: Clinical Use of Aromatherapy for Brain Health: 7 Essential Oils.See Essential Oil Safety for a more complete list of typical constituents.Source cited in Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety (Second Edition.Source cited in Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety (Second Edition.Reading Tisserand and Young's full profiles for these two oils is recommended.[Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety (Second Edition.In addition to being available as an essential oil, this botanical is available from a small number of reputable sources as a CO2 extract.However, they can have differing safety precautions than essential oils because the natural chemistry of CO2 extracts can differ from their essential oil counterparts.If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner.The essential oil information provided on AromaWeb is intended for educational purposes only. .

Coriander Essential Oil – From Ancient Spice to Modern Medicine

Lining the produce section of the grocery store and then cooked inside the tortilla of a good street taco, you will find parts of the.The green, leafy parts of the plant are better known as cilantro and make a nice flavor addition to a number of dishes.The plant also grows small seeds, however, called coriander, that can be added to food, ground into a powder, or steam distilled to create essential oils.Coriander offers a spicy, earthy scent, and a flavor profile that complements citrus fruits.According to folklore, the plant was grown in Persia and used as a fragrance in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.The coriander seed is also referenced in the Bible, where it is compared to manna, the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness.Today, ground coriander can be found in the spice aisle of most supermarkets and is commonly used in making curry, chili, soups, and certain baked goods.The oil has high levels of antioxidants which gives coriander the ability to prevent free radical damage.Because of its antibacterial properties, coriander can also be a great addition to your skincare routine to prevent acne and blackheads.What a lot of people don’t know is coriander essential oil can also be safely consumed and offers relief for stomach troubles.Mix a drop in a glass of warm water with lemon or add to a vegetarian capsule and take by mouth.Use either method as needed to relieve constipation and bloating, or repeat daily to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).Alternatively, mix a drop of oil in a cup of hot, herbal tea for a relaxing way to soothe the stomach.Additionally, some evidence suggests that coriander can aid in weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.The essential oil works by breaking down fat and stimulating the enzymes responsible for digestive processes.Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, coriander essential oil is a great choice for treating skin irritation.Store the mixture in an airtight container and apply topically to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or ringworm.The oil works by reducing swelling in stiff joints or sore muscles in addition to promoting circulation to the affected areas to speed up healing.Try using coriander essential oil topically to prevent pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, muscle stiffness, or muscular exhaustion.Coriander essential oil can be used aromatically in a diffuser or the steam from the shower to alleviate pain caused by a cold or sinus infection.Rub diluted coriander essential oil onto the abdomen in clockwise motions until completely absorbed.Generally, the oil is known to promote excitement and reduce fatigue, making it a great natural option to cure an afternoon slump.Consider drinking a cup of coriander tea before work, as it has the potential to improve memory and overall cognitive health.Only consume pure-grade, quality tested coriander oil, and mix it with water, tea, or a veggie capsule to use as a supplement.Consuming large doses of the oil can cause side effects such as upset stomach and irregular blood sugar. .

Coriander Essential Oils Uses, Benefits and Recipes Spotlight

Modern life can be exhausting, let coriander essential oil soothe you after a taxing day.This unique oil has an herbal aroma that is calming and uplifting.Coriander essential oil is good for skin, body and relaxation.Like other favorite spice essential oils, coriander can naturally relieve pain and inflammation.A good choice for making an essential oil blend for pain relief.Coriander comes from the same plant that produces cilantro essential oil, Coriandrum sativum.Botanical Name Coriandrum sativum Botanical Family Apiaceae Aka Coriander Seed Aroma Herbal, sweet and spicy undertones Extraction Method Steam distilled Plant Part Used Seeds Shelf Life 2-3 years Kid Safe?Yes, max dilution 1% Safety Concerns Generally nontoxic, nonirritant, nonsensitizing.Coriander essential oil is gaining in popularity, and for good reason.It has a pleasant, spicy aroma that can help boost your mood and energize your day.Digestive problems, flatulence, dyspepsia, bloating, abdominal spasms, abdominal discomfort, IBS, detoxifying, nervous tension, muscular fatigue, muscular aches and pains, mental fatigue, tired all the time, emotional exhaustion (from The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Wormwood, page 582).This oil has a host of beneficial properties that can help improve your health and wellbeing.Read on to learn more about the benefits of coriander oil and find out how you can use it in your own life!Jojoba and fractionated coconut oil are popular choices.Apply to sore muscles and joints for its anti inflammatory properties.Diffuse with sweet orange oil during the day to decrease stress and anxiety.This oil’s strong antiseptic and deodorizing effect can help deal with smelly feet, as well as bad breath.Add to skincare regimen to maintain a clear complexion or even improve oily skin.You can add a drop to your daily moisturizer or use it in a homemade body wash.Coriander’s antispasmodic, carminative and stomachic properties make it great for including it in blends for abdominal and digestive troubles.Add 6 drops to a roller bottle and fill the rest with jojoba oil.Roll onto belly and rub in a clockwise direction to ease gas, spasms, cramps, bloating, and other digestive woes.Here are 8 simple blends to add the amazing benefits of Coriander into your aromatherapy routine.Calm Frazzled Nerves Bath Blend 3 drops Coriander.I like to use a 100 to 200 ml water tank diffuser but you can use whatever size you prefer, adjust the drops if needed.Diffuse in the air to give the room a nice change of pace.Belly Rub Roller Blend This belly blend is a natural pain relief oil recipe that you can use for easing an upset stomach and supporting digestion.Let this serene essential oil blend calm your mind and body.If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.Written by Jennifer Lane, Loving Essential Oils Owner & Certified Aromatherapist:.Download our printable essential oil list full of useful information and checkboxes to help you organize your inventory! .

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Coriander

Many people use coriander in dishes like soups and salsas, as well as Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian meals like curries and masalas.A similar study found that the same dosage of coriander seed extract lowered blood sugar and increased insulin release in rats with diabetes, compared with control animals ( 4 ).One test-tube study found that the antioxidants in coriander seed extract lowered inflammation and slowed the growth of lung, prostate, breast, and colon cancer cells ( 12 ).What’s more, many people find that eating pungent herbs and spices like coriander helps them reduce their sodium intake, which may improve heart health.In populations that consume large amounts of coriander, among other spices, rates of heart disease tend to be lower — especially compared with people on the Western diet, which packs more salt and sugar ( 16 ).A mouse study noted that coriander leaves improved memory, suggesting that the plant may have applications for Alzheimer’s disease ( 21 ).Animal studies demonstrate that coriander extract is nearly as effective as Diazepam, a common anxiety medication, at reducing symptoms of this condition ( 22 ).One 8-week study in 32 people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) found that 30 drops of a coriander-containing herbal medication taken thrice daily significantly decreased abdominal pain, bloating, and discomfort, compared with a placebo group ( 24 ).Dodecenal, a compound in coriander, may fight bacteria like Salmonella, which can cause life-threatening food poisoning and affect 1.2 million people annually in the United States ( 26 , 27 ).Additionally, one test-tube study revealed that coriander seeds are among several Indian spices that can fight the bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections (UTIs) ( 28 ).Other studies suggest that coriander oil should be used in antibacterial formulations due to its ability to fight foodborne illnesses and hospital-acquired infections ( 29 , 30 ).In one study, its extract failed to treat diaper rash in infants on its own but could be used alongside other soothing compounds as an alternative treatment ( 31 , 32 ).Meanwhile, coriander leaves — also called cilantro — are best to garnish soup or use in cold pasta salads, lentils, fresh tomato salsa, or Thai noodle dishes.You can also purée them with garlic, peanuts, coconut milk, and lemon juice to make a paste for burritos, salsa, or marinades. .

Coriander Essential Oil — Sustainable Baby Steps

Many people use it for food flavoring, but the health benefits of cilantro oil are also numerous.Aromatically, it may be act as either a stimulant for physical energy or a relaxant for bad moods.Energetically, coriander essential oil been used to help a person honor their own needs and boundaries with more flexibility for the way in which things should be done.Take a few drops internally and rub on stomach after eating large meals to assist with digestion.Apply to sore muscles and joints or use with fractionated coconut oil for massage.Rub 1 drop in the palm of your hands, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe deeply for self acceptance.Rub 1 drop in the palm of your hands, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe slowly to increase energy.To address fear, rub 1 drop in the palm of your hands, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe slowly.Learn more about the brand we exclusively use and recommend + receive a FREE guide of oily recipes. .

Coriander Vitality™ Dietary Essential Oil

Coriander Vitality has a warm, earthy flavor that enhances cuisines from around the world, including Chinese soups, Indian masalas, and Mexican salsas. .

Coriander Seed Essential Oil

Coriander Seed is a fragrant, exotic oil that has been used for thousands of years in Asian countries, can stimulate the appetite and is excellent in relieving occasional digestive upset.Add this mix to 1 teaspoon carrier oil , and run under warm water for a fragrant, relaxing bath. .

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