To make this sauce a little richer and creamier, feel free to add a couple tablespoons of olive oil.Before serving each time, give it a quick stir and season to taste with salt! .

Easy Dill Sauce – A Couple Cooks

This dill sauce is easy to make and is full of creamy, herby flavor!The Mediterranean flavors of Greek yogurt, fresh dill and lemon combine into a beautiful sauce that’s simple and totally versatile.In fact, we also have a Lemon Dill Sauce that’s a little richer and combines mayo and Greek yogurt.: we like using full fat yogurt to get the richest, creamiest flavor Fresh dill : it’s a must!There’s a lot of variation in thickness between Greek yogurt brands.There’s a lot of variation in thickness between Greek yogurt brands.The richness and texture makes it tastes a little more like a finished sauce: a little like a ranch dressing!The richness and texture makes it tastes a little more like a finished sauce: a little like a ranch dressing!Note that the sauce will have more calories, but it will also be more satisfying and you’ll likely need a smaller portion size.It’s easy to grow herbs at home, and you don’t even need garden space.Grab some start plants at the beginning of the season and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful fronds you’re able to grow.Diet: Vegetarian Print Recipe Pin Recipe Description This dill sauce is easy to make and is full of creamy, herby flavor!fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.extra virgin olive oil ¼ teaspoon garlic salt, plus more as necessary 1 tablespoon water, or more as necessary Instructions Chop the dill.In a small bowl, stir together the Greek yogurt, dill, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder, dried dill, and kosher salt.(Leftovers will become thicker in the fridge, so allow to come to room temperature and/or add a splash of water or lemon juice as necessary.). .

Greek Tzatziki Sauce with Garlic and Dill (With Video)

Ready in 5 minutes, this thick and creamy Greek tzatziki is blended with cucumbers, dill, lemon, and garlic to create a healthy and addictive yogurt sauce.When I have a few extra minutes, I love turning plain yogurt into a delicious side dish by mixing it with cucumbers, lemon juice, garlic, and herbs.This version of cucumber yogurt sauce is known as Greek Tzatziki which is full of bright and fragrant, fresh flavors.Add your chopped cucumber to the bowl with the Greek yogurt, then grate in your fresh garlic.Garnish with additional fresh dill, serve, and enjoy your Greek Tzatziki sauce.I’ll throw in chopped cilantro and garam masala to create Cucumber Yogurt Raita.I’ll throw in chopped cilantro and garam masala to create Cucumber Yogurt Raita. .

Chicken Gyros with Yogurt-Dill Sauce Recipe

I like it quite soft, so after a brief saute I covered the pan and let it stew for a while before uncovering to brown a bit.I also added some strips of roasted green pepper that I had handy.Super easy and you can dress it up by setting out all the fixins (as another reviewer said, feta, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion).This is a really good basic recipe, you can add feta, olives, tomato, cucumber, raw onions, peppers, etc.I use light sour cream and dried dill for the sauce and it comes out nicely.I added another garlic clove and a couple Tablespoons of lemon juice to the chicken before cooking it.A friend suggested adding tomatoes and cucumbers as toppings and I always include them now.This was good -- the sauce had a nice tang to it, and I appreciated the overall balanced texture.The combination of the onions, dill, and yogurt made for one of those dining experiences that continue to haunt you the next morning, despite brushing your teeth twice and using extra-minty mouthwash...When I made it tonight, both of my young children LOVED it, which makes me like it even more.Didn't have time to get to the onions, and it was still delicious in a whole wheat pita, with some cucumbers and yogurt sauce.Taking other people's advice, I added cucumber to the sauce, as well as scallions since I had them on hand.It makes a lot of sauce, so I've used the leftovers as a dip with raw veggies!My kids love it and the yogurt sauce is a great dip with veggies.Made a box of commerical couscous on the side and had a quick, complete meal in under an hour. .

Simple Baked Salmon with Asparagus and Dill Sauce

This recipe for Baked Salmon with Asparagus and Yogurt Dill Sauce is so simple and easy, yet full of delicious flavor.Here it’s baked on a sheet-pan with tender spring asparagus and served with a dollop of tasty yogurt dill sauce.I love using fresh wild king salmon because it has a higher oil content, making it very difficult to overcook or dry out.Fresh dill and parsley are mixed with yogurt, garlic and lemon zest.Hope you enjoy this very simple Roasted Salmon with Asparagus and Yogurt Dill Sauce – an EASY sheet-pan dinner that comes together in 30 minutes! .

Tzatziki Recipe (Greek Cucumber Yogurt Sauce)

Otherwise known as that yogurt and cucumber sauce you love at Greek restaurants but worry about mispronouncing (hear the correct pronunciation here).Tzatziki is made simply with yogurt, drained cucumber, olive oil, fresh herbs (usually mint or dill), garlic, lemon juice and salt.I traveled to Greece last fall and ordered tzatziki at every restaurant.I tend to associate tzatziki with Greek food, but you’ll find it served across the Mediterranean and Middle East, sometimes under different names or in slightly different forms.Salting the grated cucumber and letting the excess moisture drip out takes a while.The easiest and most efficient way to get rid of the excess moisture is to lightly squeeze the grated cucumber over the sink.You can dollop it generously on your food without adding a lot of calories (unlike, say, mayonnaise or ranch dressing).I haven’t found a noticeable difference in texture whether I use whole-milk yogurt, low-fat or non-fat, so any of those will work.Traditional Greek tzatziki is made with strained goat or sheep’s yogurt, but it’s hard to find those here. .

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad with Dill

This calling has come up a few times here, always when I’m sharing a recipe that reminds me of the South and my college girlfriends from the region.It’s healthy, creamy, ultra filling, and perfect for salads and sandwiches.I can hear my sweet Alabama gal pal, who is an aficionado of all things chicken salad, gasping in horror.When I was little, my mom couldn’t even spread it on my sister’s sandwich then use the same knife to cut mine in half without my detecting the perpetration.Fortunately, Greek yogurt has given me the opportunity to enjoy recipes that traditionally call for mayo, such as chicken salad, in a delicious and even healthy way.In most recipes, chicken salad included, Greek yogurt behaves exactly like mayo, making it a perfect one-to-one substitute.Chicken salad is one of those recipes that I sometimes forget about, then once I make it again, wonder why I don’t add it to my menu every single week.Fruit, veggies, protein, and dairy: the food group gang is all here.You can make a big bowl in the morning, then set it out at lunch, along with bread or croissants for guests to serve themselves sandwiches, which Ben’s family does often on long summer days at the lake.I also love prepping a bowl of chicken salad for myself to eat for lunch throughout the week.I keep it in the fridge and enjoy either on top of salad greens or piled high on a slice of toasted multigrain bread for fast, healthy lunches. .


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