Thankfully the sun has come out today to warm our shoulders a little and put a smile back on people’s faces, but the chill in the air remains.To be honest, the cold, wet days remind me of early winter in Florence and although I’ve been complaining about it, there is something comforting in the nostalgia that the weather brings.One of the only real enoteche of Florence, ‘Volpi’ (as we affectionately call it) is that perfect spot to stop off on your way home for a glass of wine and a little something, like the mini brioche buns with anchovy, butter and a paper thin wedge of lemon, or the grilled crostone with truffled sausage and asiago.Truffled sausage is hard to be beat, but if I’m feeling even more decadent, the lardo crostone is the way to go – transparent and salty slices of lardo di Colonnata (think the most flavoursome, melt in your mouth cured pork back fat) are toasted on Tuscan bread, then quickly drizzled with Tuscan honey and black pepper before heading straight for your mouth.When I first moved to Florence many years ago, I was living alone in a shoe-box sized apartment down the street from Volpi (so stopping there on my way home was all too easy!).Even though I’ll be frequenting my favourite wine bar in the next couple of weeks for an entire month, with the cold Melbourne winter settling in, I’ve been getting cravings for those grilled crostoni with sausage.The idea of the balsamic vinegar, which adds a delightful zing, comes from another wonderful little wine bar in Florence, Casa del Vino. .

Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls from Bourke Street Bakery by Paul

Sydney’s best butcher shops are filled with a multitude of gourmet sausages for sale and we have often thought that these flavours would taste far better wrapped in butter and flour than bung. .


Mozzarella di Bufala D.O.P "Air-freighted from Naples" served with a drizzle of imported Sicilian olive oil D.O.P., smoked sea salt & cracked black pepper.Wood fire -roasted capsicum, Napoli, fresh garlic, parsley, olive oil and touch of chili, served warm.Imported Sicilian semi dry black olives lightly pan fried with parsley and garlic,served warm.Pan tossed maccheroni with fresh broccoli, garlic, saffron,toasted pine nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.Taglierini pan tossed with fresh seafood, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, pine nuts, and a hint of chili, topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano D.O.P.Riso di Baraggia D.O.P., wood fire roasted free range organic chicken, field mushrooms, finished with truffle infused extra virgin oil.Pizza in bianco with garlic, extra virgin olive oil D.O.P, ,fior di latte & Parmigiano rosemary, oregano, Sicilian sea salt and fresh parsley.San Marzano tomato D.O.P fior di latte, ham off the bone sautéed seasonal mushrooms and imported Sicilian black olives.Pizza in bianco, fior di latte, a sautéed selection of seasonal mushrooms,fresh parsley and black truffle infused EVO.San Marzano tomato D.O.P., fior di latte, fire-roasted capsicum, aged felino pork salami topped with hot chili.San Marzano tomato D.O.P fior di latte, Sicilian pork & fennel sausage, cracked black pepper and fresh parsley.San Marzano tomato D.O.P fior di latte, sautéed seasonal mushrooms, char -grilled eggplant and fire-roasted capsicum topped with Sicilian oregano.Napoli, fior di latte, Moreton bay bugs, fresh parsley, smoked Sicilian sea salt, on a rustic fried-baked pizza.Fries topped with our pork and veal ragu, locally made mozzarella fiorello, jalapeno baked in wood fire oven.Orange, fennel, radicchio and red onion salad served with extra virgin olive oil D.O.P, lemon and a hint of chilli. .

Your Guide To Melbourne's Best Sausage Rolls For 2021

It's no surprise then that they've got one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has, a perfectly flakey pastry encasing the TRB signature caramelised apple, pork, and fennel filling.Loafer Bread, the North Fitzroy bakery slash takeaway cafe which is famous for its snaking lines of locals every Saturday and Sunday have sausage rolls absolutely dialled.Their main contender for the best sausage roll Melbourne title is a full butter puff pastry with a mixture of organic grass-fed beef and roasted vegetables—it’s rich, it’s golden, it’s bloody delicious.This grocery, bakery, and cafe have put their own stamp on the sausage roll with a Lebanese style mixture of spiced lamb Kafta and halloumi in a wholemeal pastry.Set deep in the southside suburb of Murrumbeena, Oasis is consistently heaving with crowds trying to get their hands on the flakey goodness, so don’t sleep on one of the best sausage rolls Melbourne has going on.There’s a tonne of talent behind this joint and their sauso roll, helmed by Ben Forehan and Rachael Browne the pair are former Melbourne chefs of Stokehouse and Circa (The Prince of Wales).Their style is classical, reminiscent of how Grandma makes it with premium minced beef, onion and carrot, and stuffed into a homemade crisped puff pastry. .

Sausages Melbourne - Buy Pork Sausages & More

They pair delightfully with a simple green salad, or better yet, take the meat out of their casings into small meatballs to serve with pasta.Our Luganega sausages provide some more traditional Italian flavours - they are coiled into a spiral, similar to those in the butcher shops of Italy.Delicious when cooked on charcoal, this sausage originates from Northern Italy and is made with pork, salt, paprika, pepper, garlic and white wine.These sausages are made with free range rare breed pork, all spice, nutmeg, garlic and parsley.We recommend grilling them, barbecuing them, roasting them in the oven, taking the meat out of their skins, turning them into a delicious ragu-like sauce or even boiling them.If you would like to chargrill your sausages, do so over a medium heat and turn regularly to prevent them burning and ensure even cooking.Combine with oil, onion and garlic for extra flavour and when the meat is browned, add in a tin of tomatoes and simmer away for 30 minutes or so.Similarly, it is possible to roll sausage meat out of its casing into mini meatballs and turn into a hearty stew or a spicy curry.Sausages are also wonderful baked in the oven and served with roast potatoes, lentils, white beans or a fresh green salad.Pop some potatoes cut into thick slices on the bottom of a slow cooker before adding your sausages and tomato mix.Braised sausages can be used in a classic version of the English ‘bangers and mash.’Start by sauteing onion and garlic in a pan of oil over a high heat until caramelised.In a separate frying pan on a high heat, cook sausages, continuing to turn them regularly until they brown. .

Homemade Merguez Sausage Recipe

I've posted a lot of sausage recipes over the years, but looking back at all those fine links, I realized I've never actually explained why those ground, spiced, and stuffed meat creations actually work.The tome is devoted to the art of sausage making and meat curing, by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.I already have multiple sausage recipes here (smoked cheddar and jalapeno, basil and tomato) and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.This merguez happened to be one of my favorite sausage seasonings so far, combining spicy Moroccan harissa with earthy cumin and coriander, along with some fennel and paprika.The seasoning mixture was pungent with a strong spice, allowing it to stand up against the heavy flavor of the lamb shoulder.The fat and protein of sausage must stay bound together to result in a final juicy link with a smooth texture.It can grind five pounds of sausage pretty quickly, and adding on the large food tray provides a helpful touch of more space for meat waiting to travel down the feed tube.Another tip that's seemingly simple, but does a lot to make sausage great, is giving it a good mix after being ground.A minute or two in a stand mixer is all that's required to develop the protein needed to create a uniform mixture, further ensuring both the fat and seasonings are evenly distributed throughout.While I'll sing the praises of my KitchenAid meat grinder any day, their sausage stuffer is, in my humble opinion, pure crap.I currently use the LEM 5-pound vertical stuffer, a hand cranked device that gets meat into casings so easily that all fears of stuffing dissipated after a single use.In my early years, I tried out synthetic collagen casings because, at the time, working with animal intestines did not sound like fun.While it was nice to have those collagen casings (they were always ready to go and easy to feed onto the horn), they tore constantly and became another point of frustration.Most of the links grilled up quite well and I was rewarded with an incredible sausage that was moist and tender, with the distinct flavor of lamb against an earthy spice blend that packed a nice bit of heat.I set out to give a little insight into why I develop my sausage recipes the way I do, and even transcribing what is probably the bare minimum of proper instruction, this still turned into quite the hefty post.Don't let that scare you though, it all really just boils down to a small list of important points—use lots of fat, season well, keep it cold, and grill properly—that will put you on the road to incredible homemade sausage, which can be as thrilling to make as they are to eat. .


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