CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Republicans made significant gains in the West Virginia State Senate and House in Tuesday’s general election.The majority party added 18 more Delegates on its side of the aisle in Tuesday’s election, and now will take a 76 seats into the next Legislative session, with the Democrats holding 24 spots.Incumbent Senate Republicans who withstood Democratic challenges included Ryan Weld (R-Brooke), Mike Maroney (R-Marshall), Patricia Rucker (R-Jefferson).


W.Va. GOP Achieves 'Supermajority' In House of Delegates, Flips

Unofficial election results on Wednesday showed that House Republicans have won more than 70 districts, creating a "supermajority" for the next two years.Hanshaw was ahead in his own election by more than 1,100 votes.But in several House races, the numbers show wide-margin victories for many GOP candidates.“Our incumbent members, the fact that they’re not coming back, isn’t because their communities rejected them,” Bates said.Republicans also edged out Democratic incumbents in several southern multi-member districts, including Fayette and Wayne counties.In the latter community, the Huntington Herald-Dispatch reported that voters elected their first Republican delegate, Derrick Evans, in nearly 100 years.In West Virginia’s larger, more populated districts, Republicans edged out longtime Democrats in counties like Marion, where the majority party flipped two of three formerly Democratic seats.Democratic candidate Kayla Young won one of four seats in Kanawha County’s District 35, behind incumbent Dels. .


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