Update 2 (February 2018): Pottermore has published a new article on their website in which they remind us that they still don’t know if Lavender is dead or alive.The writer of the article appears to throw a little shade at Rowling, noting that it was a “disservice” to the character to never reveal her fate in Deathly Hallows:.Another disservice to Lavender was that, even though we’d known her since she became the first-ever Gryffindor from Harry’s year, we never even found out if she recovered from Fenrir Greyback’s attack.With Pottermore recently suffering a loss of staff, and Rowling still not answering the question via her website or Twitter, it seems unlikely that we’re going to learn about the character’s fate anytime soon.She became more and more prominent as the series progressed, joining Dumbledore’s Army in Order of the Phoenix and dating Ron Weasley in Half-Blood Prince.When Pottermore relaunched yesterday, Hypable reader FullFlamelAlchemist noticed that the profile for Lavender Brown lists her as “presumed dead.” This is what the site has in their “fact file” for the character:.As they reached the ground a grey blur that Harry took for an animal sped four-legged across the hall to sink its teeth into one of the fallen.“NO!” shrieked Hermione, and with a deafening blast from her wand, Fenrir Greyback was thrown backward from the feebly stirring body of Lavender Brown.”.What’s more, Reddit user MaimedPhoenix points out that Harry later named several of the characters who died, but did not mention Lavender: “Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Colin Creevey and fifty others,” he says. .

Is Lavender Brown Alive? Pottermore Just Removed Information

The rational part of me knows that there is probably no chance she survived after the incredibly somber moment in the movie that Professor Trelawney and Parvati Patil pull the sheet over a dead body presumed to be Lavender's — and if that wasn't enough of a moment killer, there's also the fact that a guide to the making of the movie cites her as dead as of May 2, 1998, the day of the Battle of Hogwarts.When you reexamine Lavender's involvement in the Battle of Hogwarts, all we see of her is that Hermione and Professor Trelawney rescue her from Fenrir Greyback after she is injured from falling off of a balcony.As much flack as she got in the fandom for messing with our Ron x Hermione feels, in the real world we all deserve a BFF like Lavender Brown.Even if she doesn't, in my head she met up with Dean Thomas after the Battle of Hogwarts, opened her own tea/tea leaf reading shop in Diagon Alley, has season passes to watch Ginny slay at Quidditch, and grows old with her BFF Parvati and their collective seven kids and 18 grandchildren. .

Why Fans Are Still Confused About Lavender Brown's Fate In Harry

Throughout the books and movies, Lavender Brown — played by Jessie Cave on screen — remains on the periphery as a member of the same Gryffindor class as central characters Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his best friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson).Lavender isn't always a pivotal character, occasionally popping up as a seemingly flighty, ditzy girl who spends all of her time with her best friend Parvati Patil (Shefali Chowdhury) and loves the school's largely unpopular Divination class. .

Exploring Lavender Brown's unexpected effect on Hermione

She was a defender of the underdog, loyal to a fault and her lack of giggling and gossipy-ness meant she didn’t fall into any teenage girl clichés.Add to that the fact that the Gryffindor girls had to share a room for, like, seven years. .

Complete Ranking of the Major Deaths in the 'Harry Potter' Series

He split his soul into seven fragments called Horcruxes that could've allowed him to live forever if they weren't destroyed.He also led a large group of Death Eaters who killed many of the main characters and fought for pureblood-wizard supremacy over Muggles.When Harry's spell finally hit him, the Dark Lord died. .

Random Bits and Pieces of Nothing, Did Lavender Brown die? In the

Obviously, in the movie, Lavender died; in the books, we’re left with her “feebly stirring.” It’s my belief that, in the books, she neither died nor became a werewolf (based on the precedent of Bill Weasley, who was also attacked by Greyback and did not become a werewolf: note that the battle isn’t during the full moon so Greyback isn’t transformed.).It’s my personal belief that, in canon, we’ll find she’s alive; however, there’s enough latitude for interpretation that I’ve also had no problems with keeping her dead for fanfic purposes. .

Harry Potter's Lavender Brown Actress Jessie Cave Talks Weight

From feeling the awkwardness of their teenage years on screen to struggling to adjust to life after the series, their experiences have helped highlight the more human part of being a child celebrity.She has spoken about the insecurity she felt returning to the Harry Potter set after gaining weight -- which, she pointed out, is a normal thing to happen when someone is growing during their teenage years.The actress told The Guardian that she’s felt pressure to change her appearance in order to keep working in the film industry -- and that she’s noticed she tends to get cast more when she loses weight.Rather than succumbing to the pressure completely, though, she stayed committed to eating healthy and leaned into being typecast in “quirky” roles, which has helped her navigate her post-Potter career. .


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