There are many health benefits of eating lavender, including upping your intake of vitamins and minerals and protecting your body from antioxidants and stress.Tip Lavender health benefits include increasing your intake of certain vitamins and alleviating stress and insomnia, but be aware of any possible drug interactions.A 100 g serving of lavender introduces 49 calories into your diet as well as 1 g of fat.Lavender is typically not consumed alone, so factor these calories into the foods to which you add lavender.Iron for Healthy Blood.Eat lavender to increase your iron intake.One serving has 2 mg of iron, a considerable portion of the 8 to 11 mg you should consume each day.Eating lavender has no known interferences with medications, although you may want to proceed with caution if you take sedatives or medication to treat high blood pressure. .

Herb of the Month: Lavender

This is one of the most popular recipes on the 'French Country Baking Day' at Cake Boy. .

LAVENDER: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions

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Culinary Lavender, Whats Cooking America

In today’s upscale restaurants, fresh edible flowers are making a comeback as enhancements to both the flavor and appearance of food.As a member of the same family as many of our most popular herbs, it is not surprising that lavender is edible and that it’s use in food preparation is also returning.Culinary Lavender is a member of the mint family and is close to rosemary, sage, and thyme.In ancient times lavender was used for mummification and perfume by the Egyptian’s, Phoenicians, and peoples of Arabia.The Greeks and the Romans bathed in lavender scented water and it was from the Latin word “lavo” meaning “to wash” that the herb took it’s name.She also drank an abundance of Lavender tea to help ease her migraines and used it as a body perfume.During the First World War, nurses bathed soldiers’ wounds with lavender washes.To this day, the French continue to send baby lamb to graze in fields of lavender, so their meat will be tender and fragrant.To retain the flavor and fragrance of dried lavender, store them in glass or pottery containers with tight fitting lids so the oils will not escape from the flowers.Due to its excellent healing and analgesic properties, lavender can provide instant relief from heat rash or red and sore skin.Make a lotion using 12 drops of lavender essential oil in 1 tablespoon of distilled water.The key to cooking with culinary lavender is to experiment; start out with a small amount of flowers, and add more as you go.NOTE: Adding too much lavender to your recipe can be like eating perfume and will make your dish bitter.Flowers look beautiful and taste good too in a glass of champagne, with chocolate cake, or as a garnish for sorbets or ice creams.Harvest flowers as you would fruit, selecting those that look most perfectly ready, with the fullest color, and passing over any that seem wilted or less ripe.Cutting the lavender flowers is best done in the morning when the dew has evaporated and before the heat of the day.Stem flowers may be put in a glass of water in a cool place until you are ready to use them.If necessary, layer blooms carefully between moist paper towels in the refrigerator until meal time. .

How to Cook With Lavender so Your Food Doesn't Taste Like Soap

Test Kitchen contributor Jessie Damuck just developed an excellent lemon-lavender pound cake (a perfect addition to an Easter brunch, I’d say).No matter what you plan to do with it, make sure to buy “culinary lavender.” Like coconut oil, lavender is produced for uses other than cooking.We like to use lavender as an infusion, so either grind it (say, with sugar for baked goods) or strain it out of a liquid (cream or syrup) before using.In baking, be sure to use a light touch or balance its low notes with something bright like lemon juice and zest.A few more ideas if this got the creative juices flowing: Infuse simple syrup with a sprinkling of lavender and use to sweeten iced tea, lemonade, or even to flavor meringue.Make your own dry blend of herbs and flowers (we like lavender with mint and rosemary) and rub on lamb chops or chicken wings before grilling. .

What Kind of Lavender can you eat?

There are hundreds of types of lavender under the genus lavandula.We are here to help you figure out which lavender is most edible and best for culinary purposes. .

Is Lavender Safe for Dogs?

However, mild exposure to lavender is not generally harmful and may help with anxiety, depression and stress.Aromatherapy is safer for dogs than giving your dog lavender essential oil to ingest.Numerous scientific studies have even been conducted to test these claims, such as this one, which conclude that there’s evidence for the “relaxing effect of inhaling lavender oil.” Lavender oil, and the plant itself, can even be safely ingested by humans to achieve similar calming effects.Is Lavender Safe for Dogs?A handful of products and websites claim that lavender essential oil — when inhaled by your dog rather than ingested — can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.Also, your dog should not have direct access to the oil itself and should not ingest it. .

Is it safe to eat lavender?

As a member of the same family as many of our most popular herbs, it is not surprising that lavender is edible and that it's use in food preparation is also returning.English lavender is extremely popular as a culinary lavender.When taken by mouth: Lavender is LIKELY SAFE for most adults in food amounts.It may cause a reaction in children who swallow small amounts. .

Cooking with Lavender: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about cooking with lavender!How to buy it, store it, pair it with other flavors, and cook it.Well, except to see the lavender.There are so many kinds of lavender, but the two main camps that you’ll likely come across are English and French.French Lavender: This variety has a strong pine flavor, making it less ideal for cooking.Spanish lavender, which is often associated with French lavender, is also strongly flavored and not great for cooking.Where to find culinary lavender.Lavender can quickly make your dish taste perfume-y, and a little goes a long way (kind of like vanilla).1 part fresh lavender buds = 1/3 part dried buds. .


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