In the next installment of the series, due in November 2008, Grint's Ron Weasley gets a girlfriend — or, more accurately, a make-out partner — in the form of Lavender Brown.Still, even with that notch in his belt, the actor isn't any more at ease with the idea of being instructed at how to tilt his head at just the right angle for the cameras to get the most of his mouth.(Check out the MTV Movies Blog to see which character almost was cut from the "Order of the Phoenix" flick — but got a reprieve from J.K.Even though Yates has already seen a lot of Lavenders, he's eager to test the waters with an open call July 1 in London because of the success they had last time around with finding Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," which is in theaters July 11.Though they had a few potential Lunas who were "very, very close" the last time around, as they do with the Lavenders now, the filmmakers decided to throw the auditions open just to be sure.Though the teenage form of Lord Voldemort was seen before in 2002's "Chamber of Secrets," the actor who played him then, the nearly 30-year-old Christian Coulson, has aged out of the part.Like Lavender, the filmmakers have seen a few candidates so far over the past few weeks but want to find just the perfect person for the part — even if he doesn't look exactly like his predecessor. .

6 times Ron Weasley was a bit of a git

Ronald Bilius Weasley was one of the best friends a boy wizard could have: brave, loyal, funny and a priceless asset in Harry Potter’s fight against evil.Even so, that was no excuse for Ron to retaliate with something even worse: to meanly say, ‘It’s no wonder no one can stand her,’ loud enough for Hermione to overhear, causing her to flee in tears. .

Harry Potter's History of Recasting and Changing Characters' Races

Many fans speculate as to why Lavender Brown's actress was changed for Half Blood Prince, but the reasoning is quite simple.Before Half Blood Prince , Lavender Brown played no major role, she was portrayed by two separate actresses in the second and third film and was a background character., Lavender Brown played no major role, she was portrayed by two separate actresses in the second and third film and was a background character.So they white washed the character, and tried to erase the roles of Jennifer Smith and Kathleen Cauley (try to look up pictures of them in relation to Lavender Brown, next to difficult, now look up Jessie Cave.In the movie version, Lavender Brown was initially played by Kathleen Cauley in the second film, and then in a non-speaking role by Jennifer Smith in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. .

Exploring Lavender Brown's unexpected effect on Hermione

She was a defender of the underdog, loyal to a fault and her lack of giggling and gossipy-ness meant she didn’t fall into any teenage girl clichés.Add to that the fact that the Gryffindor girls had to share a room for, like, seven years. .

Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After trying to find a way out of this relationship, Lavender eventually breaks up with him when she sees him spending time with Hermione. .

'Harry Potter' actress Jessie Cave says she was raped at 14

Jessie, 33, who played Ron Weasley’s love interest Lavender Brown in the hugely successful series spoke of the traumatic experience on the “We Can’t Talk About That Right Now” podcast with her sister Bebe, 23.She continued, “The more time I have away from it, and this is going to sound awful, but I do feel quite lucky in so many ways that I had a rape that was actually … it didn’t destroy me.Jessie was a highly ranked swimmer and tennis player before injury forced an early retirement. .

Jessie Cave

Jessica Alice Cave Lloyd[1] (born 5 May 1987) is an English actress, comedian and cartoonist, known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter film series and for her shows in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe.She has also published a book of cartoon doodles called Love Sick, some of the designs in which have appeared on greeting cards.[3] Her mother Deborah[4][5] is the daughter of former Chief Secretary to Hong Kong, Tasmanian-born Sir Charles Philip Haddon-Cave.[11] She had originally intended to study stage management at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and worked in London as a stagehand, before deciding to pursue acting.She won the role of Lavender Brown in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince through an open casting call held on 1 July 2007.In June 2009, she made her West End début, playing "Thomasina" in a revival of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia at the Duke of York's Theatre.During 2012, she played the title character in a 2012 production of J. M.

Barrie's Mary Rose at the DogOrange Theatre, in London,[20] Zazzy in the final episode of season 2 of Grandma's House, aired on 24 May 2012, and the role of Elder Biddy in the 2012 film adaptation of Great Expectations, based on the novel by Charles Dickens, and directed by Mike Newell.That August, she made her debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with her show, Bookworm, which is described as "a charming hour of character comedy and loving literary silliness inspired by the obsessive Potter fans" Cave encountered while starring in the Harry Potter films.In the show, Cave stars as the bossy leader of a book club named Bookworms United, whose sidekick is played by her younger sister, Bebe.[10][21] Her 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show Sunrise was an "emotionally intelligent [and] honest" performance (including a Harry Potter fan convention-as-sex-party sketch).During 2013, Cave played a minor role as a waitress named Angela in a medieval restaurant in the second series of BBC Three's Pramface, aired on 8 January 2013.The couple's relationship inspired Cave's 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy hit I Loved Her[28] and her 2018 sell-out show Sunrise, in which she explores their break-up and co-parenting.In more recent years, Cave has continued to produce her signature cartoon drawings which use observational comedy and vulnerability. .

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