Watering :.Lavender is drought-tolerant, which means mature plants don’t need to be watered all the time like your other garden plants.Here in Maryland, we have very humid summers, so it’s important to maintain good air flow.Do not cut into the woody part of the stems, as they may not grow back. .

Your Ultimate Guide to Planting and Growing Aromatic Lavender

All thrive in full sun and well-drained soil; add organic matter to improve heavy soils, but otherwise, these lovely, fragrant perennial herbs are a cinch to plant, a breeze to grow, and as laid back to preserve as an afternoon in Provence.Lavender is easy to grow in the West’s warm, dry climates, requiring little in the way of pest control, fertilizer, and, once established, water.Its scent is soothing, which is why its essential oil is a prized ingredient in many aromatherapy products, such as lotions and candles.Pruning Tips & Plant Care Irrigate deeply but infrequently, when the soil is almost dry.Snip stems when the bottom third of their blossoms are open; not all blooms are ready to cut at the same time.Lavender is grown for numerous purposes: essential oil, crafting, culinary use; pick the best varieties for your desired use.A sweetly fragrant lavender used for perfume and sachets; also good for flavoring ice cream, jams, meat rubs, and pastries.Riemersma grows ‘Buena Vista’ lavender―with fragrant, dark blue-purple flowers ― because it’s the perfect complement to savory dishes and sweet desserts (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Mun-stead’ and ‘Hidcote’ can also flavor food).She uses it to enhance blackberry jam and shortbread cookies and as a rub (along with rosemary) for cedar-planked salmon with lavender-honey glaze.Unbranched stems rise above fragrant gray-green or silvery foliage; flowers are white, pink, lavender-blue, or various shades of purple.• ‘Grosso’ is a widely planted commercial variety in France and Italy; possibly the most fragrant lavandin of all.• ‘Provence’ may often be described as the perfume lavender, but this selection doesn’t produce the kind of oil used in perfumery (we find it’s better for cookies).If a plant becomes woody and open in the center, remove a few of the oldest branches; take out more when new growth starts.Snip stems when the bottom third of their blossoms are open; not all blooms are ready to cut at the same time. .

Growing Lavender

Thinking of growing lavender in your own homestead or home garden?In fact, most home-growers who fail to grow lavender do so because they use too much water and fertilizer.If you want to bring some color and aromatherapy to your garden, we’ll share all we know to make it a success!Preparing to Grow Lavender in a Yard or Garden.Planting Lavender.Water in the morning and evening only and allow the soil to dry before watering again.In the second year, prune the new growth early in the season to encourage flowering.Transplants usually will not flower much the year they are transplanted, so keep trimming off any flower spikes for a larger, fuller plant the following year.Drainage, water, pruning, and feeding are extremely important when growing in a container:.Drainage: Make sure the pot has really good drainage holes.It’s best if a good soilless mix for potting material is used.Water: During the summer, lavender in a container is going to need more water than lavender in the ground. .

Lavender Water Requirements

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Taking Care of Lavender Plants

Fragrant, attractive gray-green foliage, long-lasting blooms and good drought tolerance make lavender (Lavendula spp.).These shrubby herbaceous perennials are potentially cultivated across U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9 or 10.4 Monitor the lavender growing site regularly year-round and promptly pull up or otherwise remove weeds before they can go to seed or spread vegetatively.5 Cut stems on the lavender back lightly in spring when a growth flush is occurring to encourage branching and a dense appearance. .


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