If your main focus in traveling to Provence is visiting the lavender fields, then you should be aware of when the best time to see them in bloom will be.However, we advise that you check the weather and call the different tourist offices before making the choice to come so early in the summer.The lavender fields in this area are beautiful and will serve to ensure that you get some art along with your view of the flowers.Another excellent place for viewing the lavender fields is the Abbaye de Senanque near Avignon.The only downside is that the field in front of the Abbaye is completely fenced off, this means that you won’t be able to take a picture standing in the middle of the flowers, but the background with the church is so pretty that it’s actually a good thing that no one can block the scenery!You can also visit the beautiful Abbaye that is still in activity today but make sure that your knees and shoulders are covered.The road from Gordes, where the Abbaye de Senanque is located, and Roussillon, is beautiful and lined with lavender fields.This region is more than just lavender fields; it is a beautiful region all year round and hosts a variety of tourist destinations, such as the Roman monuments, Avignon with the Pope’s palace, Baux-de-Provence labeled “one of the most beautiful villages of France”, the ochre village of Roussillon.We strongly suggest visiting in mid-June to avoid the tourists; mid-August is the busiest time of year because the French come to Provence for their annual holidays.We hope that you have enough information now to know when the best time to see the lavender fields is and perhaps make a trip to this beautiful place in France whenever your heart desires. .

The Best Time to Visit the Farm – Lavender By The Bay

The Best Time to Visit ** (7/25/21 Please note, the 2021 French Lavender bloom has come to an end)***.The best time to visit is in early July when the French lavender is at its height.This lavender grows to about 2 feet tall but some varieties are even taller and they all have varying traits.The most spectacular time on our farm is when the French lavender blooms in early July.Our fields flower to become a magnificent sea of purple and make for the most gorgeous photos.We cut the lavender at this time so our fresh and dried bunches look as beautiful as possible.Towards the end of July, a lot of the lavender will have been cut back and what's remaining will have dulled in color and be past its prime.The third bloom comes in late summer/early fall when some of our English lavender comes into flower for a second time.However, to ensure our dried lavender bunches look their best, we normally start harvesting after the first week.In order to facilitate social distancing, entry to the fields will require a timed ticket.Sign up to our email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when the tickets are released.The fields are surrounded by other farms, so tranquility, peace and quiet reign.We have placed Adirondack chairs throughout our fields at East Marion and Calverton for you to sit back and breathe in the calming fragrance of lavender.We kindly ask that everyone visiting the fields wear a mask and keep 6 feet apart from people outside your group.Please note that professional and extensive photo shoots will require a reservation and a site fee.We're pet friendly, but as we have chickens who free range in our fields, we ask that you ensure your dogs are leashed at all times and that you clean up after them.In order to maintain the beauty of the fields, food and picnics are not permitted on our property.While you’re on the North Fork, don’t forget to check out all the other awesome things to do in the area! .

11 Best Lavender Fields to visit in California — A Charming Escape

Some of the lavender farms in California allow private photoshoots in the mornings and evenings while others are open to the public only during regular hours.I also suggest checking the farms’ websites or call them in advance for their high season.After July, most of the lavender is harvested and you don’t get to see the purple flowers dancing in the sun.You probably wouldn’t have much choice here as many farms are open to the public during regular hours like 10am – 5pm.However, there are some that allow private photoshoots early in the morning and late evening.Summer clothing like flowy white dresses or purple outfit matching the lavender would look great for your photoshoot.Most of the lavender fields in California require you to make reservations in advance and they sell out pretty fast!This is one of the most popular and easily accessible lavender farms located in the Sacramento valley, near Dixon, CA.With timed tickets, you get to spend 2 hours sniffing the lavender and frolicking in the fields.One of the advantages of this farm is that they allow private photo sessions in the morning and evening hours.Beautiful lavenders are planted on a rolling hill with gorgeous vineyard views all around.They limit the number of people every hour and given the vast area, it gives you plenty of time to be alone with the lavenders.I highly recommend visiting this lavender field if you live in the Bay Area or Northern California.This is a unique spot in Santa Rosa to snap beautiful photos with lavender.One of the best things about this lavender farm is that it is free and dogs are allowed on leash.Matanzas Creek Winery offers just that with a terraced lavender garden to enjoy your wine with.Even though we did not have a reservation in 2020, they were kind enough to let us enter the lavender field to spend some time and take photos.Even though the farm is not that big, it is a fun event with beautiful photo opportunities, free lessons, fun local vendors for olive oil, wine tastings and all things lavender.The good thing is that you can book a private photo shoot and special events here.Note that their lavender harvest festival that is open to the public was cancelled in 2020.If you want to plan your dream wedding among lavender fields, this is the place to bool.They also allow private photo sessions during the day and golden hours for a fraction of price compared to other farms.Clairmont lavender farm is a beautiful field located in my favorite Santa Ynez Valley.It is a great place to see lavender in the Santa Barbara area and central coast.It can get really busy as most SoCal Instagrammers and families alike flock to this place during peak season.The lavender festival was cancelled in 2020 but the farm was open to public in June and July of 2020.Tucked in Valley Center, Keys Creek is a quiet picturesque farm about an hour away from San Diego. .

How To Visit The Gorgeous Lavender Fields Provence France

They’ve been swirling around my head for some years calling me to plan an itinerary to Provence and set foot in a lavender farm in France.Standing amongst an endless vista of vibrant, purple-hued flowers blowing in the Provençal breeze.Early July is the best time to visit the lavender fields in Provence France.A few weeks later possibly the blooms in these lavender fields Provence would have been lusher but the crowds of tourists would have been thicker as well.The Valensole region, the Luberon and the Sault plateau will delight you with stunning fields, wonderful small villages, hills and plateaus.Don’t miss The Plateau de Valensole which is the superstar of lavender fields in Provence.Head east along the Route de Manosque (D6) towards Lavandes Angelvin.The distillery building, with the name Lavandes Angelvin displayed, signals that you have hit the jackpot of lavender fields in Provence.There is a parking area across from the fields The rows of lavender here stretch to the west, olive trees dot the horizon and the distant mountains round out the heavenly vista.If you have time, explore the tiny village of Valensole and head on over to Puimoisson.Dilly-dally along D6 and D8 and you will find yourself in lavender, sunflower and golden wheat heaven, spellbound by the beauty of flowering fields.In this protected valley, only a slight purple hue greeted our eyes in June.We had a good giggle at our efforts to arrive before the crowds and took great pleasure in the faint scent of the early blooms.Pulling off to the side of the road, we ran back with our cameras embracing the find!In the Luberon, meander… Lavender farms dot the area and are found between hilltop towns.Both are great cities in which to base yourself to enjoy day trips to these lavender fields of France.Lavender fields in Provence France are working farms and most do not have designated parking.Carefully pull off to the side of the road and watch out for the lavender obsessed driver ahead of you who might have slowed down to a mere crawling speed.All through Provence, the markets are full of lavender products – soaps, essential oils, honey, eau de toilette and dried flowers that you can bring home with you.Interested in joining in a Lavender Festival or an annual Fête de Lavande? .

Lavender Farm

We share our lavender fields and gardens with nature enthusiasts during business hours.NEW to Hope Hill Lavender Farm this year we planted an acre of Sunflowers for a bloom time in August.At our shop, you’ll find all of our handcrafted lavender based products, as well as items created by local artisans, all proudly made in the USA.Many of the artists that have attended our lavender festivals in the past have their crafts available for sale in our farm store, also.We concentrate on our farm store and the beautiful items we can offer our customers year round no longer holding a one day lavender festival.Photos on this website are from Hope Hill Lavender Farm but not updated daily. .

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