Lavandula angustifolia , also called True Lavender or Common Lavender has long been cultivated for its high quality lavender oil.This Lavender type is great for formal or informal edging along walkways, raised wall beds, rock gardens, herb gardens and in mass plantings.This Lavender type is great for formal or informal edging along walkways, raised wall beds, rock gardens, herb gardens and in mass plantings.Flowering typically occurs from Lavandula x intermedia , also called Lavandin, is a hybrid cross between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.Flowering typically occurs from mid to late summer . .

12 Types of Lavender + Growing Info

Growing lavender in your home or yard is a wonderful addition since the plant is known for its longevity and hardiness.If you love lavender, there are many types to choose from, making it easy to become a collector!Lavender dates back about 2,500 years and is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India.Today, lavender is seen in household and bath products like candles and skincare, and can even repel mosquitos!Shop Best Selling Flowers Light of My Life Bouquet $50 - $80 Shipped in a Gift Box The Light of My Life Bouquet blossoms with brilliant color and a sweet sophistication to create the perfect impression!Pink Lilies make the eyes dance across the unique design of this flower bouquet, surrounded by the blushing colors of orange roses, lavender cushion poms, hot pink carnations, and lush greens.Presented in a clear glass vase, this fresh flower arrangement has been created just for you to help you send your sweetest thank you, happy anniversary, or thinking of you wishes.Please Note: The bouquet pictured reflects our original design for this product.While we always try to follow the color palette, we may replace stems to deliver the freshest bouquet possible, and we may sometimes need to use a different vase.Our Beyond Blue bouquet is designed with billowing white blooms and pops of bold florals to deliver just the right sentiment for any reason.While we always try to follow the color palette, we may replace stems to deliver the freshest bouquet possible, and we may sometimes need to use a different vase.Since lavender is related to many other herbs, its leaves and flowers are edible fresh or dried.Below we’ve outlined 12 of the most recognized types of lavender that majestically cover our earth.This French lavender has very distinct bulbs and blooms white flowers that fade to pink and purple as the plant matures.This lavender gets its name from the crimson-violet flower heads that have pale pink petals on top.This variety of lavender has a very sweet fragrance and only blooms once in the middle of the summer.Known as one of the most beautiful strains of lavender, the plant blooms in mid to late spring.One of the more popular types of lavender, Hidcote blooms dark purple flowers and has contrasting blue-green foliage.When this lavender is dried, the flowers keep their color, which is great for crafts and decorations.The plant blooms in late spring or early summer depending on the climate.This lavender is popularly used in bouquets for its bunches of dark purple flowers that are quite long.The lavender blooms from mid to late summer and is highly fragrant.This lavender has light violet flowers that tower on long steps and spread beautifully.It tends to bloom mid to late summer and is a magnet for bees and butterflies.This variety can withstand cold winters as low as 15ºF and can last for years if pruned directly after flowering in the late summer.The flowers produce small pale lilac bulbs in levels along the stem.The blooms last the longest out of any type of lavender, throughout the entire summer and potentially through fall.Another major difference is that French lavender does not tolerate extreme temperatures.Most lavender requires the same type of care, including lots of sun, low watering and well-draining soil.In a larger pot, there is too much soil and the roots won’t be able to absorb the necessary water.Lean soil can be created by filling your pot first with an inch or two of limestone gravel and then topping with a basic soilless mix.Since lavender loves the sun, placing the plant near a window is essential.Water the lavender one inch deep and only when the soil is dry to the touch.In colder areas, lavender should be planted in the spring and early summer.The plant is more likely to mature fully in soils that are neutral to slightly alkaline.Squeezing lime juice over the soil to reach a pH of around 7.0 helps with this.If you have any concerns with upkeep, here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions about lavender.Lavender is a woody perennial, meaning that the plant will continue to blossom yearly, but only the stems remain through the winter.Other than looking pretty and smelling nice, lavender has quite a few benefits such as improving sleep, boosting mental health and relieving pain! .

Do Lavender Plants Spread? (How You Can Help)

The lavender plant is a very popular plant that gives off gorgeous flowers.You need to understand that this plant tends to grow very quickly as long as you provide it with appropriate amounts of care and nutrients.During spring and the flowering seasons, the plant produces fantastic blossoms and also has a warm scent that makes it an ideal addition to almost any kind of garden or landscape.There are many important things that you should know about growing lavender properly.When and Where to Plant?On top of that, the plant needs well-draining soil to grow best.The soil requirements of the lavender plant are also important to understand.Caring for Lavenders.It’s important for you to know a thing or two about properly caring for the lavender plants if you want it to grow quickly.Fertilizer is also an important requirement for the plant, though you have to make sure that you do not add too much.These are just a few things that you should know about caring for the lavender plants. .

Strawberry Lavender Fruit Spread – mthopefarmsoregon

With the addition of aromatic lavender, pair this fruit spread with hard and soft cheeses, whole grain breads, and, of course, dark chocolate.Our products are all natural, vegan, and contain a fraction of the sugar added to most conventional preserves.We believe our full-bodied artisan made fruit spreads are the closest thing to "nature in a jar.". .

20+ Best Lavender Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For Inspo

I absolutely love looking for new theme inspiration… so, just like many of my other posts, I put together a collection of the best lavender bullet journal spread ideas so you can get inspiration for your own pages!Lavender Monthly Spread.I don’t know about you, but when I see this stunning purple and pink lavender filled monthly spread I tend to feel happier, and more calm on the spot!Plus, I absolutely love the monthly spread layout!This weekly spread is absolutely perfect for that.Calming summer vibes faded purple coloring, and a weekly spread meant for optimal writing space.May Monthly Spread.Purple Weekly Spread.Purple Lavender Bujo Theme.Lavender Themed Spread.You will love this dark purple and bolded black weekly spread.Tell me what you think about this dutch door spread because I am absolutely in lavender love with it!This purple lavender spread for all of these things will display a perfect set up, and a perfect way to track all of the most important things this month!May Weekly Spread.I love the farmhouse vibe of the brown paper, the small cursive may in the center of the page, and the dainty lavender drawing on the bottom.I absolutely adore how the page has a purple hue to it, and how the lavender plants match perfectly on both sides.Monthly Spread With Trackers.Drowning in lavender spring flare and full of organized style, this is an absolute must see! .

Wave® Lavender Spreading Petunia

Characteristics : Attracts Bees, Low Maintenance, Heat Tolerant.General Information : Creates a ground-hugging carpet of colour!These plants are perfect for landscape beds, baskets, planters and window boxes. .

Williamsburg's lavender farm spreads business to online market

It’s been less than a year since Sweethaven Lavender started growing their products in Williamsburg, but the farm has already grown into a thriving online presence.And just a week into the online world, she said their business has blossomed across the country, sending products as far as Alaska and keeping fishermen in upstate New York stocked in bug spray.With the new online market, Messer said the family has had to reorganize how they run the farm and monitor all of their products.As the farm prepares for the next season, Messer said they aren’t worried about handling all of the new orders because they’ve had so much help from the community.But she said the main part will be tracking inventory and shipping it out, activities to which they have dedicated an entire room in their home. .

Honey Lavender Whipped Cream Cheese Spread

He believes in the power of linking land and food as a means of strengthening a community. .

Lavender spreads happiness... — The Healthy Knitter

In September of 2001, I went to a farmers market in Helena, Montana with my daughter Sara who was starting her 2nd year of college.It gripped my Oprah ah ha moment.I realized this sweet boy was coming with his mom every market.My new friend Suz has bought about 15 dachshund neck pillows for gifts after she received one last summer.I had a precious lady who got an eye pillow for her friend who is dying.She came by the next market just to tell me her friend has received much comfort from this and asks her to cool it for her at each visit.Three weeks later, I met my current husband and we were married in February of 2007.God has guided me through some pretty dark times including my own bout with stage 3 rectal cancer in 2010.I also work as an RN at St. Lukes Hospital in Boise 2 days every week.Debi, Long Dog Lavender, Emmett, ID.The cookies are very simple looking, just like lavender but the flavor is calming, zesty, and sophisticated.Follow the directions to make the cookies, mix in the zest of the lemon and the lavender.If you want to purchase a bag of culinary lavender you can contact Debi at [email protected] hope you are able to find some lavender during these crazy times to bring a little peace and happiness into your day. .

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