These herbaceous perennials are a joy in the garden and it's actually quite easy to learn how to grow lavender and enjoy your plant for many years to come.Gardening presenter Alan Titchmarsh advises in The Express to give English lavender (the type that blossoms in June and July) 'a light, all-over clipping as soon as the flowers are over – avoid cutting back into old wood if you possibly can.'.The mistake people often make is adding organic matter or synthetic fertilizer to the soil where they grow their lavender.'Lavenders love really excellent drainage,' Carol Klein says in an episode of Gardeners' World: 'you can hardly add too much grit' to the container soil mixture.Lavender originates in the sunny Mediterranean and needs at least six hours a day of sunlight to produce its fragrant blooms. .

Lavender won't bloom

If these are first year plants, they may not be mature enough to bloom yet.As far as the soil, lavender must have a well drained spot, but it does not require a rich soil.In any case, I would not expect any changes made this year to enable it to bloom this year. .

Lavender Varieties and Blooming Seasons

Planting one of each in your garden will reward you with heavenly fragrance and attractive flower spikes from spring until late summer.Flowering typically occurs as early as (in areas with mild summers and winters) with followed by another .Cultivars are taller than L. angustifolia, with mounds of gray foliage and long loose spikes.Flowering typically occurs in July or August (generally 1 month later than the angustifolias) and tends to last until late summer.


Don't prune lavender in winter or it will die

However, lavender should not be pruned during the winter.Unlike many perennial plants and shrubs that can be pruned now, it is best to wait to prune lavender until after bloom in spring or in early fall before any danger of frost.If you prune right after bloom you may get a second bloom later in the season and the lavender should be pruned again after the second bloom.If your lavender bush is looking ragged, it may not have been pruned for a few years.Try to cut as close to the woody stems as possible, to stimulate new growth, but not into them, as that may kill the bush.Plant a garden for the birds. .

How and When to Prune Lavender

How and when to prune lavender varies depending on the type of lavender you’re growing. .


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