Lemon verbena responds to pruning by producing new leaves at the whorl immediately below the cut rather than along the entire stem.Ideal growing conditions include loose soil rich in organic matter and plenty of room for the shrub's spreading roots.Unlike many herbs, lemon verbena likes to be fed regularly, so plan to fertilize at least once a month during growing season.If you choose this option, take care that the plant's roots do not find their way into the garden soil, creating problems when the pot is moved. .

How to Grow Lemon Verbena

How to Plant Lemon Verbena.When to Plant.A site with full sun, rich and well-drained soil, and regular moisture will quickly grow for the harvest.Plants that grow indoors as houseplants may need supplemental artificial lighting to prevent lanky growth and leaf drop.Soil.Plants kept indoors for the winter months can be watered once a week, but may be kept on the dry side.Lemon Verbena vs.You can distinguish lemon balm from lemon verbena by its rounded, wrinkled leaves on low-growing plants.Harvest leaves once the plant reaches at least 10 inches tall and has multiple leaves on each stem.When lemon verbena flowers, the leaves are at their most flavorful.How to Grow Lemon Verbena in Pots.Keep the container in full sun, water daily, offer a general fertilizer every few months, and if the pot lives outdoors, overwinter indoors once the temperatures drop.If it is dry, add a light watering to moisten the top.Lightly mist the cutting and the leaves if they feel dry.Transplant the plant into a 4-inch container placed in the sun until it's time to plant cuttings in their permanent outdoor site in the spring.Lemon verbena growing outdoors in full sun and rich soil is rarely plagued by pests.When brought indoors to overwinter, spider mites and whiteflies seem to be drawn to the plants as they struggle to acclimate to weaker light and less humidity.Lemon verbena grows fast when you plant it in the spring, and the leaves continue to grow if they are harvested in the summer.Can you grow lemon verbena indoors?Lemon verbena grows large, so it can be a challenge to grow indoors, and it's not the best addition to a windowsill garden.But if you have the space for a pot well over 12 inches in diameter, a spot with plenty of sun, and you're willing to regularly prune the plant to keep its size in check, you can definitely try growing it indoors. .

How to Prune Lemon Verbena

Delicious, relaxing flavored tea can easily be brewed from its sweet, aromatic, lemony leaves.Cut main limbs and stems back to about 12 to 14 inches above ground level to encourage a neat, compact habit.Delicious, relaxing flavored tea can easily be brewed from its sweet, aromatic, lemony leaves.Trim back any stems that you feel give the lemon verbena a shaggy appearance.Trim back any stems that you feel give the lemon verbena a shaggy appearance. .

Lemon Verbena

The flavor breaks down at high temperatures, so it is best used fresh or added to a recipe at the end of its preparation.Try chilling lemon verbena tea with mint and serve with fresh leaves of both herbs on a summer day.The plant’s oils will be richest in the leaves in the morning, after morning dew evaporates, and right before the plant flowers.Plant in full sun for maximum oil production. .

Growing Lemon Verbena Plants

Space lemon verbena plants 12 to 18 inches apart in an area with full sun and fertile soil with excellent drainage; container growing is a great option.Check soil moisture regularly and water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.A larger pot also insulates roots somewhat against soil temperature changes.If plants root into surrounding garden soil, when you remove the container in the fall, severing the roots will likely trigger leaf drop.In early spring and throughout the growing season, fertilize lemon verbena with Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® Edibles Plant Nutrition.Most likely, the move from outside to inside will cause the plant to drop all its leaves. .

Lemon Verbena – A Powerhouse in My Garden

Lemon Verbena.That is Lemon Verbena in this photo below.But if you ever see this plant at the nursery…buy it and buy it fast.First, lemon verbena has a sweet lemon fragrance that has been used in perfumery for centuries.Cut a fresh bouquet and it will fill the room with a clean, sweet fragrance.Or better yet, fill an entire pitcher with ice water and drop in a few sprigs of fresh picked lemon verbena.It adds a lemon flavor to water without any bitterness.It has long, light green leaves that grow in whorls of three or four along its stem.When you prune a deciduous lemon verbena plant, there is a simple way to see if a branch is alive. .

How To Prune, Trim or Cut Back Verbena Plants

This article provides helpful tips for pruning flowering verbena plants (not the herb-type verbena).Whether annual (tender) or perennial, verbena plants do not have to be pruned but can benefit from periodic and seasonal trimming.Annual verbena can be deadheaded or trimmed periodically throughout the year to encourage fresh new growth and flowers. .


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