Planning to cook Asian cuisine and can’t find lemongrass in your pantry?Don’t worry; you have come to the right place as today we’re going to learn some great lemongrass substitutes that you can use for a meal full of tangy lemony flavor.Known to be a common tropical island plant, it is a popular ingredient used for cooking foods in South Asian countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.As the name suggests, it is used to create a subtle citrus flavor that perfectly complements ethnic foods like Thai recipes.Its light and aromatic citrus flavor complement perfectly in various dishes, including beef, seafood, poultry, and vegetables.It consists of potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, and phosphorus.Preparing authentic South Asian dish but running out of lemongrass?Yes, you can easily find it in your pantry, refrigerator, or at your nearest local grocery store.Lemon zest is a great and easy substitute that you probably have sitting around in your kitchen!All you need to do is grate some fresh lemon zest to recreate the tangy citrus flavor.However, you must use it carefully as the dried alternative comes with a higher concentration of citrus and herbal flavor.Kaffir lime leaves can be used as a substitute as they produce a citrus flavor like lemongrass.If you want to enhance your curry or soup’s citrus flavor, consider combining the kaffir leaves with lemon juice and lime zest.For one stalk of lemongrass, take four lemon balm leaves to get a subtle citrus flavor.You can easily find lemon balm in the herb section of any supermarket or local store.Apart from using it as a substitute for lemongrass, lemon balm is known to have great health benefits like getting rid of cramps, digestive problems, and headaches.For one stalk of lemongrass, take four lemon balm leaves to get a subtle citrus flavor.Adding a plain, freshly squeezed lemon juice can also be a great alternative to using lemongrass.Be careful with the quantity, as too much lemon juice will dominate other flavors by making your food overly acidic.Kreung is available in squeezable tubes or jars, making it suitable and handy for frequent use and safe storage.The combination of fresh coriander and ginger will provide a flavor that is close to lemongrass. .

Lemongrass Substitutes & Alternative Replacement

Lemongrass has become quite a popular flavor note in lots of dishes, especially in Thai or Vietnamese cuisine.While it does carry a signature lemony fragrance, the distinct herb can add a dazzling depth of flavor to any dish.The best lemongrass substitutes are Lemon Verbena, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Cilantro and Ginger.It carries an intense amount of oil in its leaves, but the citrus flavors are not bitter like its cousins across the world which makes it an excellent lemongrass replacement.If you’re shopping for this one, you can recognize fresh versions of this plant by long leaves that end in points accompanied by a rough texture.While still citrusy, this lemongrass substitute has much less lemon per inch, so make sure to augment with the zest we mentioned earlier.When substituting with lemon verbena, use two leaves per stalk of lemongrass, and make sure to remove them before you serve your meal.The Kaffir lime tree is a thorny, small bush with distinct foliage.To make that simpler, consider tying them with twine and lowering them in to cook or using cheesecloth, so it’s easier to fish them out.Coriander (or Cilantro since we’re talking about the stalks here) is another popular herb, and the significant part about it is that you can use the entire plant.One interesting fact is that some people carry a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap.Ginger itself can be used with most of the herbs on this list, along with the lemon zest, to balance out a great flavor palette.Grab the full cilantro plant at your local market along with the fresh ginger root.Here is a quick tip on selecting these herbs at the market: consider smelling them (especially the ginger) to make sure they have a distinct, sharp scent.Due to its attractive look and pleasant smell, you might want to grow lemon balm in your kitchen window and always have a fresh addition to your salads, soups, and teas.As such, make sure to add three lemon balm leaves for every stalk of lemongrass your recipe calls for.This yellow fruit’s juice has a high acidity (around 5%), giving it the wonderfully sour taste we all know and love.While it has been around for centuries, historians are unsure whether it was a natural growth or if it’s the hybrid fruit between a citron and a bitter orange.We recommend using the zest to prevent the lemon flavors from overpowering the rest of the dish.Set aside bowls or cups with cooked portions of your broth and add tiny amounts of each herb to test which ones taste the most delicious with your personal palette. .

If You are Unable to Find Lemongrass, Try These Substitutes

It is actually a kind of aromatic grass that has a sharp and intense lemony and herbal flavor.Lemongrass is used as a flavoring agent in many Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese dishes.If you want to cook oriental dishes, then fresh lemongrass is an important herb that you should stock in your refrigerator.If you are preparing a classic Thai or Vietnamese dish which calls for lemongrass and you don’t have it, then there are some viable substitutes that you can use instead.Dried lemongrass has a more pronounced herbal and citrusy flavor, so you need to be careful with the quantity you add to your dish.Make sure that you tear the Kaffir lime leaves before adding it to the soup.Lemon balm has a delicate citrus fragrance and flavor, so it should be added towards the end of the cooking process.Since lemon verbena has quite an intense flavor and fragrance, use only a small amount as substitute in your dishes.For using lemon verbena, tear or chop the leaves and add to your dish.It might be a good idea to grow a lemongrass plant in a small pot in your home. .

Here's What You Can Substitute For Lemongrass

Another possible substitute is to use coriander (also known as cilantro) and fresh ginger (via Tastessence).If you don't have lemongrass, there is a possibility you don't have ginger, coriander, or arugula.However, lime zest is best in recipes that only require a hint of lemongrass. .

Best 11 Lemongrass Substitutes

However, if for some reason you can’t find any lemongrass or you’ve just run out, there are some herbs, fruit and vegetables that you can use to give your dish the same kick.Some notes of herbs (that’s why you’ll find some great combinations of both fruit and herbs below) and some earthy, woody notes to give you the depth of lemongrass.Lemon Zest, Kaffir lime leaves, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Preserve, Coriander and Ginger or Arugula are some of the most suitable alternatives.While fresh lemongrass has a bright, fresh, and complex flavor, it also has a rather woody aroma.But any dish left to simmer for a while will produce almost the same aroma with dried lemongrass: though it can create a very strong flavor so make sure not to overpower your dish.1 stalk of lemongrass = 1 teaspoon of dry lemongrass.Lemon Zest.Lemon zest is a great replacement for lemongrass.1 stalk of Lemongrass = the zest from ½ Lemon Best used for: any recipe that has lemongrass in the ingredients.Preserved lemon offers your food a citrusy taste and some of that tang that lemongrass provides too.In order to give your dish the lemongrass flavor you want, make sure to add lemon balm at the end of the cooking process.This way it keeps its flavor.1 stalk of lemongrass = 4 lemon balm leaves Best used for: anything with lemongrass and especially anything sweet, any dessert.Lemon verbena is intense and can overpower your dish, so make sure to use it carefully.The great thing about Kaffir lime leaves is that they are quite similar to the citrusy, tangy flavor of lemongrass.Also, make sure to remove the leaves after cooking.Kreung, aka Lemongrass Paste.Let’s say you don’t have lemongrass around the house but somehow you’ve got some yuzu in your kitchen.Yuzu, used in both sweet and savory Asian dishes makes a good alternative to lemongrass.1 stalk of lemongrass = 2 yuzu fruit Best used for: any fish recipe, anything with sauces and liquids, such as curries.And while its aroma is distinctive, as a cook, you’ll enjoy mixing ingredients and flavors to replicate lemongrass.Arugula Mixed with Lemon Zest: The Best Lemongrass Substitute.While Arugula gives the dish a peppery, tangy taste, lemon zest provides the kick and the freshness that comes with citrus.1 stalk of lemongrass = 1 arugula leaf + 1 teaspoon of lemon zest Best used for: stews, broths, soups, curries, anything with liquid, especially good in fish dishes.The herby flavor, freshness and the floral, perfumed aroma of coriander plus the spicy, zingy, intense, and peppery taste of ginger go together well to create a substitute for lemongrass.Also, it’s best to add fresh lemon Juice and zest to keep the flavors intense. .

The Best Simple Lemongrass Substitutes

It can be eaten raw or cooked and adds a unique aromatic lemony fragrance to dishes.While the fragrance isn’t as intense and complex, lemon zest is the closest common ingredient to lemongrass.As with lemon zest, lime won’t be as intense but it will give some fragrance to your dish, so a better choice than just leaving the lemongrass out.If you don’t have access to lemongrass, you probably won’t happen to have a Makrut (kaffir) lime tree in your back yard.But if you have some of these gorgeous leaves, they can be finely chopped into ribbons using scissors and then used wherever your recipe calls for lemongrass.Another option is to skip the lemongrass in your finished dish but serve with fresh herbs like basil, mint or coriander (cilantro).This is a bit left-field, but the Moroccan preserved lemons do have a fragrance that is vaguely similar to lemongrass.Trim the bottom cm (1/2in) of each stalk to remove the tough bulby bit.But if you are just adding the round into your curry or other dish, make sure you slice it very finely as it can be unpleasant to have coarse bits of lemongrass in your meal.The other option is to cut the trimmed stalks into cylinders about 10cm (4in) long and them bash them with a mallet or the handle of your knife. .

Lemongrass Substitutes

Keep reading to find out more about which one of these lemongrass substitutes are the best for you.lemongrass substitutes.Therefore, the lemongrass substitutes must have notes of citrus flavour as well.Lemongrass is also made into a paste and also makes up various Thai curry pastes.8 Lemongrass Substitutes lemons Lemon is one of the best lemongrass substitutes.Make sure you have lemons at home when cooking a lemongrass recipe.Continue Reading lemon zest Lemon zest is the closest lemongrass substitute in terms of texture and flavour.If you haven’t got fresh lemongrass stalks or lemongrass powder, use the juice of a lemon to flavour your green thai chicken curry.There is nothing better than a silky Thai curry.substitute lemongrass paste for stalk If you are lacking fresh lemongrass stalks, you can always use lemongrass paste.Bart Infusions Lemongrass Paste – here Continue Reading substitute with lime Similarly to lemon, you can use lime zest or lime juice as a substitute for lemongrass.Continue Reading substitute with japanese yuzu One of the rare lemongrass substitutes is Japanese yuzu, which is also called citrus junos.You can also use the juice of a yuzu for a more specific and distinct flavour.Continue Reading kaffir lime leaves substitute In comparison to the yuzu leaves, kaffir lime leaves are a more suitable lemongrass substitute. .

What's A Good Lemongrass Substitute?

This is your best bet as a lemongrass substitute mainly because lemons are relatively easy to find.You can also use lemon zest along with something else that can replicate lemongrass’s herbal notes.Kreung is a type of lemongrass paste from Cambodia that you can use as an alternative to lemongrass in many dishes.You can also find regular lemongrass paste in many grocery stores.When using this substitute for lemongrass, make sure to tear the leaves to remove the midrib before adding them to your dish. .

Dried vs. Fresh Lemongrass

That said, we still found the dried lemon grass to be an acceptable substitute for fresh in the paste and the soup, both of which also had a lot of other flavors contributing to the mix. .


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