I am happy to write a review for my last shopping here.I hope to express some information from the review to other people.When I have questions, can I contact the customer service staff of the website mintvacay.com in time?I don't want to report the loss to the credit card bank. .

9 of the best swimsuit brands to shop for in 2021

Every time the weather gets a bit warmer, women across the country ask themselves one question: "Where can I find a decent swimsuit?".Thanks to the glory of the internet, there are plenty of options that don't require an awkward dressing room moment and offer more inclusive sizing.Available in over 40 colors and patterns, it currently has over 4,000 verified five-star reviews thanks to its tummy control mesh paneling and modern cross-over design.This rashguard style is a full coverage option designed with UV-protective material to keep you safe from the sun while sporting a trendy look.From bright one-pieces to bikini tops in pretty prints with flutter sleeves, you'll have a hard time choosing between all of Eloquii's plus size swim options.This gorgeous one-piece is designed to flatter all shapes and sizes, so don't be surprised if you feel like a million bucks when you wear it.The halter design shows the right amount of skin and the wrap belt accentuates an hourglass shape.This feel-good suit includes fluttery cap sleeves and a deep V-neckline, and it's made with 100% recycled materials.From high-waist bikini bottoms to sweetheart tops, this brand's swimwear comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and sizes, so you're sure to find a suit that works for you.Its pink and orange print resembles a tropical sky during sunset, while its tummy control technology will make you feel comfortable and confident all around.This La Blanca swimsuit is trendy and versatile: You can dress it up with a colorful coverup or wear it while you enjoy your favorite watersports.With supportive underwire and ruching along the silhouette, you'll feel good enough to rock this frock all season long.For something a bit more retro-inspired, this cute cutout swimsuit checks all the boxes: a bold color, flattering fit and it shows off some skin.Offering flattering silhouettes and a wide range of sizes and styles at affordable prices, Tempt Me is an underrated pick when it comes to the swimsuit market.To discover more deals, shopping tips and budget-friendly product recommendations, download the new TODAY app and subscribe to our Stuff We Love newsletter! .

Mint and Floral Scalloped Bikini

Generally, it’s just below your last rib and a couple of inches above your navel. .

Next Vacay Review: Is It Worth It?

Our Next Vacay review will take you through the process of signing up with a platform that allows you to receive notifications of deeply discounted airfares.This is the biggest difference between alert platforms, such as Next Vacay, and third-party booking sites, like Expedia or Travelocity.So, avoid waiting for that elusive flight deal, take a different tack, and in the words of Paul McCartney; “Let it be“.Before we get started, no matter which site you use, which flight you take, what destination you choose, etc., we always recommend protecting yourself and your vacay; get insured.For my Next Vacay Review, I signed up for a 30-day free trial, where I gave my credit card number and my email address.It also told me that people who live close to medium to large airports see more deals.This makes sense because the larger your local airport, the more traffic it sees from a wider variety of carriers.In other Next Vacay reviews, users have reported some disappointment in not seeing many alerts for airports convenient to them.The day after I signed up, I received another email with some useful FAQs that went into more detail about what kinds of deals to expect.Turns out, Next Vacay was founded and is still operated by a couple who, along with some staff, personally chase after discounted airfares.You may not be touched as I was by this story because you’re a Rockefeller, or president of the Jeff Bezos fan club, or something like that.Next Vacay is a relatively small company that helps travelers all over the world save money on airfares, I like ’em, sue me!Now for the hard math; I signed up on a Wednesday and began to see the alerts on the following Monday.There, I put together a flight from Baltimore to Minneapolis for $191 round-trip on Delta Airlines that would have departed in six weeks.To book my flight, I would be taken directly to the Delta Airlines website for reservation and payment.Sure enough, United Airlines was offering a round-trip fare to Fort Lauderdale for the very $125ish cost of $128 on their express jet (Republic Airways), nonstop.Their money comes from the membership fees and because they aren’t a travel agency, it makes no difference whether you book one of their suggested flights or not.With the deadline for my review of Next Vacay looming and my editor giving me the virtual hairy eyeball, we can assume I’ll get more alerts.Let’s talk more about the pros and cons from my personal experience and notes I’ve made from other Next Vacay reviews.Create another alert for yourself to cancel on time to keep from getting charged if you decide not to continue with the membership.Wait a few days (or almost a week in this li’l traveler’s case) and start to see flight alerts in your email box.The welcome emails are friendly and informative, and yeah, I admit it, the company’s origin story made me all gooey.Meaning that you won’t get bombarded with flight alerts from your closest major airport to Flapjack, PA, departing the next morning.This way, you’re getting notified of good deals in a more tailored service, rather than just ALL the cheap flights to Tumbleweed City in the great state of Flyovia.Another nice feature is that customer service is available only by email or live chat with Next Vacay staff through the website and their social media.There does not appear to be a telephone number for live help (at least I couldn’t find one after 30 minutes of trawling their site), but the website pledges that email support is available 24/7 and they aim to answer all inquiries within 12 hours.Because my alerts were not from my closest airport, I had to do a bit of fine-tuning on Google Flights to get the most valuable deal for me; a minor inconvenience.Full membership costs $49 per year, but you get faster alerts by email and text (SMS).These features make Scott’s Cheap Flights good for travelers who like to check out different options from several airports at-a-glance.Dollar Flight Club deals aren’t handpicked like with Scott’s or even Next Vacay.They also offer a handy app and a free-forever plan with the ability to upgrade for more personalization and premium class deals.The features available in their premium memberships make Dollar Flight Club good for travelers who prefer to fly in business or first class.The platform also shares tips for paying for these flights using credit card points and rewards.Thrifty Traveler is good for fliers who like to have some insight on points and rewards along with legitimate airfare deals.The cost of a premium isn’t crazy expensive, but it’s no Next Vacay; membership is $49.99 a year or $7.99 a month, although there are deals for anyone banking with Chase.You do have to put in a credit card to start your free trial, but if you cancel within 30-days, you won’t be charged.Frankly, credit card companies are so on top of fraud these days, (despite its rampancy), that even if you run into a problem, filing a claim will see you reimbursed.Additionally, any flights you book are between you and the airline, with no third party poking their noses into your biz. .

Personal Capital vs. Mint: Which is Best for You?

If you’ve lurked around financial blogs for the past few years, you already know that Mint and Personal Capital are giants in the online money-management game.And, there’s no question that we all can benefit from tools to help us save more, spend less, and manage our finances for now and into the future.This platform offers free services such as investment checkups, a 401(k) fee analyzer, and retirement planning.Knowing the value of what you own (minus what you owe) paints a broad but very important picture of your financial health.Cash Flow Tool – This is where Personal Capital can help you manage your monthly finances.A cool aspect of this is it will even calculate how much longer you’ll need to work before retiring, based on the level of fees you’re currently paying.Hey, seeing an extra two years of work ahead of you just might make it worthwhile to seek out lower-fee managers for your accounts!Personal Capital shines in this area, providing in-depth analysis of your current investment portfolio along with suggestions and recommendations for improvement.Yes, they also offer fee-based wealth management services, but for the impressive tools mentioned above, it’s completely free.If you have significant levels of investments to handle, Personal Capital’s fee-based wealth management services are competitively priced.Similar to Personal Capital, Mint’s suite of financial tools enables customers to manage their money better, take care of bills, monitor their credit scores, and more.Budgeting – Mint sorts your transactions in real time, categorizing each expense so you can see where you’re spending your money.Alerts for due dates of upcoming bills and payment scheduling are two great aspects of this tool.When you compare Personal Capital vs. Mint, they both offer fantastic benefits at no cost to the user.When you compare Personal Capital vs.

Mint, they both offer fantastic benefits at no cost to the user.– Both Personal Capital and Mint have a mobile app that makes it super simple for anyone to organize their finances no matter where they go.Both platforms enable users to see a fairly complete financial picture because they gather so many types of information.Both platforms enable users to see a fairly complete financial picture because they gather so many types of information.The program also factors all of your holdings (including 401(k)s, which they don’t manage) into their calculations and recommendations, thus creating a more holistic picture of your finances.They’ll offer recommendations tailored to your specific situation, based on past success of investments and your listed goals.Personal Capital skillfully analyzes all of your investments and offers recommendations to help you reach optimum growth potential.Keeping an eye on your net worth doesn’t just help ensure that you’re moving in the right direction; it also feeds your motivation to stay on track with your financial goals!An ideal partner for the budgeting tool, you’ll find their bill management services exceptional.Tracking all of your bills on one platform enables you to organize each of your accounts and even set up alerts for when payments are due.That’s a pretty powerful tool, considering how many late fees and interest charges you could avoid by simplifying your process for payments.If so, then Personal Capital is a powerful tool for building your wealth even further and ensuring your money is kept safe yet growing.Getting out of debt and on the road to greater financial freedom can happen if you hone your budget well with Mint.Instead of considering Personal Capital as an alternative to Mint, it’s a great idea to use them both – leaning on each of them for their signature strengths.Look to Personal Capital to help you manage a robust investment portfolio and continue planning for a secure future. .

17 Black-Owned Swimwear Brands To Shop Before Summer Hits

Given the current COVID situation, I’m beginning to accept that my behind will never see the beaches of Punta Cana or Mykonos, but I can at least imagine I'm planning a luxe vacay by browsing for some cute swimwear. .

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