Their site does not provide further details on banking partners, although Hyperledger and IBM Digital Asset Labs are named in the announcement as supporters.He filed for bankruptcy in 2013 but has since founded the VideoCoin Network — a decentralized video media platform that has partnered with Public Mint.The platform appears to have already garnered support from major players in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) sector, with Hyperledger’s executive director Brian Behlendorf expressing his excitement “to see Public Mint tackle the challenges of programmable currency and frictionless transfer of funds.”. .

Public Mint Launches Blockchain with 200 Banks' Support

Hyperledger and IBM Digital Asset Labs are also supporting the new blockchain project.“By building its solution atop Hyperledger Besu, Public Mint is playing a valuable role in advancing the development and deployment of the newest Hyperledger DLT.”. .

Plutos Network Launches Next-Generation DEX on Public Mint

Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, FDIC-insured institutions.NovelSwap is already live at Public Mint testnet now, and we have a small group of beta testers that are stress-testing the DAppswap and providing valuable feedback to our developer team.NovelSwap will leverage Public Mint’s low-cost and fixed gas fees, currently only at $0.30 for buying, and $0.53 for selling tokens.Sellers are charged 0.5% on the transaction, while buyers pay zero fees - which ensures a much fairer price action for the launch of new projects by up-and-coming startups.Swaps take only four seconds on average on NovelSwap, due to Public Mint’s fast blockchain confirmation time and instant finality.And after selling tokens, users can withdraw fiat directly from their wallets to their bank accounts; there is no need to go through another exchange.Once Public Mint adds Euros and other fiat currencies to their blockchain, we will also consider launching EUR/MINT and other trading pairs. .

Public Mint poised to marry dollars to DeFi

“We’re the opposite of Tether,” said Paulo Rodrigues, Lisbon, Portugal-based CEO and COO, referring to the stablecoin that the U.S. Department of Justice has found does not always maintain the dollar reserves it claims.It launched in 2020 with a payments app that provides instant cross-border settlement using Ethereum blockchain, developed under the Hyperledger Besu open-source program for enterprises.It envisages banks serving as custodians while Public Mint creates a technology layer on top that can support a variety of services.However, Public Mint pools users’ deposits across hundreds of bank accounts in the U.S.

which are government-insured, a mechanism it hopes will protect customers from hard losses.All of these will operate as blockchain financial services, but built around the U.S. dollar-based core system for settlements and payments, and which therefore is structured to carry out know-your-customer, anti-money laundering, and other compliance functions.It also creates a touchpoint where “normies” looking for better returns for their dollars intersect with crypto players who crave access to that liquidity to continue running DeFi operations.Public Mint’s marketing must mention the risks involved with Earn, but its overall thrust is aimed at mainstream users who are not aware or interested in crypto.This approach puts Public Mint in competition with other corporate-backed projects, such as Diem, the anticipated stablecoin and related services backed by Facebook. .

Breakthrough System Enables Entirely New Kinds of Applications

The monetary system of banks today suffers from significant cost, time delay, lack of accessibility and no easy ability to program the movement of money.After two years of development, Public Mint combines the best of the blockchain with secure, insured and regulated custodians of fiat funds.The system allows for the creation of entirely new kinds of applications incorporating money while simultaneously simplifying the movement of funds among all necessary parties.Public Mint lets any company accept dollars via credit cards, ACH, wire transfer and soon other currencies, with or without bank accounts.This allows anyone to build sophisticated applications incorporating the movement of funds that can span all the way from the largest corporations to people without bank accounts, exchanging money within the same frictionless system.Public Mint is the first company to help both businesses innovate while providing increased access to money systems for anyone with a smartphone all on a single common platform.Building a powerful money system while also making it equitable in access is a very difficult set of attributes to integrate into a single platform.Public Mint connects all of the stakeholders, large and small, government and corporate, financial and individual in service to create a better, smarter way for money to move.In close cooperation with Banks and Trust companies and compliant to regional and global regulations, Public Mint is addressing that initial promise so that all enterprises, from traditional well-established companies to new and innovative DeFI startups can pave the way for the rise of Digital Assets, by employing blockchain technology as a foundation and applying the benefits of programmability, real-time settlement and finality to business processes worldwide.". .

First DApp built by independent partner Plutos Network launches on

First DApp built by independent partner Plutos Network launches on Public Mint.NovelSwap is a next-gen decentralized exchange by Plutos Network , currently running on the Public Mint testnet and soon to be live on the mainnet, initially offering MINT/USD trading pair.We are excited to announce that the first DApp built by an independent developer is launching on the Public Mint blockchain, offering trading directly between MINT tokens and USD.Plutos Network recognizes the obvious potential of offering fiat-based trading pairs and the launch of NovelSwap immediately offers a way of trading MINT tokens for native USD.Any project that launches on Public Mint will now be able to use NovelSwap for trading.“We are thrilled to have the first independently-built project on our network — especially by such a reputable group like Plutos Network.WARNING: If you’re not familiar with testing, Metamask, or how to operate on a testing environment, DO NOT try and use the NovelSwap DEX.NovelSwap is the first DEX currently operating on the Public Mint blockchain. .


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