Researchers for one of the studies wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the findings raised questions about “whether regulations or sales suspensions that exempt mint flavors are optimal strategies” for preventing young people from vaping.“These results are unacceptable and that is why we must reset the vapor category in the U.S. and earn the trust of society by working cooperatively with regulators, Attorneys General, public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat underage use,” Juul CEO KC Crosthwaite said in the statement. .

Discontinued Mint, Mango Juul Pods Were Magic for Quitting

Juul is in trouble—losing money, shedding hundreds of employees, besieged by lawsuits and possibly about to be regulated out of existence by the Trump Administration—because the San Francisco-based company’s product offerings, particularly mint and mango-flavored nicotine-juice pods, are very popular with teenagers.But adult smokers also prefer minty and fruity vapor to blowing tobacco-flavored clouds, according to recently published research—and with attractive flavors, they also stand a much better chance of quitting cigarettes.“The impact of suspending retail sales of flavored Juul pods on adult smokers’ likelihood of quitting should be closely assessed.”.According to the study’s disclosure, the Centre for Substance Abuse Research accepted money from Juul Labs.“Industry-funded articles tend to support the industry position,” Stanton Glantz, a longtime tobacco-industry researcher (and e-cigarette skeptic) at the University of California, San Francisco, told Observer via telephone on Tuesday.“That’s the trouble with Juul,” as Dr. Nancy Rigotti, a physician and tobacco treatment specialist at Harvard Medical School, told the Associated Press earlier this year.“It’s probably the worst for kids, but it might be the best for adult smokers.” In the United States, it’s all about the kids, and if Juul products are yanked from the market entirely, as former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested on Monday, there are at least some adult smokers doomed to continue their Marlboro habit.


Teens Find a Big Loophole in the New Flavored Vaping Ban

Meredith Berkman and Dorian Fuhrman, two of the co-founders of Parents Against Vaping, recently met with Mr. Zeller and some of his staff to discuss their concerns.


Juul mint pods: Juul stops sales of mint flavor amid vaping crisis

Juul said Thursday it will stop accepting retail and online orders for mint pods in the U.S. after absorbing the recent results of multiple studies, including the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey.“These results are unacceptable and that is why we must reset the vapor category in the U.S. and earn the trust of society by working cooperatively with regulators, Attorneys General, public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat underage use," Juul CEO K.C.Juul pledged to abide by the Food and Drug Administration's forthcoming decision on vaping flavors.Juul said last month that it still believed flavored e-cigarettes could play a critical role in "helping adult smokers move away from combustible cigarettes," which cause cancer.


The FDA just banned mint Juul pods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued new guidelines meant to curb the youth vaping epidemic that, among other actions, will officially halt the sale of mint Juul pods."[Health and Human Services] is taking a comprehensive, aggressive approach to enforcing the law passed by Congress, under which no e-cigarettes are currently on the market legally," HHS secretary Alex Azar said in the FDA statement."I’m deeply disturbed that industry lobbyists were able to get President Trump to gut the ban on flavors that the FDA was belatedly planning," wrote Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley in a statement.


E-Cigarette Flavor Bans and Juul's Decision to Pull Mint Pods Won't

Juul and the entire vaping industry have been under increasing pressure due to the recent series of vaping-related illnesses and deaths in the United States.It is unsurprising that a majority of vaping-related lung injuries have been due to people in places where marijuana is illegal seeking out black market THC cartridges.A study published in the Harm Reduction Journal concludes that “restricting access to non-tobacco e-cigarette flavors may discourage smokers from attempting to switch to e-cigarettes.”.This recent decision by Juul, catalyzed by misguided political pressure from misinformed politicians and public health officials, is ill-conceived and potentially dangerous.Ending the sale of mint Juul pods will likely have a minuscule effect on reducing teen use and may very well only exacerbate lung injuries by pushing users to purchase more dangerous, unverified substances on the black market. .

Sales of minty vape products surged after Juul stopped selling fruity

(CNN) Facing pressure from regulators over an epidemic of youth vaping, e-cigarette giant Juul announced in late 2018 that it would stop selling certain flavors in US stores, including "fruit" and "mango.". .


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