We had an issue with a wart and I had heard about this trick from many of my natural living friends as well as from my essential oils encyclopedia.All I did was apply oregano oil with a q-tip to the bottom of my toddler’s foot (where the wart was) for a few days.My friends had tried and recommended Oregano oil for treating warts and appreciated this approach instead of the many other methods…freezing, meds, etc.I only applied 1 drop 3 times = a very cheap solution in the end compared to many other options!I applied the oil when he was in bed as it was on the bottom of his foot and I didn’t want him “walking” it off. .

Best Essential Oils For Warts

The Best Essential Oils For Warts: Tea Tree, Frankincense & More.A common wart is a typically benign growth on the skin.They can grow in different parts of the body, like the hands, feet, and genitals.Genital warts are considered a sexually-transmitted infection caused by the same human papilloma virus.Wart removal options include over-the-counter and prescription medications, freezing agents, salicylic acid peels, and even duct tape.For more advanced options at your dermatologist or doctor’s office, you can opt for laser treatment or minor surgery.If you’re interested in home remedies and natural ways to treat warts then essential oils might just be an effective option for you.These oils are potent – just a few drops is all you need to benefit from their medicinal and healing properties.Many EOs also possess antiviral properties that make them particularly useful for at-home wart treatments.Australian tea tree essential oil has been used for centuries by the Aboriginal people for multiple healing purposes.As an antiviral, low concentrations of tea tree oil have been shown to inhibit herpes simplex virus (HSV) in cultured cells.Oregano essential oil is a pain-reliever, antiviral, a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory.Shop Amrita Oregano Essential Oil MC Score 95% Therapeutic grade?Lemon oil is an antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle spasms (antispasmodic), and aids digestion.Shop Aromafloria Lemon Essential Oil MC Score 93% Therapeutic grade?If you’re using cold-pressed lemon oil, avoid sunlight exposure 12 hours after use.Lavender oil is a pain-reliever, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory.Clove bud essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum).Highly anti-inflammatory because it boasts the highest antioxidant score among herbs and spices.Shop Amrita Clove Essential Oil MC Score 95% Therapeutic grade?This heating oil is a pain-reliever, anesthetic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.Shop Amrita Cinnamon Essential Oil MC Score 95% Therapeutic grade?This oil is a powerful antiseptic and antiviral that has shown to be effective against the Herpes Simplex virus.When used mindfully and with care, EOs offer little to no side effects.Many oils aren’t safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas, or babies, and young children.Only use 100% pure essential oil that is undiluted and certified organic for maximum results.This ensures the highest healing benefits and potency and can also protect you against potentially harmful chemicals and solvents.Stick with a ratio of 1 drop of EO per teaspoon of carrier oil.Use this essential oil blend as an at-home wart treatment and be patient – natural wart remedies can take weeks to be effective so be sure to apply this solution at least twice a day, every day.Mix all items together and soak a sterile cotton ball into the solution.If you experience any sort of adverse reaction stop immediately and discontinue.There is currently no research to indicate that any supplement or essential oil can provide protection against coronavirus COVID-19.No lifestyle or diet change will prevent this disease except for social distancing and stringent personal hygiene habits. .

All About Cypress Oil: Science, Benefits, Risks & How to Use It

Cypress oil has many health benefits, as it has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties.Cypress oil contains camphene, a molecule which is often found in herbal cough suppressants.Hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins around the rectum and anus, can be treated with certain essential oils.Cypress oil is a common treatment for warts, which can be caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).The antibacterial properties of cypress oil make it an excellent treatment for many skin conditions.A 2009 paper found that cypress oils were effective against the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).Because cypress essential oil is antimicrobial and antibacterial, it can help clean and heal cuts and wounds.This means that applying cypress oil topically can reduce the severity of acne by killing bacteria.A 2017 review article published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates that cypress is one of the most commonly recommended essential oils for treating cellulite.Because cypress essential oil has a pleasant aroma, it’s often added to natural deodorant because it can reduce unpleasant body odor.A widely cited 2005 study on the benefits of aromatherapy massage looked at the effects of massage that involved lavender, cypress, and sweet marjoram oil mixed with sweet almond oil.It found that massage had significant psychological and physical benefits on the test subjects. .

Organic Oregano Oil and Warts

One of the most effective remedies that has been used by natural health practitioners to combat the growth and development of warts is organic oregano oil.In addition to exhibiting serious activity against strains like Salmonella and E. coli, carvacrol-containing oregano oil has been shown by a large (and growing) body of research to have a bountiful number of uses.Among the attributes most commonly reported as being successful by alternative health professions is oregano oil's ability to combat warts.In addition to fighting warts, oregano oil is a valuable asset to your daily nutritional intake due to its unique ingredient content that allows it to function as:.A natural fat loss accelerator due to the carvacrol content which has been shown to reduce the rate of obesity in mice [1]. .

Is Oregano Oil Good for You? Pros and Cons, Nutrition Information

Today, many people still use oregano oil to fight infections and the common cold despite its renowned bitter, unpleasant taste.Although more research is needed into the health benefits of oregano oil, studies have confirmed that it has the following properties: Antimicrobial.Nutrition Information One teaspoon of dried oregano leaves contains: Calories: 2.65.Oregano oil also contains antioxidants which help stop free radicals from causing damage to your cells that can lead to serious diseases such as cancer. .

10 Best Essential Oils for Mole Removal: Which Oil is Good for Skin

Moles are a type of extremely common skin growth that most people are very familiar with.A mole itself isn’t necessarily a health risk, but it is important to keep an eye on them and consult with a doctor if they change in size, color, or appearance.Anecdotal evidence indicates that certain essential oils may be able to remove or reduce the size of moles and warts.Melanoma is the main concern with moles, so it is important to keep a close eye on your skin, staying aware of any potential changes.This is why it isn’t surprising that people have begun using essential oils to remove moles and warts, rather than medicinal alternatives.This method may be effective because many oils have astringent properties, which means they help dry out the mole or wart.These components give this oil its herbaceous scent, as well as working as antibacterial, antifungal, and other bio-active agents.Research indicates that carvacrol may be able to inhibit melanin production, which makes thyme potentially the best essential oil for mole removal.Preliminary research indicates that it may be effective in treating minor skin irritations.Additionally, warts, which are similar to moles but of infection origin, may respond well to this oil’s antibacterial properties.Research also shows us that clove essential oil may play a role in tissue remodeling, as well as offering anticancer properties.Anecdotal evidence indicates that some people find clove oil to be very effective in removing moles and warts.Cedarwood essential oil is a special addition to our list because it doesn’t specifically target the cells that cluster to create moles.Anecdotal evidence indicates that using cedarwood oil for skin may help to decrease scarring, which is one of the risks of mole removal.It is not uncommon to hear of natural healers using tea tree oil for moles, or to treat athlete’s foot, acne, and other fungal and inflammatory skin conditions.Because tea tree contains purifying and immune-boosting properties, this makes it a contender to be the best essential oil for mole removal.No matter which mole removal oil you decide on, always remember to follow proper precautions.Many of the research available on using essential oils to remove moles is purely anecdotal, meaning there is little scientific evidence to go off.If you have any moles that change shape, size, or color, it is important to consult with a medical professional before taking any action on your own. .

Using Frankincense Essential Oil for Warts

Egyptians used Frankincense as part of their embalming process as it was believed to help preserve the body, especially the skin.Herbalist in China use the herb for a variety of internal treatments as well as skin conditions.Today, frankincense is not used internally as it has been in the past, but its vapors are used to treat respiratory ailments.However, it is beneficial to use frankincense essential oil for wart removal due to its anti-inflammatory properties and the boost it gives to the body’s immune system.Frankincense is one of the top choices to use for treating skin warts because of its topical abilities.Cover the treated area with a bandage that will absorb the frankincense and hold it against the wart.Oregano EO is well known for its antiviral and antimicrobial properties which can be beneficial for treating viruses and fungi that chase skin conditions.The main ingredient in oregano oil is carvacrol which is believed to be what makes this a fast-acting antiviral treatment.Lemon oil can also be used to eliminate viral infections such as the Herpes Simplex type 1 virus, or the common cold sore.Thyme EO has antimicrobial properties as well as the ability to attack fungus, viruses, and bacteria.Thyme essential oil may be gentler than using medications obtained at a drug store.It is common knowledge that essential oils can be an effective wart treatment.While some of the essential oils are potent for treating warts, you may also want to combine them to form your own blends.When they are applied directly, the oils can eliminate the virus responsible for causing the wart. .

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