i am guessing (based on the size of the seeds i planted) they are the little little things) but does anyone have a picture or description of about one week old oregano seedlings? .

Immune Boosting Tips

Boost your immune system naturally and feel your best with vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies from Sprouts!Our friendly and knowledgeable vitamin team members are happy to guide you through the aisles to help you stay well this season.One of the best ways to reduce your chances of spreading germs is to simply keep your hands clean and minimize touching your face.Opt for natural soaps and hand sanitizers instead of harsh, anti-bacterial soaps.Some say that eating a proper diet is all you need to get your recommended daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health.A simple, daily regimen of incorporating multivitamins, omega-rich oils, probiotics and superfoods can help bridge the nutritional gaps where your diet may fall short.Check out the Sprouts Essential 4 Supplements to kick-start your immunity!It’s all too easy to forget the importance of strengthening the body’s defenses before illness strikes.Studies show it can support your immune function by helping to stimulate white blood cells.This special group of plants can help balance, protect and restore the body from daily stressors.Elderberries are a concentrated source of two antioxidants: quercetin and anthocyanin.Cytokines are the immune system’s messengers, helping to regulate the body’s response to disease, inflammation and infection.The high antioxidant capacity in elderberries neutralizes harmful, free-radicals and helps support the body’s immunity against illness and disease.Shop for these homeopathic brands to keep on hand:Oil of Oregano is a powerful, natural remedy that can help you prepare in advance to fight off symptoms. .

Brussels Sprouts with Oregano Oil – Good Dinner Mom

Don't overheat the skillet, or the outsides of the brussels sprouts will cook too quickly.Once sprouts are tender and brown on the flat sides, uncover, turn up the heat, and cook a few minutes more, turning with a spatula to get some browning on the rounded side. .

How to Grow Oregano Plants

Oregano prefers a sunny spot; however, in zone 7 and farther south, it benefits from a little afternoon shade.Rich, nutrient-filled soil is the foundation of a great harvest, but your plants will eventually use up those nutrients and you’ll need to replace them.So, for best results, you’ll also want to feed oregano with Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® Edibles Plant Nutrition throughout the growing season (follow the directions on the label).Oregano spreads easily; in late spring, cut it back to one-third of its size in order to make the plant bushier.To ensure you have fresh oregano at your fingertips year-round, another great option is to grow it indoors in a water-based (aka hydroponic) system. .

Greek Style Rice (Greek Pilaf)

With just a handful of ingredients, you can make this restaurant style Greek rice pilaf at home!Tender fluffy rice, soft sweet onions, plenty of lemon and fresh oregano!A pilaf (also know as a pilau) is when rice is cooked over a low heat with broth or stock and a selection of other herbs or spices.To start the onions and garlic are cooked until soft and sweet in plenty of extra virgin oil.Then lemon juice and zest are stirred through and vegetable broth is added before the rice is simmered gently until tender.To finish the rice is spritzed with lemon juice, garnished with plenty of fresh oregano and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. .


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