Imagine what the Liam Neeson abduction thriller "Taken" (2008) might have been had a woman wreaked havoc galore, and you'll have a fair idea what director Pierre Morel's "Peppermint" sets out to accomplish, casting "Alias" actress Jennifer Garner as a vengeful mom.Unfortunately, our heroine's transition from a happily married bank manager to a pistol-packing Dirty Harriett occurs off-screen, so "Peppermint" leaves us with ambiguous feelings about her familiarity with firearms.Garner qualifies as a sympathetic heroine not without some flaws, and audiences are supposed to applaud for her just as we did Bruce Willis in the latest "Death Wish" movie.The villains rank as impersonal plug-uglies, with little that makes them memorable.Although Chris backed out of the deal, this doesn't absolve him of the crime he had pondered, and cartel crime boss Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba of "Shot Caller") decides to make an example of him to others.The spat with spiteful Peg destroys the prospect of Carly's party, because Peg invited all of Carly's friends to her own daughter's festivity.LAPD Detective Stan Carmichael (John Gallagher Jr. of "Jonah Hex") and his partner, Detective Moises Beltran (John Ortiz of "Public Enemies") convince Riley after she recovers from her gunshot wound to testify against the three Hispanics.Now, not only must Diego contend with a rabid lone wolf assassin, but also his own cartel bosses are scrutinizing him with suspicions eyes because he cannot account for some missing narcotics.Five years later, our heroine returns, she carries out several strikes against the cartel that leaves them hurting.


Food Network and discovery+ release first scripted holiday film

Food Network and discovery+ are taking the leap into scripted content with its first-ever Christmas movie.When she reaches Peppermint Hollow, she meets the Winter family, who is renting her late mother’s home.“Noah Winter lives with his mom and niece in the house that Molly’s mother grew up in.“I have always been in love with Christmas,” said McCook.“It was kind of an easy thing for me to sign on for, my first Christmas film.”.“One thing my family always did was watch holiday movies.“I’m so grateful to play a part in what I hope to be many scripted movies for Discovery.There are a few things that truly set “Candy Coated Christmas” apart from other Christmas movies.I really like this character not so easy to love in the beginning,” said McCook.It’s not about materialist things, and we show that arc and change her feelings about things in her life. .

Ree Drummond Jumped At The Chance To Star In This Holiday Flick

Ree Drummond Jumped At The Chance To Star In This Holiday Flick.In her latest Instagram post, Drummond shared that the Food Network movie "Candy Coated Christmas" hit Discovery Plus today and is available to stream. .

'Candy Coated Christmas': Molly McCook on the Meet-Cute

“It really surrounds the idea of food and the creation of things related to food,” Molly McCook, who plays Molly Gallant, tells TV Insider.“The Winters family has this beautiful business of growing mint and they work together to create different products based on that.And that does include food for a lot of people.Molly heads to Peppermint Hollow, Washington (the Peppermint Capital of the World) to sell her late mother’s childhood home with the family business — John McCook plays her dad, Fred — facing bankruptcy.“I feel like a lot of times some of these movies start and these characters are all very sweet on paper and kind of wide-eyed, and the character Molly isn’t very much that way,” Molly McCook says.How does Molly and Noah’s initial meeting go?Molly just get to Peppermint Hollow, really, with such tunnel vision to get this money and to get out and get on a plane to Hawai’i, which is her normal Christmas tradition with her father, and finds this sweet bakery where she gets a coffee, which is where she meets Ree Drummond’s character.It’s definitely a meet-cute, but it’s not all sparkles and it’s not this beautiful moment where you know that they’re in love.But I do think the importance of that tradition kind of surrounds the idea of the money that they have and the resorts that Fred owns.What was your favorite scene to film?I had a lot of stunts in this movie, which was awesome.And so when I saw one fall in the script, I was like, “Let’s amp it up, I am down.” Because I happen to fall a lot in my life as well. .

These restaurant chains have special holiday menu items for 2021

It joins Cookie Butter Coffee, Peppermint Hot Cocoa and Cookie Butter Latte, available hot or in an iced blended drink.Miguel’s Jr. is offering holiday tamales at its various locations.Smothered pork tamales are on the menu for the holidays at Del Taco.Starbucks has added a beverage menu this holiday season called Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte.Seasonal favorites also include Mexican hot chocolate and chicken pozole.Starbucks: Most of the favorites are back, including Toasted White Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Apple Spice juice, Cranberry Bliss bars and Sugar Plum Cheese Danish.New items include Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte and Reindeer Cake Pops.


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