This Turkey Breast is wet-brined overnight, for maximum flavor and moisture, basted in butter then roasted to perfection.This Brined Roast Turkey Breast is what Thanksgiving dreams are made of!A brine is a solution usually made with salt and water that is used to pickle or preserve foods.Make the brine count and don’t be shy to use flavors that you love.Since it’s a very lean type of meat, especially the breast, this will help it plump up and get extra juicy.The mixture of citrus and fresh herbs takes this bird right over the top!You’ll need lots of water to carry those flavors, impart them into the meat, and completely cover the turkey breast.The granules are a lot bigger than table salt, so if that’s all you have then use half the amount that’s called for in the recipe.The granules are a lot bigger than table salt, so if that’s all you have then use half the amount that’s called for in the recipe.Ice – After cooking all these flavors into the brine, we want to cool it down right away before adding the turkey.I like to place the turkey on top of the onion and garlic to not only impart flavor, but act as almost a natural rack to ensure even cooking.The butter helps get that skin nice and crispy after it has soaked in water.The butter helps get that skin nice and crispy after it has soaked in water.This will help catch the drippings and prevent them from burning so you can make your delicious gravy.This will help you yield more gravy, and tone down the saltiness from the drippings.This will help you yield more gravy, and tone down the saltiness from the drippings.It may be a labor of love to take this extra step in making your turkey, but I promise you’ll never go back.Add the rest of the brine ingredients, other than the ice, and boil until the sugar and salt have completely dissolved.Brush the turkey with the melted butter and season with salt and pepper.Pour the chicken broth into the roasting pan and cover everything with foil.Make the gravy: Strain the onion and garlic from the pan drippings and discard them.Mix the cornstarch with the water to create a slurry, and add a little bit at a time while whisking until you’ve reached you desired thickness.Make sure the turkey breast is fully thawed before brining it.Use an instant read meat thermometer to determine when your turkey is done baking.If you carve too early, the juices will come out and leave the meat dry.I would suggest slicing the turkey and freezing it for an hour on a baking sheet covered with plastic wrap.Transfer the pieces to a large freezer bag or an airtight container. .

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

But even in this perfect weather, I could still always use a bowl of chicken noodle soup.It’s pure comfort in a bowl with a hint of refreshing, lemony goodness. .

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Let me show you how to make my favorite easy Thanksgiving side: candied sweet potatoes!In fact, we love them so much that we don’t limit this recipe to only once per year.They’re full of flavor and as far as Thanksgiving side dishes go, they’re REALLY easy.Unlike sweet potato casserole where you boil and mash the potatoes, this candied sweet potatoes recipe simply needs thick slices of peeled potatoes.How to Make Candied Sweet Potatoes.Peel & slice sweet potatoes.Make the sauce.Stop and stir the sweet potatoes every 20 minutes to ensure the sauce caramelizes on each potato.Buttery Brown Sugar Maple Sauce.Maple Syrup: Pure maple syrup adds incomparable flavor to this Thanksgiving side dish.The recipe is good without it, but even better with its addition.The sauce thins out as it bakes due to the water content in the potatoes, but quickly thickens as it cools. .

The Best Turkey Brine Recipe (VIDEO)

I have heard many arguments over the years that brining isn’t worth the time and effort.But after roasting well over 50 turkeys in my lifetime, I can firmly state, brining makes all the difference.In fact, every time I try a different method of preparing my turkey, I’m always disappointed.In my opinion, a simple brined turkey, without any extra seasoning, stuffing, or glamor is always the ultimate winner at any holiday gathering.Soaking poultry in brine does three things that improve the overall dining experience.Brining locks in moisture, plumps the poultry, and lightens the color of the meat, for the most tender juicy bite.The salt alters the skin quality, so it bakes to a crispy golden brown.However, our Best Turkey Brine Recipe offers a little more flavor from sugar, herbs, and spices.Honestly, I find brining a turkey to be a life-saver several days before Thanksgiving or Christmas.It can stay in the cooler for several days, leaving more room in the fridge for pies and side dishes.Mix – Pour a gallon of warm water in a clean cooler.Add the brown sugar, salt, shallots, garlic, herbs and spices.Add additional water to make sure the brine covers the turkey entirely, so you don’t have to flip in.You can place the roasting pan in the refrigerator (or back in the cooler) if you want to give the bird a longer time to dry.However, I find if you add a bit more water you can brine the turkey longer for a better overall bird.The greatest benefits of brining are juicy meat, enhanced flavor, and golden crispy skin.A con would be having to think ahead 2-3 days before cooking your turkey, and having to clean a bucket or cooler, twice.Dry brining is a method of covering a turkey (or chicken) in a thick layer of salt, without the water.You’re flavoring the turkey with a touch of sweetness, fragrant herbs, and spices.Plus, the liquid is able to work its way inside all the nooks and crannies of the turkey much better than a dry brine.1 tablespoon fresh thyme Instructions Place a gallon of warm water in a clean bucket or cooler.Add the brown sugar, salt, shallots, garlic, herbs and spices.Add an additional 1/2 gallon of water to make sure the brine covers the turkey entirely.*If you want to brine a smaller turkey for a longer period of time, reduce the salt to 1/2-3/4 cup, so it is not overly seasoned.Before roasting, take the turkey out of the brine water and place on a rack for at least a couple hours.You can place the roasting pan in the refrigerator (or back in the cooler over ice) if you want to give the bird longer to dry. .

The final days of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice's fighting prowess took him from Internet sensation to world fame.The kind who makes you naturally lean forward when you first meet, so as to not miss a word.The best one to verify that last comment is Slice's younger brother, Black (birth name Devon).Like many younger siblings, Black was born with an innate talent of pushing his older brother to the edge.When the two were boys growing up in south Florida, Slice always promised Black he would make it in either football or professional fighting.And when he made it, he'd get the whole family -- Rosemary, Black and older sister Renea -- "out of the hood.".Kimbo Slice's mother, Rosemary Clarke, was proud of the man her son turned out to be.Especially for Clarke, who, as much as she enjoys talking about her son, cannot bring herself to talk about the final days of his life, which he spent in a hospital bed at Northwest Medical Center in Margate one year ago.Kimbo Slice died on June 6, 2016, from traumatic heart failure.At the time of his death, efforts were underway to arrange a transport to the Cleveland Clinic, where Slice would have awaited a heart transplant.The sudden loss of life -- the speed at which his condition turned critical -- was a shock, but the medical issues surrounding his heart were not.Slice suffered from, and took medication for, high blood pressure for years."It hurt so much because I watched him for, I'm gonna say a good month, slowly, really getting to the point of his heart getting bad," says Antoinette Ferguson, Slice's wife.Four months prior to his hospitalization, Slice appeared in a heavyweight fight against Dhafir "Dada 5000" Harris at Bellator 149 in Houston.Dada5000 was an acquaintance from Slice's past, an organizer of backyard brawls in Perrine, Florida.He wasn't even a pro fighter, but he had an intriguing storyline with Slice, which he could cash in on by facing him in the cage.The fight was scheduled for three rounds, but no one thought it had a chance of lasting longer than a few minutes.Kimbo Slice was helped out of the cage after defeating Dada5000 at Bellator 149 at the Toyota Center in Houston on Feb. 19, 2016. Cooper Neill for ESPN.Slice eventually won in the third round, when Dada5000 awkwardly tumbled to the canvas in a heap of fatigue.His family and friends celebrated the victory with Slice, but it had a heavy effect on their collective thoughts about his future.Antoinette really believed her husband's win against Ken Shamrock the previous year should have been his final fight."I knew there was something going on with his conditioning," says Mike Brown, Slice's coach for his last two fights.I was confident in Kimbo's ability to go across the cage, bing bang boom, throw hard punches, find his target and land one in the first minute.Two months later, despite protests from his loved ones, Slice agreed to a fight against James Thompson at Bellator 158 that July.The family accepted the decision with mixed emotions ... and one unifying feeling of powerlessness.Antionette, who met Slice through his older sister and knew him before he became famous in the backyard, says they were never the kind of couple that fought frequently.It's like, when a baby knows that bottle is going to keep him fed and is always going to make him feel good at the end -- that was what fighting was for him.".Despite his hospitalization, Slice's upcoming fight in London against Thompson weighed heavily on his mind.On Sunday, less than two full days after visiting Slice, Imber was walking into a Whole Foods when his phone rang.One of our business partners, his father is in the medical world, he started doing whatever he could to make arrangements.".Years ago, they ran cables to connect televisions in opposite rooms, so neither could cheat when they played Xbox against each other.Kevin Ferguson Jr., aka "Baby Slice," won his first professional fight against Darryal Griffin at Wembley Stadium in London on May 19.And as much as they did encourage him to stop near the end, it's still exciting to remember what it was like watching Slice fight.They all remember the "look" he'd get in his eyes, that moment when they knew something bad was about to happen to the poor man in front of him.Clarke remembers one fight, when she found herself breathing down the neck of a cameraman cageside, with no recollection of ever leaving her seat.Slice is survived by his widow, mother, brother, sister and six children.His three youngest -- Keiyera, Kassandra and Kevlar -- attend primary and secondary school in Florida.The day he went to the hospital last June, she remembers seeing a "glossiness in his eyes," and he admitted, briefly, that he could "feel a difference" in what was going on.In that moment, Antionette says, everything she'd ever learned from her husband about being strong -- and fighting -- welled up somewhere inside her.



While it thrives outdoors, indoors it gets a whitish deposit on the leaves and soft new stems.The deposit is powdery mildew, an all-too-common fungus disease that likes the warmth and low humidity indoors.Most diseases pick on stressed plants, but powdery mildew attacks the healthiest, so take it as a backhanded compliment. .

Quick & Easy Creamy Herb Chicken

This Creamy Herb Chicken will become your favourite chicken recipe!Creamy Herb Chicken.Picture this: Juicy, tender chicken breasts, simmered in a flavourful and creamy herb sauce with a hint of garlic — HELLO — easy weekday meal.Chicken recipe.How To Make Creamy Chicken.Looking for more Chicken Recipes! .

Turkey Brine 101 (The BEST Wet and Dry Brines)

Brining the turkey is probably the most important step in my Thanksgiving Prep Guide.Brining alters the protein structure of the meat, so it retains more moisture during cooking.For turkeys in particular, this enhances the moist, plump-factor and encourages a juicier bird with a crisper skin.The respective brines were tight contenders for best method, but my team of taste testers did choose a winner.I mean, just take a gander at that beautiful bird with crisped skin and juicy meat above.Salt and sugar are the key ingredients in both wet and dry brines.Both methods infuse flavor into the protein by changing the turkey’s structure so it retains more moisture as it cooks.A wet brine works quickly (in as few as 12-24 hours) to infuse moisture into the turkey; skin, meat, and all.The brine penetrates directly into the flesh and skin, plumping and adding water and moisture as it soaks in its salt bath.But, a wet brine can be somewhat awkward to maneuver since you’ll need more fridge space for a container big enough to submerge a 14 lb turkey in 2 gallons of saltwater solution (or more if your turkey is larger) and keep it cold as it brines (I share a different way to do it below).A wet brine also adds more water to the skin, resulting in a lesser browned bird.I plan on at least 4 days before cooking to start my turkey making process.Mixed with hot water to dissolve, the brine absorbs into the turkey for flavor.Wet brines work best when the salt and sugar are fully dissolved.Spices like juniper berries, mustard seed, star anise, chiles, allspice, cinnamon sticks.If the salt and sugar don’t seem to be dissolving, add more water to the solution and keep stirring.NEVER add hot or warm saltwater solution to a raw turkey or you’ll end up with a potentially very bad bacteria contamination situation.Or, line a 5 gallon bucket or ice chest with two garbage bags.Pour the brine over the turkey and add the herbs, and ice if using to make up for part of the water.It’s important the turkey is completely submerged in the wet brine, especially the breast since it is the part most likely to dry out.Set the bagged turkey in a roasting pan, a large stock pot, or an extra clean ice chest or cooler.Refrigerate/chill again, this time uncovered for 12-24 more hours, to ensure a crispier skin when cooked.A dry brine draws the moisture out of the meat then resettles into itself as it cooks.For a 14-16 lb turkey I mix 4 tablespoons kosher salt to 4 teaspoons sugar.Rub the salt mix under and on top of the skin and inside the cavity of the bird.For the dry brine, I’ll brush any extra salt off the skin if it hasn’t absorbed if it seems excessive.From the start, my hopes were pinned high on the dry brine coming out on top.A dry brine has fewer steps to complete, takes up less room in the fridge, and browns better when cooked.Pleasantly salty and plumped, the wet brined turkey was moist, juicy, and everyone’s first choice.Roasting Pan with Rack Ingredients 14-16 pound turkey , giblets, neck and innards removed.Or, line a 5 gallon bucket or ice chest with two kitchen garbage bags to use instead.Prep Time 10 minutes Total Time 2 days Servings 12 Calories 535 kcal Equipment Rimmed baking sheet or roasting pan Ingredients 14-16 pound turkey , giblets and innards removed.Rub the salt mix under and on top of the skin and inside the cavity of the bird.Set the turkey in the fridge, uncovered, for 24-48 hours to work its magic before cooking.Notes Be sure to place the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet or roasting rack to hold the water released from the bird as it brines.Don’t brine a turkey that is labeled kosher, marinated, or basted.Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more FoodieCrush inspiration.As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. .


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