There is a lavender at the bottom of my street that has grown so wild it sprawls through the fence; you can see a line along the flowers where passersby can’t help but caress its fragrant blooms.Woody herbs such as lavender, thyme, rosemary and sage, as well as the less-woody-but-still-woody-enough oregano and winter savory (Satureja montana) do need pruning.In the Mediterranean heat, these herbs are clipped by nature – thin soils, baking summers and strong winds will keep them neat enough.In our wetter, milder climate they grow in a different manner, so it’s important to prune them regularly – once or perhaps even twice a year – to keep them in a nice shape.If your lavender suddenly turns into an awkward leggy teenager, then it is possible to cheat and do the “dropping” trick if it is not too big. .

Rosemary Gone Woody!

When I bought the plant I didn't mind the woody stems cause I thought the plant's height caused the woodiness, but now that I've seen pics of rosemary in large sizes with green stems i began to wonder if my rosemary is having a problem. .

Expert advice on Rosemary herb care-

As you can see from the above if you choose a hardy variety of rosemary, prepare the soil well and position it in mainly full sun, both pots and open ground cultivation work well.Before we answer that question it's crucial to understand that the primary environmental enemy of rosemary is an over-wet soil and this is especially the case in winter when more rain falls.If your soil is free draining and relatively light then most varieties of rosemary are frost hardy down to -8°C / 18°F, many to much lower temperatures.If your soil is even slightly water logged then any temperature below freezing will probably damage or kill your rosemary plant.If your soil is heavy or clayey then dig in lots of well composted organic material and ideally some horticultural sand.Planting is simply a matter of digging a hole slightly larger than the roots, put it in position to the same depth as was in the post and fill in with soil.A feed with an organic long-lasting fertiliser such as Blood, Fish and Bone in spring, summer and autumn will be enough to keep the plant well fed.Once a rosemary bush is established they require very little attention but an annual prune in late winter to early spring will extend its productive life considerably and keep it looking good.An annual prune won't stop the woody part extending up the plant but it will greatly slow it down.There's no complicated pruning rules with rosemary, simply cut back the top third of the plant (never into old non-productive wood) with a pair of shears or pruners.Many people save the prunings by drying them in a cool and dark place (a shed or garage is ideal) and then use some of them on their barbecues. .

Growing Rosemary from Cuttings

The rosemary plant is a perennial with woody stems that produce robust and flavorful needle-like leaves.You’ve likely used this herb while cooking before, or at least ate a dish that included rosemary.Like many other herbs, rosemary can easily be grown in many growing zones in the United States and throughout the world!Before we get into the specific steps, it should be noted that growing rosemary from cuttings is a lengthy process.Depending on the strategy taken, it could take as long as a year until you can harvest and eat from your new rosemary plant.No need to cut off full branches — sprigs that are 4-6″ long will be great!While the answer will vary depending on where you are growing, generally early fall is optimimal.If you aren’t ready to propagate, you can store the sprigs in your fridge, wrapped in a plastic bag.At this point, you have the option of dipping the sprig’s bare stem into a rooting hormone.Using a growth hormone is optional, especially when it comes to rosemary, which you’ll likely be consuming down the road.If you do want to use a growth hormone for a faster and healthier root system, you can purchase either the powder or gel form at your local garden center.If you aren’t using a growth hormone, you’ll want to establish a root structure before planting in soil.To do this, you can place your rosemary plant in a glass of water, with the 2″ of bare stem fully submerged.If you notice that the leaves start to turn yellow or brown/black after a few weeks, it may be due to transplant shock (much like us humans, plants don’t like sudden change).Make sure the rosemary plant gets plenty of sunlight, water (keeping the top level of soil damp is great!).Get a hold of some rosemary (either from an existing plant or from your grocery store) Strip off leaves from each stems’ bottom 2″ Dip the stem in a growth hormone and plant in potting soil OR Place the stem in a glass of water for a few weeks until mature roots have grown before planting Store the stem and pot in a humid climate and water occasionally for 6-8 weeks Care for your new rosemary plant! .

Mia Farrow's Story: On Frank Sinatra, Battling Scandal, and Raising

She can get done what needs to get done.” (Dory Previn, André’s second wife, who got dumped—reportedly when Mia became pregnant with the twins—warned of that seeming fragility in her song “Beware of Young Girls.”) Roach adds, “Tam, who was blind, could sort her own laundry.Because her husbands were not happy about her making movies away from them, the radiant young actress never capitalized on the enormous potential for fame and fortune she accrued from Rosemary’s Baby.“I had very little ambition.” Sinatra demanded that she stop working on the film, which ran way over its shooting schedule, and make The Detective with him.“I think she had an amazing amount of integrity and faith in herself,” says another childhood friend, Casey Pascal, who lives nearby in Connecticut.“She didn’t want to be obligated to anyone who treated her badly.” Previn is said to have given her a small amount monthly for child support and paid half the school tuitions for his group of six.Allen would chauffeur the kids around and take them on European vacations every year, but he reportedly paid Mia only $200,000 for each of the 13 films she made with him.During her breakup with Previn, Mia moved to Martha’s Vineyard for a year but then ran out of money, so her mother took her and the children into her Manhattan apartment on Central Park West, and Mia worked on Broadway opposite Anthony Perkins in Romantic Comedy.From contracting polio at age 9 to the tragic death of her eldest brother, Michael, in a small-plane crash when he was 19, Mia Farrow had a life full of shocks and heartbreaks.In a sprawling Beverly Hills household where the parents rarely ate with their children, the seven Farrow kids never had any extended family around.She posed for Diane Arbus and became the baby muse of Salvador Dalí in a totally platonic relationship.Her godfather, the director George Cukor, paid her $50 a week to go to every play on Broadway and write him a synopsis in order for him to decide if it would make a good movie.Patrick, who had drug problems in youth and “terrifying emotional instability,” according to Mia, became a sculptor and committed suicide four years ago.Her estranged brother, John, recently pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young boys in Maryland.As the eldest daughter, however, Mia, even before she went to a convent boarding school in England, was always “very determined and bossy—the leader of the pack,” according to Roach.My mom was there to sit down for dinner with us.” There was help in the house, but not a lot, and sometimes the teenage girls would complain about how much they had to babysit.“It was more that it was time to clean your rooms, so one person would help another one do it.” One of the accusations Woody Allen’s side made during the uproar with Soon-Yi was that Mia favored her biological children.I gave my mom some very hard times growing up, but in the end she always said, ‘Remember, Daisy, I love you.’ ”.“We all pitched in and helped each other out; we had to.” Isaiah, 21, who at six feet three and 275 pounds defines himself as “the large black male of the family,” adds, “In terms of size, composition, and disabilities, we weren’t normal, but we were great—we were so cool.” He credits Mia’s “unflinching honesty.“I grew up across the table from Moses, who has cerebral palsy, and next to my sister Quincy, born of a drug-addicted inner-city mother, and Minh, who is blind.As a paraplegic in Calcutta, he was discarded in a railway station and forced to crawl on his hands and stubs of legs to beg for food.Later, at an orphanage, he was chained to a post, and kids would throw rocks at him to prompt the mannish growls he made.“It was scary to be brought to a world of people whose language I did not understand, with different skin colors,” he told me.Last Christmas he came home after spending a year living in upstate New York, losing weight, doing odd jobs.He became a Good Samaritan, stopping to help people stranded along the roadside change their tires.Similarly, Carly Simon took Allen’s name out of the lyrics of her song “Love of My Life.” It originally read:.Many people feel protective of Mia, but Fletcher, who worked as Allen’s personal assistant on three films, has actually chosen to have his family live next door to her.His two daughters, seven and three, love to tromp through the nearby woods with their mother to visit Grandma, who reads to them and lets them color her toenails green and purple and play with her parakeet.Not long after the crisis with Soon-Yi, compounded by the allegations of what had happened with Dylan, Fletcher took off to study in Germany, where he stayed several years.The author Priscilla Gilman, Matthew Previn’s girlfriend in high school and college, was constantly in and out of Mia’s apartment.In the immediate aftermath of the discovery of the shocking photographs, in January 1992, Mia did not bar Allen from her house.Allen, in turn, according to Gilman and others, did everything he could to woo Mia back and to continue seeing Dylan.“I did witness him begging her to get back together—many times,” Gilman asserts, “saying Soon-Yi meant nothing to him, and it was a ‘cry for help,’ because it was hard after the baby [Ronan] was born.He called a press conference to declare his love for Soon-Yi and to claim that Mia was making up accusations of child-molestation because she was basically a scorned woman.Lark and Daisy, who had graduated from the elite Nightingale-Bamford School for girls, in New York, shared a room with Soon-Yi in Mia’s house.Lark was then in her last year of nursing school at New York University, and Daisy was a student at Wheaton College.Lark broke up with her boyfriend, a football player at Columbia, and got pregnant by a man who had been in jail.Woody Allen gave a rebuke to the meaning of her life: ‘See, it doesn’t work out, Mia.I would not be functioning without him.” Before our conversation, which lasted more than four hours, I promised her that I would not reveal where she lives or other identifying details.“If I had to use the main entrance to go to school, I had to be wrapped in blankets and carried to the car.” From the time she was able to register Allen’s obsessiveness toward her, Dylan said, she could never shake the feeling that she was disappointing one parent or the other.A babysitter testified that on the day of the alleged attic incident, while Mia was out shopping, she had come upon Allen in the TV room, kneeling, face forward, with his head in Dylan’s lap.with him putting his thumb in my mouth, or how he hugged me.” When she was told that such behavior “wasn’t normal, I felt more guilty.There was no way someone was not hurt, whether me, my father, or my mother, and my brothers and sisters having to cope.” She thought she was to blame for all the tears and turmoil.“I felt I was damaging the family structure; that was crushing, damning.” Allen was already paying for a shrink for Dylan on the day she went missing with him.She never put me in the place where I felt like I was the victim.” Dylan had to be examined multiple times for the criminal investigation, and over and over again for the bruising custody battle.Ronan, Tam, and I were like the Three Musketeers.” Once she started high school, however, she found it difficult to make friends.My mom was my rock, and Ronan was my best friend.” Tam’s death proved to her, she said, that “you can’t just run off to the country and live happily ever after, because there is always something after that.”.The depression lasted all through college, exacerbated to high decibels twice when Allen succeeded in contacting her, Dylan said.The first time, she was bringing the mail in at Frog Hollow when she found a typewritten envelope addressed to her with a postmark from London. .

Why are 2 rosemary plants in the same potters getting woody at a

I have a humidifier in there set to keep it at 75% all the time and I water about once a week or so or when my little water/light sensor says the bottom half of the potter is dried out. .

How to prune rosemary

Rosemary is one of those great all-round evergreen herbs - a must-have in the kitchen and pretty enough to make an ornamental plant in the garden with its delicate flowers in shades of white, pink or blue.But prune it carefully and your rosemary bush will reward you handsomely with years of fragrance and flavour.Pruning is used to restrict the size of the plants and to help them keep their shape, especially if they’re being used as a formal hedge.The best time to prune rosemary is in late spring, just after it finishes flowering.Use sharp secateurs to deadhead the flowers, and then shorten any long stems using loppers, taking them back to a main stem or low set of leaves.Let a rosemary bush have its head, and it’s extremely difficult to bring it back. .


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