They manufacture a number of different types of rods that are suitable for all levels of experience and techniques.Then and now, their mission is to build the world’s finest performing fly rods.So, if you’re interested in purchasing a Sage fly rod, then check out the article below.The first major series of fly rods that they came out with was called the Reserve Power.These rods first put Sage in the eye of the fly fishing world.They continue to make spectacular rods that are still talked about today in only the highest of regards.Keep in mind that Sage reserves the right to determine if the rod needs to be either replaced or repaired.All fly fishing rods by Sage are made on Bainbridge Island, Washington.Not only are all of their rods made in one facility in Bainbridge, but you can tour this shop too.To arrange a tour, simply call the facility and get an appointment scheduled.These come in a variety of prices, each one according to the level of skill needed to cast them.All of these rods either have a fast or ultra-fast action, which are ideal for any type of two-handed casting.They have three different rods that are made for specific applications, mainly for targeting permit, tarpon and bonefish.They also have four specialty rods used for fishing in strong winds or targeting big game.These can be used to drift nymphs, fish dry flies, or to strip in streamers.Below, I’ll go over several different features that Sage fly rods possess.Each has its own pros and cons, so think about what you need before selecting a rod.The length of your rod is determined by what type of fishing you plan to do.Typically a 9′ rod will work in most situations, but you may need something a little longer or shorter.It will allow you to load it quicker and will help keep your backcast out of the bushes and trees.Sage makes fly rods ranging from delicate 0-weights all the way up to hefty saltwater 14-weights.When choosing a Sage fly rod, consider what type of fishing you’ll be doing and the types of locations you fish at to ensure you choose a rod weight that’s best for you.This starts with the materials that they choose to use to make some of the best Sage fly rods out there.They have rods that are made of proprietary graphite fibers, resins, and aerospace-grade aluminum.These materials help make Sage rods such sought-after pieces of equipment.This allows you to easily transport your rod when traveling to your favorite fishing spot.Luckily, Sage has all different types of rods with different actions to meet your needs.They have fast and ultra-fast actions for the angler who enjoys chasing large fish and throwing big flies.The balance of a rod is a debated topic in the world of fly fishing.Some people swear by it and say that everyone needs to have a perfectly balanced rod, reel, and fly line.Each of them was created for a different type of fishing, such as spey, saltwater, or with dry flies.So, if you’re interested in learning more about the different types of rods and what they can do, then check out all the information below to see which one will work best for you.They produce a delicate touch when throwing the smallest of dries.However, I found that the 9′ 4 weight is a phenomenal size for throwing dry flies to trout.It’s versatile, well built and comes with Sage’s legendary lifetime warranty.It’s hard for other rod manufacturers to compete with The X when it comes to build quality, durability, accuracy and overall feel in the hand.On top of that, they even have smaller sizes for blue line fishing or for throwing small dry flies to waiting trout.The X is a great all-around rod, and it especially makes for phenomenal dry fly fishing.I recently got my hands on the 3wt 9ft variation of this rod and absolutely loved it.While the 3wt was a bit stiff for delicate presentations, I feel that the higher weights of this rod will compete with any rod on the market for build quality and cast accuracy.It features a mahogany blank cover that gives it a classic fly rod look and feel.It also features bronze primary thread wraps as well as gold trim.You can easily load your rod and fire back tiny dries.Anytime you don’t need to make a long cast, you should use this rod.This rod allows you to load up quickly so you don’t need to have a big backcast in order to get the fly where you want it.The short stature of the rod allows you to cast in thick cover too.All of these rods are ten feet long, allowing you to get a great mend in your line.Also, the extra foot of distance on the rod allows you to drift your fly a little bit farther out than if you were using a 9′ rod, making this more efficient for flicking your fly out into the current.Again, this is a great dry fly rod and would do very well on skinny water chasing cutthroat or brookies.Sometimes you need to get a nymph down into the water column and drift a Copper John past a trout’s face.The larger models of The Foundation are great for throwing big dries and streamers to bigger freshwater and saltwater fish.However, the smaller models are ideal for drifting flies past eddies and pockets of water where a trout might be waiting.It offers great line control and allows you to flick your nymph out with ease.If you enjoy chunking big flies to even bigger fish, then check these out.The larger sizes of the Sage Foundation rods are great for throwing streamers to trout and other species.Even when the wind picks up, you’ll still be able to cast your favorite streamer with this rod.The Sage Payload was specially made to throw big streamers.Some of the bigger rods are made for chasing muskie and pike.The wide range of sizes for this rod will allow you to throw small dries, nymphs, and all the way up to big streamers.The 6 weights and larger are strong enough to cast bugs and streamers to waiting trout and bass.These are great for big water fishing or chasing large Atlantic salmon.The X Spey has a stronger and more powerful lower section of rod.The technology in the graphite ensures that the rod will have tons of power when casting to and fighting fish.You can target big trout, steelhead, or salmon with this rod.The Igniter Spey rod was created for the most demanding of fishing conditions.This was created for anglers who need a piece of equipment that’s as tough as they are.The X Switch is ideal for chasing after summer salmon and large trout while swinging your nymphs through the strike zone.Some of the larger rods are ideal for throwing heavy flies with sink tip lines to get your nymphs down deep.The Switch is the newest Sage rod with a fast action.The graphite technology they use ensures incredible power as well as durability, providing you with a rod that performs wonderfully.It’s extremely versatile, so anglers who enjoy using both spey and switch would do well to have this rod in their arsenal.This rod comes in many different lengths and weights, giving you a wide array of options to choose from.Below, I’ll go over Sage’s extensive line of saltwater rods.Each rod in the Salt HD lineup is made for a very specific purpose.Some are made for quick casts in order to get a fly out to a finicky permit.Others are made for throwing long casts that cover a lot of water quickly.No matter what you’re looking for in a saltwater rod, Sage makes a Salt HD exactly for you.On top of this, you’ll get a rod that allows for quick casting.The Sage X rod is made for incredible loop control as well as premier accuracy.When you want to drop your crab fly right in front of the face of a waiting redfish, then this is the rod you need.It’s great for throwing large flies in the wind or for fighting tough and hard-nosed saltwater fish.These are made for anglers who fish in unique waters or want something that works just for them.It has incredible strength that will cast your giant saltwater fly far and give you the power to pull in a trophy tarpon.The Sage Igniter rod was made to be used in conditions where the wind would keep most people off the water.It’s made to have strong loop control for it to push back against mother nature while giving extreme accuracy.This is great if you’re looking for a rod that has an extremely quick load.Below, we’ll go over the fly rod combos that Sage produces.The Sage Foundation Outfit is perfect for someone who’s looking to get into fly fishing but doesn’t want to buy each individual piece.The Foundation Outfit comes with the Sage Pulse Fly Rod, Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel, RIO Tapered Leader, premium RIO Gold floating fly line, Dacron backing, and a Sage rod tube.The Sage Pulse Outfit comes with the basics you’ll need to get started.The Pulse outfit comes with the Sage Pulse Fly Rod, Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel, RIO Tapered Leader, premium RIO Gold floating fly line, Dacron backing, and a Sage rod tube.It’s the brand’s most versatile and best feeling rod, and the Spectrum reel and line makes a perfect kit for the serious angler.The Sage Salt HD Outfit is the perfect kit for a saltwater angler.The rod is powerful enough to cast big flies even in windy conditions, and it always feels great in the hand.Coupled with the Spectrum Reel and great Rio line, this fly rod is an excellent option.The Sage Igniter Outfit comes with the ultra-fast-action Sage Igniter rod, the Spectrum MAX reel, premium RIO Flats Pro floating line, backing and tapered leader, and a high quality rod loop.The Sage Dart Outfit comes with the ultra-fast-action Dart fly rod, along with the Sage Click Fly Reel, RIO Creek WF floating line, RIO Tapered Leader, Dacron backing, and a Sage aluminum rod tube.It’s perfect for small streams and fly fishing for smaller trout.The rod includes the cutting edge KonneticHD Technology, which helps pinpoint fly placement in those difficult spots.With this rod, you can delicately present good size flies without spooking the trout, toss terrestrials and small streamers, and even turn over small to mid-sized nymphing rigs.The Sage Payload Fly Rod Outfit includes the powerful and accurate fast-action Sage Payload Fly Rod, along with the Spectrum Fly Reel, Rio InTouch Outbound Floating Line, Dacron backing, tapered leader and a Sage rod tube.The payload comes in many sizes and even in the 7wt category, it’s plenty of rod to handle smaller bonefish, redfish, and large bass.Sage is easily one of the top rod manufacturers on the market today.With their lifetime warranty and incredible accuracy and build quality, these rods are hard to beat.No rod will make you a better angler, but Sage comes pretty close. .

Sage X Rod

Whether you like to punch your casts or go slow and easy, the X Rod delivers smooth and accurate loops.The X rod’s all-new fast action taper built with our KonneticHD Technology delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop – creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles.This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler.Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation, resulting in a performance driven, forgiving fast action blank – refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly.– Vera wood insert with Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat. .

Choosing your Sage Fly Rod: a Series-By-Series Comparison

Also, we will identify a few of our favorite models to help anglers build their arsenals around cornerstone fly rods.We begin by defining our categories of evaluation, followed by comparisons of all Sage freshwater and saltwater fly rods.The “slowest action” Sage rod is the Trout LL, designed to excel in the finer techniques of presentation.Many premium rods receive low versatility marks because they were designed for a specialized purpose (like tarpon fishing or long leader dry fly angling).In the 4, 5 and 6-weight models, we were quite surprised to find that the SA Trout Taper is our favorite line for both loop control and distance.This speaks volumes to how finely tuned these rods are, the parts perfectly married for a refined casting action.These dynamic fly rods load and cast at any distance with tremendous line speed, accuracy and feel.Fast action Sage fly rods have never lacked power, but no predecessor has offered such tremendous sensitivity and touch in combination with line speed.The Sage team prefers the Rio Perception, which is true to line weight with gentle tapers.The Trout LL is magnificently tuned for a wide casting range, much more even flexing than any previous moderate action Sage fly rod.Whereas the X generates supreme line speed and power, the Trout LL allows the angler to control seemingly every aspect of presentation.The Sonic offers a fresh rod action from Sage, falling squarely between the Trout LL and X in stiffness.Impressively, Sonics cast beautifully in a super broad range, with “sweet spots” that span 40 or even 50 feet.The Salt HD Series represents a collective refinement of Sage’s saltwater fly rods.All line weights have a similar action: very fast with super powerful butt sections and forgiving tips.Some anglers found the Salt Series to be too weak in the light line weights and too stiff in the heavy rods.These are classic, fast action Sage fly rods with overbuilt butt sections for playing heavy saltwater fish.Choose an X over a Salt if you cast with a long stroke and generally prefer moderate action trout rods.The X is a terrific choice for shallow flats, where casting is more important than lifting fish from deep water.Choose a Salt over an X if you fish with Sage Method or ONE trout rods and prefer an extra strong butt section.The Salt is also a better choice for striped bass, false albacore, tarpon, jacks, roosterfish and other species that may require extra lifting power.The Salt HD lays down the law for durability and power, but anglers who seek the combination of lightness with an extra-fast action may favor the Igniter.For tight loops or extra long casts, choose a regular bonefish taper or its equivalent.Designed expressly for saltwater, these rods have the backbone and components to fish in challenging conditions anywhere in the world.They will catch all the same fish as X, Igniter and Salt HD rods, but their more expensive cousins are lighter and more specialized to their purposes.Maverick falls in the middle, a highly serviceable saltwater fly rod that does everything pretty well and will make almost any angler smile. .

Sage Factory Tour

In the first week of November, Telluride Angler’s John Duncan flew to Seattle to visit the Sage Fly Rod Company on Bainbridge Island.Sage has introduced several spectacular rods over the past five years, including the fabulous ONE Series, the ultra-powerful METHOD and, most recently, the SALT, which swept the industry awards at ICAST in July.The visit seemed all the more compelling because Duncan was born and raised on Bainbridge Island, graduated from Bainbridge High School and learned to fly fish on the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula, which to this day serve as the inspiration and testing ground for many Sage fly rods.As the videos will reveal, the process is largely one of precise hand craftsmanship by rod builders of unusual skill.Not all could be captured in the videos, so Duncan has noted his observations for anglers who share his interest in fly rod design.I sampled the 305 blend that he brought from home, an hour north by car, in his thermos cup.It is popular for guys like me to say that graphite materials haven’t changed much, but Sage uses both carbon fiber and resin that is completely proprietary.Sage creates rod blanks with tools and that optimize pattern cutting.Siem: “like when my Mom made doughnuts.” These sophisticated cutting tools also help prevent carpal tunnel among rod builders.As we toured the manufacturing floor, he gravitated toward racks of rod parts: Salt blue, Grace pink, Method “magma,” Accel green and ONE black.He is clearly tickled by the fact that his coworkers take all of these rods he designs and make them stunningly beautiful.With Campbell, Dalton and Siem on the casting dock, all revealing the backing, I felt like a 12-year-old walking among redwoods.Campbell, who stands at least 6’5” and wears the CEO’s pinstripes and cropped hair, was a high profile target as Siem’s yarn hissed past his exposed left ear.His casting pond, created to satisfy the need for a water supply under rural fire code, still rises in winter and falls in summer, the deck over which is seasonally covered in goose droppings.2) When asked how the Salt loads so easily, but generates so much power, “there are some very good reasons for that.” End of conversation.4) Passing the R&D department: “this is another place we will not show you,” men in white lab coats in motion behind the door.Let me confirm that by saying that the Salt is the best saltwater rod of all time.” If not, Siem wouldn’t sleep at night. .

The Sage One Series

I have had many different models since my first Sage rods, and for the most part, they accommodate and enhance my personal styles of fly fishing.I am a caster that prefers faster-action, Tip-Flex rods and I find my style to be centered more on muscle power, as opposed to what I usually teach to be important.I will also admit that my style is by no means a thing of grace and beauty, but I get the job done and I don’t fix what ain’t broken.It just had an explosive pop on the forward and back casts, like it was loaded with thick rubber bands commonly associated with the weapons of choice used by spear fishermen.Lifting 10, 15 or even 20 yards of line was not an exercise in torture or futility, but almost a foregone conclusion not dwelt upon. .

The Sage X

It is an undisputed fact that modern fly rods are the toughest, lightest, and most consistent in performance and value they have ever been in the history of fly-fishing.Ever since the company first started making fly rods in 1980, Sage’s mantra has been “Perfecting Performance”.With borrowed technology from the aerospace industry, Sage has been responsible for some of the most popular and coveted fly rods EVER!It tracked better, cast better, and fished like no other rod on the market, due to Sage’s Konnetic technology.In short and grossly over simplified terms, Konnetic Technology makes the entire fly rod track in a straighter line.It did not take long for the rest of the fly-fishing industry to realize the importance of what Sage had accomplished, once again the race was on to emulate and improve the concept of versatile fast-action fly rod design.Enter the Sage X— the newest and greatest versatile fast-action fly rod on the market today.It has what the ONE was found to be lacking: Feel, balance, and the ability to easily fish short to medium distances without sacrificing the “long” game.One of the biggest complaints and weaknesses of faster action fly rods is that their performance suffers at shorter distance casts.All three of these rods have proved to be incredibly well-rounded, and handled everything from single dry fly rigs to streamer set-ups with ease.Having cast a multitude of fly-lines on the Sage X, I will give you a list of my favorite lines that I believe will work for casters of all abilities. .

Sage SALT 890-4

For the 2015 season, Sage introduced their newest line of premium saltwater rods called the SALT.We’ve spent a lot of time with the 890-4 model (that’s a 9 foot, 8 weight) here at Andros South, we really like it, and today we’re going to tell you why.Modern fast action rods have enabled many anglers to throw tighter loops with higher line speed than ever before – but it hasn’t come without a cost.While most saltwater-specific rods today do a fantastic job at creating extremely high line speed to blast long casts through the wind and turn over long leaders and heavy flies, they often lack the sensitivity needed to present a fly delicately at short-medium distances.On the other hand, softer ‘trout style’ actions are able to present the fly delicately, but generally fall apart when the wind kicks up or during the rare instance when you do need to punch a long cast.We say it all the time, but contrary to popular belief, on South Andros you don’t have to cast very far to catch bonefish.We’re not quite sure how to explain it, but when casting beyond 5o feet or so (or into a strong wind for that matter), there is a feeling of ‘extra power’ locked into the stout butt section that seems to take control once a certain amount of load is put into the rod that creates a lot of line speed.We know, we know, more technical fly rod jargon.. We don’t always buy into it either (nor do we pretend to understand it all), but this is one feature we’re sold on.We’re only talking fractions of an ounce here, but we’ve found that the slight difference in weight actually results in a better balanced rig when paired with most beefy saltwater worthy reels, making it actually feel lighter in the hand. .

Sage Fly Rods

Sage designed the R8 Core with a massive sweet spot that adapts to the angler’s casting style, intuitively throwing effortless loops.Sage rods are built one at time right here in the USA on Bainbridge Island, WA, following hundreds of meticulous steps and passing through 23 sets of hands. .


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