But that’s not the case, Minato’s power ups aren’t plot holes in the series at all (you could call them a wee bit of retcon though).In this blog we’ll try to justify why Minato’s sage mode isn’t a plot hole or an asspull by Kishimoto.To understand that, we have to look into Minato’s past when he was training under Jiraiya and the moments of his death till his resurrection.Minato started learning harnessing nature chakra and due to his higher intellect he even partially mastered it.He realized that sitting patiently at one place and kneading sage chakra didn’t suit his style.Minato mentions that he is not very adept at using Sage mode and doesn’t use it in battles, mainly due to the time it takes for him to knead the chakra needed for it.In this battle as well, if Obito hadn’t had Hashirama cells he would have been killed then and there when Minato warp Rasengan him during their fight.This battle happened so fast that Minato got no time to knead Sage chakra and resorted to his basic fighting style in which he was proficient.The reason why Minato was not able to use the sage mode as he wished was because it was time consuming and he did not have huge chakra reserves like Naruto or Jiraiya.However, this sage mode too is not as effective as that of Naruto and Hashirama, as he can only use it for a short period of time (especially after Kyuubi is stolen from his body by Black Zetsu).The form may have looked perfect (thanks to the reanimation and Hashirama cells to a certain extent), but sage mode definitely was not Minato’s forte and it was clearly visible in the War. .

All 5 Users Of The Perfect Sage Mode In Naruto

Sage Mode is a technique used to harness the energy present around the user, in the environment.While Sage Mode is a very powerful technique, very few people have complete mastery over it.He was a prodigious ninja, and learned Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku.Minato displayed the Sage Mode for the first time during the 4th Great Ninja War.When in Sage Mode, Mitsuki gains a unique cyan coloured chakra shroud around him.Little is known about the combat prowess of his Snake style Sage Mode, but I’m sure we’ll get a better look into it in the coming chapters of the Boruto manga.Hashirama’s Sage Mode gave him black markings on his forehead and underneath his eyes.Further, His Sage Mode allowed him to perform Jutsu at a much greater scale, with much more devastating effects.At the Valley of End, Hashirama entered Sage Mode, and was able to defeat Madara Uchiha, who even had the 9 Tails at his aid.Naruto Uzumaki learned the Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku, under the guidance of Lord Fukasaku.In the anime, Hagoromo was the first person to learn Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku. .


Of course, Minato could not have foreseen that he would be released from the Shinigami's stomach in future, so he did not gain the Kyuubi Chakra mode because he wanted it for use in battle. .


If Obito's team win, he will be sealed into the Gedo Statue and returned to being a part of the Juubi. .

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