The motivational speaker referred to his wife as a force of nature and stated how her fierce love, brilliance, intuition, wisdom, and grace made their home a divine place.Mrs. Robbins' looks were enough for the author to fall in love with, and a year later, in 2001, they eventually shared the wedding vows in Fiji.Through another Instagram post on April 18, 2021, he updated his fans about his experience of parenthood and detailed that bedhead snugs and late-night feedings had turned out to be a beautiful adventure.The American writer also has a biological son named Jairek Robbins, whom he welcomed in 1984 with his former girlfriend, Liz Acosta.In his career spanning four decades, Robbins has spoken about a wide range of topics from money management to facing ones' fears.In the interview, the lifestyle expert mentioned that parents must be able to speak to their children in a way that would help them increase their mindset.He further stated parents shouldn't praise their kids by telling them how smart, beautiful, unique, perfect, or special they are, but instead, encourage them to focus on the hard work they did to overcome problems.The motivational speaker believed that if parents followed this, their children would shape up into people who gave importance to hard work, effort, and persistence.


Tony Robbins

Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavoric in North Hollywood, California, on February 29, 1960.[4] His mother then remarried several times, including a marriage with Jim Robbins, a former semi-professional baseball player who legally adopted Anthony when he was 12.During high school, Robbins grew ten inches a year, a growth spurt later attributed to a pituitary tumor.The landlord then told him that he started to turn his life around after going to a Jim Rohn seminar.Robbins began promoting seminars for motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn when he was 17 years old.In 2014, Robbins joined a group of investors to acquire rights to launch a Major League Soccer franchise in Los Angeles referred to as the Los Angeles Football Club.In 2016, Robbins partnered with Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and Washington Wizards co-owner Ted Leonsis to purchase Team Liquid, an eSports professional gaming organization.Robbins has worked on an individual basis with Bill Clinton,[11] Justin Tuck,[12] Hugh Jackman,[13] and Pitbull.[14] He has counseled American businessmen Peter Guber, Steve Wynn, and Marc Benioff.Robbins was criticized for comments alluding to the Me Too movement at a seminar in San Jose, California, on March 15, 2018, when he said: "If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else… all you've done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.".He went on to tell a story about a "very powerful man" who passed on hiring a female candidate even though she was the most qualified because she was too attractive and would be "too big a risk".[20][21][22] Robbins works with a water company called Spring Health, which provides fresh water to small villages in rural eastern India to prevent waterborne diseases.Robbins helped raise money for Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization that works with governments to fight against child trafficking and slavery with the assistance of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives.In May 1995, Robbins Research International (RRI) settled with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged violations of the agency's Franchise Rule.Under the settlement, RRI did not admit to having violated any law, but agreed to pay $221,260 in consumer redress.In 2001, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled that The Vancouver Sun had defamed Robbins when it called him an "adulterous, wife-stealing hypocrite".This story was picked up by other media outlets, including Fox News, The New York Times, and CNN.On June 24, 2016, it was reported that "dozens were burned and required medical attention after attempting to walk on hot coals during a fire-walking event at a Tony Robbins seminar in Dallas, Texas".[33] Several attendees were transported to medical facilities to treat burns, and a bus was used as a staging-area for between 30 and 40 people who were less seriously hurt.[33] A spokeswoman for the Robbins organization stated, "Someone unfamiliar with the process of the fire-walk called 911 reporting the need for emergency service vehicles […] there was no need for emergency personnel […] only 5 of 7,000 participants requested an examination beyond what was readily available on site.Unfortunately, your organization has made it clear to my team that you intend to move forward with publishing an inaccurate, agenda-driven version of the past, pierced with falsehoods.In November 2019, BuzzFeed News published a six-part article accusing Robbins of molesting a teenage girl during his time as a "star speaker" at SuperCamp, an elite summer camp in southern California.[40][41][42] Robbins denied wrongdoing and filed suit on BuzzFeed News in Ireland.In response, BuzzFeed News said that they stand by their reporting and suggested that Robbins's decision to file the summons in Ireland was an "abuse" of the Irish court.[44][45] NBC canceled the show after airing two of the planned six episodes due to low viewership of 2.8 million.In 2015, filmmaker Joe Berlinger directed and produced the documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, about the Tony Robbins event "Date with Destiny" after filming it in Boca Raton, Florida, in December 2014.


How Tony Robbins Overcame His 5 Biggest Setbacks

He's coached everyone from Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey to Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela and is held in awe by blokes and billionaires.Robbins is so successful, in fact, that he has quietly built an empire of companies that generate around $5 billion per year.Let's take a look at what Robbins had to deal with over the years and how he's managed to overcome every obstacle life has thrown his way to become the juggernaut he is today.By the time Robbins was 17, he was out of high school, living on his own, his dreams of a degree in sports journalism dashed.He saved up $35 to attend one Jim Rohn's motivational seminars, and then asked him for a job.With Rohn as a mentor, Robbins worked 12-14 hours per day, but kept running into a wall.Today, Robbins is more than 10 inches taller than his high school self, but it wasn't because of a regular growth spurt.Robbins was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in his brain that upped his levels of human growth hormone."Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more," Robbins said.Related: Tony Robbins Describes the Top Traits Found in Truly Coachable People.Robbins' biggest personal mistake may have been marrying ex-wife Becky Jenkins at the age of 24 -- for all the wrong reasons.Robbins stayed with her until the youngest kid had gone off to college before finally making the painful decision to part ways.He eventually married his current wife, Sage, who he met through a business relationship."I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.".Robbins once mentioned in a Behind The Brand interview that one of his former business partners left him high and dry with a $150 million bill.Robbins' incredible rags-to-riches story, outrageous confidence and unshakeable optimism are driven by his almost complete mastery over his own thoughts."Tony's genius is his ability to deconstruct what drives certain behaviors," says Paul Tudor Jones, a famous hedge fund manager and one of Robbins' biggest fans. .

Son's health issue becomes Tony Finau's priority

“It was a lot tougher than anticipated,” Finau told me last week after Sage returned home, the surgery ultimately a success and the prognosis good. .

Golf Channel: Lehi's Tony Finau Focuses on Fatherhood and

Now that Tony Finau is a top 25 golfer in the world, he plays fewer tournaments and spends more rounds with his four children, ages 3 to 8.When something goes wrong for one of the kids during the game, Tony will say, “That’s very unfortchut!” His shortened version of “unfortunate” sends the three boys and one daughter giggling.But truthfully, Tony has been very “fortchut” the past decade as he’s won millions and acquired fame as the young Polynesian golfer who was in the final round of the Masters with Tiger Woods last year at Augusta National.His young playmates — along with his favorite meal at Mo’ Bettahs and his Crumbl Cookie fondness — bring joy and meaning to this 30-year-old father who grew up in Rose Park without enough money for clubs or green fees.As he prepares for this year’s Masters, he’s still getting used to flying private planes — and he is sticking to his routine of praying for consistency in his thoughts and FaceTiming his family for hours at night if he’s not the one tucking them in.The only tournament Tony grew up watching in his low-income area of Salt Lake City was the Masters.And this April, Tony has his sights set on adding his very own green jacket to his Lehi closet.“When preparing for any major championship, I have to make sure I’m mentally, physically and emotionally sharp,” Tony says.Although Tony isn’t superstitious or exact on timing, he has a routine that prepares him to tee off.Tony and Alayna (ages 30 and 29, respectively) got married young and began their parenting journey together with “Irish” twins.They rely on each other as they are raising Jraice, Leilene “Neenee,” Tony and Sage (now ages 3 to 8).But I tried to keep Tony in tournament mode and didn’t want to tell him I was struggling with the kids.“Once we started spending more time together, I opened up to Tony about the things I was struggling with and he was so good about it,” she says.I thought I was helping him stay focused by not talking about the difficulties, but he has been a wonderfully supportive husband and dad.Earlier in their marriage, Alayna was seeing messages in the media about “women empowerment” and envisioned herself going back to school or getting a job.“Tony reminded me that I’m doing a lot to take care of our family, and it helped me see clearly what the right role is for me right now,” she says.But I’ve learned that some things that seem small to me are big for him, so the kids and I try to be there for him emotionally and physically.”.“Jraice will be crying and Tony will see him from out on the green, and I’ll try to tell my son to be calm for daddy,” she says.Alayna rarely takes pictures or videos during tournaments (except for a few she sends to “Tony Finau Spot”).Mom says no, but as soon as he jumps in her car after school, he grabs her phone and checks the score.Tony carries the flag for his Polynesian heritage, his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his fatherhood to four children, and his Utah residency.Although many Sundays find Tony on the golf course, he manages to maintain a church calling.Tony has traveled the world with clubs and a caddie, but his favorite restaurant is around the corner from his Lehi home: Mo’ Bettahs.His regular is the Ekolu Special, with a mix of teriyaki and Katsu chicken, white rice and mac salad.Private planes and big cities are a far cry from Tony’s Rose Park childhood and Alayna’s young years in a small Hawaiian town.Tony’s graduation from West High School wired him to cheer for nearby University of Utah.But his large Polynesian family spreads across all Utah universities, and he considers himself an advocate for sports around the state.When Tony’s parents, Kelepi and Vena, were younger, they dreamed of having a foundation to solve some of the problems they saw in their community.The logo for the nonprofit includes a V to honor Vena, who died in a car accident at age 47.“It’s a huge part of our family because not only are we giving back, but we are teaching our kids values and life lessons as they grow.”.1997: Watched his first golf tournament on television at age 7 — the Masters featuring a win by Tiger Woods.Tony started wearing green (her favorite color) on the last day of tournaments.2016: Won his first PGA Tour tournament at the Puerto Rico Open, beating Steve Marino in a sudden-death playoff. .

Minium: Six Years After His Wife and Unborn Daughter Died, ODU's

ByWhen he found his wife lifeless on their bathroom floor,put his angst and fear aside, called 911 and then began performing CPR.He was in shock – his mind would not allow him to accept the fact that she was likely already gone – so he pressed on her chest and breathed air into her lungs in a desperate effort to bring her back to life."One of the toughest things I've ever experienced," he said, his voice trailing off.When the EMT crew arrived minutes later, they also began efforts to revive her.Their love was so strong that they remained a couple and, got married, despite dating from long distance for nearly six years.She was a rising star in the Delaware Attorney General's office, and he was as an assistant coach on the University of Delaware football team.They envisioned setting down roots in Delaware.Lucas heard stories about how others in similar circumstances let grief destroy their lives.He fought his pain and depression, got into counseling, and faced the future with as much optimism as he could.He told himself that someday I'm going to move forward and be happy again.And he was so right.Now the running backs coach at Old Dominion University, Lucas remarried two years ago to Natasha Harrison, who he met in college and who came to his aid when he was grieving.Not only is he again a husband, he's also a father.On May 15, Natasha gave birth to a 7-pound 2-ounce girl at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.Her name is Sage Lucas and her dad can't stop smiling every time he holds hers."Being a father is so awesome," he said.His journey back to becoming a husband and finally a father six years after Sarita's death is a remarkable story of courage, perseverance, Christian faith and the power of finding love again.orientation at Columbia University, an Ivy League school in New York City, and quickly became a couple."I stayed behind and tried to figure out my life," he said.Lucas had also planned to go to law school, but found he wasn't as passionate about his work as he originally thought.He played in flag football leagues, even coached a little, and could not get the game out of his system.So, at 28-years-old, and against the advice of many of his friends, he took a huge leap of faith, quit his job and became a football coach.He was hired by Trinity College near his hometown of Bloomfield, Conn., where he worked two seasons and earned a master's degree.He then went to Bowling Green for a season and then to Georgetown for two more.All the while, he and Sarita remained a couple and saw each other on weekends when they could."During his second year at Georgetown they finally married, moved in together and began building a life together.When he landed a job at Delaware, he felt that they were finally living out their dream.Sarita had goals that didn't necessarily include getting rich.She eschewed lucrative offers from the private sector to join the Delaware Attorney General's office."People told her, 'You can make so much money,' and she would always say, 'No – this is my passion,' " her mother, Wanda Gee He , told the News Journal in Wilmington.She quickly won fame as a hard-working and fair prosecutor who took on difficult cases, including homicides, assaults and domestic abuse.She was usually the first to show up to work in the morning, always wearing a Boston Red Sox cap, and usually the last to go home."Sarita Lucas died on a Sunday, a day when college football coaches begin preparing their teams for the next game.Sarita told Tony she wasn't feeling well when he left that morning to head to the office, but neither thought it was anything to be alarmed about.He called her shortly after 6 p.m. see if she was coming to campus for a weekly family dinner with the team.When she didn't answer, he suspected something wasn't right and drove to their house.Police first reported that she died of an apparent heart attack.An autopsy revealed she died of eclampsia, a condition that raises the blood pressure of pregnant women, even those who don't have high blood pressure.Her passing was a major news story in Wilmington, Delaware, the state capital, and Newark, Del., where the University of Delaware is located.The late Beau Biden, son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, was the Delaware attorney general at the time and worked closely with her."She was an incredibly committed and accomplished deputy attorney general and a beloved colleague and friend to many," he said at the time.Her funeral in suburban Boston drew hundreds of well-wishers.Lucas stunned the Delaware coaching staff when he went back to work a week after she died."Eric Ziady, then Delaware's athletic director, pulled him aside and said it's OK if you come back to work."She was put here to accomplish great things, and even at a young age, she was very successful in her career, married and she was a Mom."Just as she predicted, about a month after Sarita's death, many of the people helping him deal with his grief were no longer calling.They both wanted to make sure he was healthy enough emotionally for another relationship.And they both knew the quickest way to spoil a good friendship is to become romantically involved.Nonetheless, they began dating in 2015, nearly a year after Sarita died."So, she gave up her job earlier this year and moved to Norfolk a few months after Tony began working at ODU..ODU head coachfirst heard Tony's story a couple of years ago at a coaches' convention, when he interviewed Lucas for a position at Penn State, where Rahne was the offensive coordinator.While Natasha is still relatively young, she is in her late 30s, pregnancy carries more risks at that age.Lucas' perspective, of course, had been jaded by losing his first daughter.I thought, 'if we can just get through six months, I think we'll be OK.' "During her residency in medical school, Natasha delivered nearly 100 babies, "so I have seen a lot of different things happen," she said."I knew everything was going to be OK," he said.Watching his daughter being born, cutting her cord, and then holding her shortly after delivery, was a spiritual experience, he said."Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made his job more difficult, it allowed him to work from home most of the spring and part of the summer.He is still an active booster of the Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation, which was founded in 2015 in Delaware to help women of color who are recent law school graduates and who aspire to become prosecutors pay for training programs for the bar exam."I wanted to memorialize her and I just remembered that her time preparing for the bar exam was so stressful," said Geer, Sarita's mother, when she announced the formation of the foundation."The foundation has raised more than $100,000 and has helped nine women as they prepared for the bar exam.He said in spite of the hardships he's endured, "I do thank God for the life I've had.I feel like it's my calling to help people through whatever they might be going through, to realize that beautiful things come out of tragic situations. .

Sage Robbins & Family To Celebrate Tony Robbins' 60th Birthday

's ongoing mission while also helping the organization to expand and broaden its services to include placing children in permanent homes via adoption.founder Tim Ballard, a former special agent for the Department of Homeland Security who spent over a decade as an undercover operative for the U.S. child sex tourism jump team.I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this milestone birthday than to support his mission and commitment to O.U.R., with the goal of saving thousands more children from some of the worst conditions on earth.".Ballard's story is coming to the big screen this fall, with the release of the feature film The Sound of Freedom, directed by Alejandro Monteverde and starring Jim Caviezel, which focuses on true events surrounding the creation of O.U.R.Author of five internationally bestselling books, including the recent New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: MASTER THE GAME and UNSHAKEABLE: YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM PLAYBOOK, Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs.He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time (Ultimate Edge) and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. .

How Britain Cut Child Poverty in Half in Ten Years

In March 1999, U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair made a remarkable pledge before a startled audience: "Our historic aim will be for ours to be the first generation to end child poverty," he said.The unexpected announcement came in the midst of an alarming rise in the country's child poverty, which hovered around the 20 percent level by the mid-1990s.By 2007-2008, using the absolute measure, the number of poor children had fallen to 1.7 million, a 50 percent decrease.In her book, and at her 2012 Doris lecture at Cornell University (see below), Waldfogel describes the three-pronged approach Britain took to fight child poverty and compares its policies with the ones enacted in the United States after welfare reform in 1996."Over the period of welfare reform, [the United States] increasingly made support for children contingent on parental employment," Waldfogel writes.Taken together, these antipoverty initiatives amounted to nearly £9 billion per year, or roughly 1 percent of Britain's gross domestic product."If we think there's nothing government can do to reduce child poverty, if we think this is intractable, I hope I have persuaded you that this example clearly provides evidence to the contrary.Buy a copy of Britain's War on Poverty, or read the introduction to her book for free.


That's Amore: Tony Robbins Surprises wife Sage with Historic

Park Avenue Pianos President Ronen Segev recalls his initial encounter with Tony:."We were thrilled that Mr. Robbins was considering a Golden-Age Steinway for his wife Sage, and I was personally very moved by the time and effort that he put into this special birthday gift.".The piano (originally in brown) was presented at the Steinway Showroom in 1934 and, because of its beauty and sound quality, immediately sold to a pianist on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.At the concert in 1965 Elizabeth and Raymond Roble heard the piano, loved it, and purchased it for their family of Clifton, NJ.The president of FIU, which was the beneficiary, was present and photographed along with the Juilliard pianist Ronen Segev, prodigy violinist Biana Pinchuk and others.(Sage and Tony's Piano in Performance at Rolls Royce - Pictured Below with Pianist Ronen Segev and Soprano Rebbeca Longtemps).This special Steinway Model M piano serves the first piece that all guests to the Robbins residence see (under the staircase by the entrance).



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