With Kurama sacrificing himself to take down Isshiki and Sasuke losing his Rinnegan, the pillars of strength of the previous generation of shinobi have fallen.In fact, with the destruction of Sasuke's Rinnegan, one-half of the Rikudo Sennin's power is gone, symbolizing the inception of the fall of the Shinobi world, something that the series has teased in the very beginning.This is now a widely discussed topic in the community, with fans slowly coming to terms with the fact that the plot will most likely not revive Kurama.This opens up the possibility of Naruto still using the Kekkei Genkai Rasenshuriken, one of which was strong enough to cut the Divine Tree in half. .


One major thing that has been noticed by quite a bit of the fandom is that Naruto and Sasuke have seemed to be nerfed in Boruto.This same eye pattern is found where Naruto was an adult, which was used against both Momoshiki and Kinshiki, as well as when he fought Isshiki alongside Sasuke.The same eye pattern are present where Naruto was using Six Paths Sage Mode as a teen and as an adult.I think the most logical answer would be that Naruto still has access to Toad and Six Paths Sage Mode, although he doesn't fully utilize the abilities they grant, such as Frog Kumite. .

Can Naruto Still Use Sage of Six Paths Mode in Boruto?

In every world-shattering fight, Naruto plays an important part in maintaining the peace of Konohagakure and the shinobi world as a whole.Six Paths Sage Mode played an essential part in Naruto's victory against Madara and Kaguya Otsutsuki.Naruto can still use the Sage of Six Paths Mode in Boruto since he has other Tailed Beasts' Chakra in him, as evidenced in his fight against Delta.While it was confirmed that Naruto still had the Sage of Six Paths power during his fight with Delta, the following chapters in Boruto once again restarted the debate.After all, the Six Paths Sage power is a divine gift by Hagoromo Otsutsuki to those who have an iron faith and never give up.Unfortunately, since Naruto hasn't used Six Paths Sage Mode after losing Kurama, there is no confirmation regarding this matter, and many viewers still hold doubts. .

Does Naruto still have Six Paths Sage Mode?

My greatest argument for why he does not still possess it is the absence of "Truth-Seeking Ball"s, regardless of who it was, Obito, Madara, Naruto and the Six Paths Sage himself all had these orbs when they were in the mode. .

Does Naruto Have the Six Paths Sage Mode in Boruto?

One distinction that fans must be aware of is that during the Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto’s eyes are yellow with a cross of horizontal toad slats and vertical fox slits on his pupils.However, this theory was changed after Naruto used the Six Paths Sage Mode again on Boruto during the fight against Delta.The debate has not ended as Kurama died on Boruto Chapter 55 due to excessive use of chakra after helping Naruto achieve Baryon mode.Some fans are also worried that Naruto is not as powerful as he is before now that Kurama is no longer with him but some still consider him as God Tier. .

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