Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its 39th episode today, and the update got fans buzzing for all kinds of reasons.The episode adapted an epilogue novel detailing Mitsuki's past, and its final moment saw the young boy uncover a power within himself he didn't know existed.The two were looking to get back memories which Mitsuki apparently lost, but their mission was hindered when a strange man in armor appeared.Fed up, Mitsuki lost control of his power and unconsciously slipped into Sage Mode with one intense transformation. .

'Boruto' Sees Mitsuki Bring Back His Sage Mode

As the battle with Ku got to a more intense level, Mitsuki unleashes his Sage Transformation in order to protect Boruto at any cost to his own well being.Capping this off, he says he's "unusually angry" at the moment, especially since Ku calls the rest of the Fabrications (including Mitsuki's fallen friend Sekiei) defects. .

Who has the strongest Sage Mode? Every Sage Mode in Naruto

In the Naruto world, Sage Mode is a rare power that only a select few can utilize.Naruto has seen many different types of Sage Mode, ever since its inception, each special in its own rights.In the world of Naruto, Snake Sage Mode can be attained by visiting the Ryuchi Cave.Kabuto assimilated the power of Orochimaru and the Sound ninjas, thus widening his range of abilities.Throughout the Naruto series, Kabuto even referred to himself as a Dragon when he was under the influence of Snake Sage Mode.By training under Fukusaku at Mount Myoboku, Naruto was able to master the perfect Toad Sage Mode.Mastering this power bode well for Naruto as he could destroy one of the Pains in a single blow.Whilst it is unknown which area his Sage Mode belongs to, it’s theorized to be the Shikkotsu Woods.Tailed Beast Sage Mode made its debut by Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War.{Tailed Beast Sage Mode Rasengan}As they bumped fists, the father-child couple merge the chakra of the parts of Kurama.Six Paths Sage Mode utilized the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts, granting Naruto access to their powers.Six Paths Sage Mode made him arguably the most powerful man in the Naruto world. .

Mitsuki's Sage Mode: Explained

In a moment, it seemed that Boruto’s world was swaying toward the idea of an Orochimaru 2.0 villain, but the story shifted away from this redundancy thanks to Mitsuki’s growth.Mitsuki’s revelation as the son or artificial human derived from Orochimaru’s DNA provoked some shock and anxiety.The dark shadow of Mitsuki’s power that is not fully utilized is well explored in his personal arcs, steering Boruto the show in an optimistic direction.It is possible to recall the amount of effort and determination Naruto made to reach Sage Mode to understand Mitsuki’s ability in the context of that.This resulted in being in Sage Mode and overall transformation to a high speed and showed his creator that the boy was more unique than he believed.Mitsuki does have the capacity to stretch his legs like the Marvel character Mister Fantastic and even use snakes, which is increased when he’s in Sage Mode.When he activates it, the aura of green appears surrounding him, which indicates the presence of a powerful chakra flow, and, ironically, this energy takes on the form of snakes that protect.In particular, he has the lightning speed to match the fastest shinobi in history and that’s his name is Yellow Flash, who’s also Naturo’s father Minato.Additionally, there are examples of his mental abilities as he defeated Orochimaru along with login a bid to steal a mysterious scroll. .

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