No one expects a high kill score from Sage; as long as you do your job, you’re good.Of course, a high kill score is always beneficial, but if you are a good fragger, you should probably pick another Agent that better matches that playstyle.If you want to play a strong support with some incredibly powerful utility, Sage is the VALORANT Agent for you.This wall takes three seconds to fortify; it can be rotated in any desired direction and placed everywhere.It is a wall that you simply place somewhere to slow down your opponents’ progression and completely block off any choke point.The ability itself does not deal damage, but it will significantly slow down enemies, reducing their movement speed by 50%.The duration of Slow Orb is seven seconds, which should give your teammates enough time to rotate, so you don’t have to get involved in the fight alone.The best way to use this Orb is as a Defender, but it can also be used in post-plant scenarios to slow down enemies and give yourself a better chance to win the round.If you have two Slow Orbs and know from which direction the enemies are coming for a re-take, you can steal 14 precious seconds from them.Keep in mind that if you heal a Duelist and they get a kill, no matter if you didn’t deal any damage, you will still get an assist.So, if you are in the heat of the moment and there are a lot of teammates nearby, you don’t need to think about who to target; just use the ability.Sage’s ultimate ability enables you to bring your teammates back to life.Remember that it takes a few seconds for your teammate to be able to shoot again, so try to guard the body until they are ready.Battle Sage uses utility to take and reinforce control of the map, relying on her self-heal to stay in the fight.VALORANT rewards experience, so get familiar with her kit before trying to push her in a more offensive direction.The biggest mistakes players tend to make with Sage is that they spend their abilities too quickly.Don’t place the wall at the very start of the round; it will decay with time, and it will be wasted.If not spent, the wall can later be used to assist you with re-takes, give you a cover to defuse the spike, or create new angles to attack from.Having their health topped off allows them to get back to taking fights, and you can immediately start the cooldown on Sage’s heal.After using the wall to boost yourself up, you can destroy any exposed portions to conceal your position from enemies and get some unexpected angles. .

How to play as Sage in Valorant

Sage is a Sentinel Agent who excels at healing her team and controlling nearby areas of the map.Her Healing Orb can help keep her and her allies healthy, while her Resurrection ultimate can bring an unfortunate teammate back to life.She also has a wall that can block off areas of the map and entire entrances, as well as a slowing field that can reduce the movement speed of anyone in it to a crawl.During this time its slow isn’t as strong as when it’s fully expanded and you can hop over it with a few quick jumps.The resurrection comes with a long animation which makes it easy for opponents to kill your revived target.If a teammate of yours got sniped, or otherwise killed from long range, and you want to revive them, consider throwing your wall up then going for the resurrection so that they don’t die on their way back behind cover. .

About Sage Screening Programs

Screenings are provided at participating locations free of charge to people who qualify.The Sage Program maintains a Call Center, staffed by patient navigators who speak several languages.The navigators answer calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

and assist Minnesota callers with program eligibility, identifying and addressing barriers to screening, scheduling appointments, and providing referrals to appropriate resources.These services are part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP), which has served more than four million women since it began.Sage also receives funds from the State of Minnesota to support screening services.The Sage Program has a wide network of partners that work together to reduce the burden of cancer by providing access to and promoting breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening services for Minnesota’s uninsured and underinsured.The Sage Program has long-standing relationships with select clinics to provide funding for case management and screening services for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer.651-201-5600 For questions about: Program information, material ordering, and authorizations, etc. .

Sage Cancer Screening

Sage offers FREE screenings at participating sites for Minnesotan’s who qualify for these services.Cervical cancer screening includes a Pap test and pelvic exam.Sage screenings are FREE for Minnesota residents who meet the eligibility requirements.You can also visit Appointment Scheduling for the Sage Screening Program, fill out the form and one of our staff will contact you.Women screened through Sage who need follow up treatment may also qualify for the Medical Assistance for Breast or Cervical Cancer (MABC).This program provides Medical Assistance coverage to uninsured Minnesota women enrolled in the Sage Screening Program who are in need of treatment services for a breast or cervical cancer, or pre-cancer of the cervix.Colonoscopy – a procedure where a doctor uses a long, thin tube with a small camera on the end to view your lower intestine. .

Desert Sage Health Centers

• Make sure your health care provider gives you a Good Faith Estimate in writing at least 1 business day before your medical service or item. .


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