Fans of the hit show were quick to notice the resemblance of the two and without a doubt, anyone can easily say that they are related.With this, fans have been wondering if Boruto will inherit his father’s abilities like the Sage Mode or be a Jinchuriki.Rumors were going around that Masashi Kishimoto planned to give Boruto the ability to have Byakugan but he just forgot.While there isn’t an article or an interview to prove this fact, what we do know is that as far as the story progressed, Boruto has not awakened his Byakugan, if he will have any.This will only happen once the Karma seal finishes “downloading” Momoshiki’s essence into Boruto’s body.As of this writing, there are no signs of Boruto learning how to do Sage mode but fans are pretty confident that he can pull it off considering his skills and abilities.We shouldn’t forget the fact that Boruto is Naruto’s son, and he was able to do Rasengan and Shadow-Clone Jutsu like his father. .

'Naruto' Sets Up Boruto For His Own Sage Mode

Following the disappearance of Mitsuki, the Leaf Village is hunting down the presumed rogue ninja, but Team 7 refuses to believe the worst.Boruto and Sarada go on an unsanctioned retrieval mission to locate the boy, and it leads them right to Ryuchi Cave.The snake-like creature that bit the boy may not look familiar, but audiences are taking bets that it is the White Snake Sage in disguise.If the person lives through the senjutsu flux, they will be accepted by the White Snake Sage without any questions.Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. .

Will Boruto learn sage mode?

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Boruto Gives Curious Update on Naruto's Sage Mode

Much of the focus of the fallout has understandably been on Boruto and moving the story forward, but the newest chapter of the series finally gives us more insight into how Naruto is doing.There are still many major questions as to how much he's actually capable of now without the boost he gets from the Nine-Tailed Beast, but the newest chapter reveals that without Kurama, he still has access to his Sage Mode transformation.Noticing Code's chakra as well, Naruto vows to take matters into his own hands and activates his Sage Mode to do it. .


As you can see Jiraiya, Minato and Naruto summoning jutsu is a toad, also these people also know how to use Sage mode. .

Who has the strongest Sage Mode? Every Sage Mode in Naruto

In the Naruto world, Sage Mode is a rare power that only a select few can utilize.In the world of Naruto, Snake Sage Mode can be attained by visiting the Ryuchi Cave.Kabuto assimilated the power of Orochimaru and the Sound ninjas, thus widening his range of abilities.Throughout the Naruto series, Kabuto even referred to himself as a Dragon when he was under the influence of Snake Sage Mode.By training under Fukusaku at Mount Myoboku, Naruto was able to master the perfect Toad Sage Mode.Mastering this power bode well for Naruto as he could destroy one of the Pains in a single blow.Whilst it is unknown which area his Sage Mode belongs to, it’s theorized to be the Shikkotsu Woods.Tailed Beast Sage Mode made its debut by Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War.Naruto Shippuden @_Shippuden_ {Tailed Beast Sage Mode Rasengan}.{Tailed Beast Sage Mode Rasengan}As they bumped fists, the father-child couple merge the chakra of the parts of Kurama.Six Paths Sage Mode utilized the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts, granting Naruto access to their powers.Six Paths Sage Mode made him arguably the most powerful man in the Naruto world. .

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