When Koji first appeared in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, readers and fans of the franchise instantly could see his connection with Jiraiya when he began using the Rasengan, Shadow Clone jutsu, and toad summoning abilities!(Photo: Bandai Namco) Kashin Koji's powers are insanely in step with his "father's", demonstrating that he truly is able to live up to the "Pervy Sage's" legacy in ninjutsu skills if nothing else.He Makes The Kara Organization More Terrifying (Photo: Shueisha) So with Kashin Koji being a villain that is assisting in the downfall of Konoha, this might have you believe that he isn't living up to the legacy left by Jiraiya, who had given his life to protect his village and his student in Naruto.He may share the same genes as Jiraiya but as far as we know, Kashin Koji has no other association with the mentor of Naruto, and without a connection, simply can't tarnish his legacy in any way shape or form. .

What Episode Does Jiraiya Die? Heartbreaking Event

However, it was really a very sad moment in Naruto history when such a great master had to leave his legacy behind and proceed to the afterlife.In Jiraiya vs Pain episode, both engage in a fierce battle, but after taking huge damage, Jiraiya dies, entrusting Fukasaku to relay gathered intel to the Hidden Leaf on tips to defeating Pain.The entire Jiraiya – Pain arc takes place in volume 41 of the Naruto Shippuden manga.In chapter 370 of the manga, Jiraiya infiltrates the village hidden in the rain to investigate the leader of the Akatsuki.The whole arc is covered in this volume which also includes the entire epic battle between Jiraiya and Pain.This is where the episode takes place where Naruto is resting in his room and reliving his latest encounter with Itachi.The entire event takes place in episode 152 of Naruto Shippuden which is titled “ Somber News”.Jiraiya’s Funeral takes place in episode 175 of Naruto Shippuden: titled “The Hero Of The Hidden Leaf”.He prays for his master to Rest In Peace and leaves the flower that Konan gave and the first book written by Jiraiya.The actual reason, as Kishimoto stated, is that his death was one of the best written moments in the whole of the series, and he didn’t think he could really measure up to that by bringing him back as an Edo Tensei and having him fade away satisfyingly again.But the Boruto Anime does include Jiraiya in a time-traveling arc where an Otsutsuki named Urashiki has a time-traveling device to travel to any point in the past.Kurashiki basically wants the Nine-Tailed Fox inside Naruto so that he can use him to create the Ten-Tails, cultivate the Divine Tree, and eat the Chakra Fruit.After some struggle in Boruto’s era, he comes to the conclusion that it isn’t easy to capture adult Naruto alive.He uses his time-traveling device to go to the past and steal the nine tails from the Genin Naruto who is not strong enough to fight or defend himself.His plan gets hijacked by Sasuke and Boruto, and both of them end up at the Leaf Village several years in the past.However, Koji Kashin, a clone of Jiraiya was created by Amado, who is the head of Kara’s Research & Development division.Jiraiya’s clone, Kashin Koji appears in chapter #15 of the Boruto manga for the first time. .


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Bob Saget's cause of death being investigated

The Orange County Sheriff's Office released a death investigation report, obtained by CNN, which stated they found no signs of foul play in the "orderly" hotel room. .


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