As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top stevia manufacturers are continually investing in the development of innovative product variants.For instance, the Vancouver-based GLG Life Tech Corp launched Organipure, an organic line of stevia sweeteners, with certifications recognized in both North America and Europe.Apart from this, rising health consciousness has encouraged consumers to shift from artificial sweeteners to natural alternatives, such as stevia.Although it is a Canadian company, GLG Life grows its stevia plants, and operates four production facilities in China.While it sells to more than 30 companies, its biggest customer is agribusiness giant Cargill, which makes its own branded zero-calorie sweetener, Truvia, from GLG Life's stevia extract.In addition, under a global collaboration with the Swiss fragrance and flavor firm Firmenich, PureCircle is marketing its high-purity Reb A sweetener substitute to consumer food and drink manufacturers in the US, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world.Archer-Daniels-Midland Company procures, transports, stores, processes, and merchandises agricultural commodities, products, and ingredients in the United States and internationally.Sweet Green Fields, LLC line of business includes the wholesale distribution of groceries and related products.Its history goes back to 1999 when founder Bill Francis and Sweet Aloha Farms started their work on stevia.Their original focus was on developing a patented method of extracting high purity Reb-A and breeding stevia plants with a far greater amount of Reb-A.The company has done multiple projects on the stevia industry, which has enabled clients to set up and expand their businesses successfully. .

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About 2 years ago my mom found out she was a diabetic.For about a year she didn’t really care what she ate because she never found anything that was healthy that tasted good.I just wanted to say thank you for making a product that... - Isabelle Arnwine.I make a GERD-busting drink with the soda water, my homemade apple cider vinegar, and Vanilla Creme Drops.You have no idea how grateful I am for this natural reflux cure.Your customer service is beyond reproach, and you are one classy business.Just thought I’d send off a quick message to you guys regarding your sweetener.I have tried many stevia extracts and I have often found myself disappointed by the presence of glycerin or other absurd add-ins and/or a weird aftertaste.


7 Brands of Stevia That Are the Best Tasting and the Best for You

To clear the air on this popular health food ingredient, which is a wonderful replacement to sugar, there are a few things you should know about stevia first.Raw stevia leaf powder is actually a bright green color, much like a plant would be.Not only are these ingredients simply used to lower the cost and bulk up the product, but they also require you to use more to get a good taste.Some products by NuNaturals do contain alcohol in liquid form, or contain maltodextrin or other fillers in their powders, yet many don���t.They also work anywhere you need a sweet taste with absolutely no calories, MSG, yeast, wheat, gluten or sugar whatsoever.2 Enzo Organic Stevia Powder All Natural Sweetener Enzo Organic Stevia Powder is an all natural sweetener that can completely replace sugar in your diet.Not only is it a healthy alternative to sugar, it’s an organic substitute that is made from 100% stevia.On their Amazon page you will see thousands of raving reviews in which customers swear by this particular stevia powder brand.It is free of all common allergies, MSG and yeast, with absolutely nothing funny in the ingredients label.Their liquid stevias became extremely popular back in 2009 and 2010 and are still one of the best tasting in my opinion.I prefer all their liquid stevias which are free of all allergens and contain no alcohol whatsoever.Stevita brand does contain some powder forms that contain the filler erithrytol, which is a natural sugar alcohol most people tolerate fine.The brand produces this amazing liquid stevia, which is free of alcohol and all common allergens, MSG, yeast, etc.I actually prefer this powder in my smoothies since it is as unrefined as possible and a beautiful green color, much like matcha tea or spirulina. .

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PureCircle is the leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. .

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